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auto-owners insurance group is a michigan-based insurance company founded in 1916. the company offers more than just auto insurance. offers more than a dozen types of insurance through independent agents. With auto owners insurance, customers can benefit from the combination. however, the company doesn’t have robust online tools, so you can’t get a quote, enroll in coverage, or file a claim online. Plus, the company is only available in 26 states, so if you’re out of their coverage area, you may need to look elsewhere for coverage.

learn more about group auto owners insurance and decide if it’s the right company for you.

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auto owners insurance group auto insurance

While car owners may not be one of the largest providers in the country, they offer affordable premiums in exchange for many coverage options and highly-skilled customer service.

types of coverage

Car owners have a robust list of auto insurance coverages to choose from. standard coverages include:

  • collision
  • wholemeal
  • bodily injury liability
  • liability for property damage
  • uninsured or underinsured driver
  • medical payments
  • personal injury protection
  • road trouble service
  • additional expense
  • lending and leasing gap
  • decreased value
  • personal car plus
  • The company also offers several additional coverage benefits including:

    • waiver of the deductible for an accident with another car owner client
    • common loss deductible
    • rental cars
    • cost of auto insurance group car owners insurance

      The average annual cost of car insurance in the United States is $1,674, which equates to an average monthly premium of $139.50. Auto owners insurance customers can expect to pay an average annual cost of $1,351 or $113 per month, which is about $300 per year below the national average.

      Keep in mind that your costs will depend on many factors, including your vehicle, driving record, age, creditworthiness, and amount of coverage.

      group car insurance discounts for car owners

      Car owners offer many ways to save on their auto insurance policy. current discounts are:

      • multiple policies
      • multiple policies with life insurance
      • payment history on time
      • paid in full
      • electronic invoicing
      • budget in advance
      • multiple cars
      • vehicle safety features
      • high deductibles
      • favorable loss history
      • good discount for students
      • student at school
      • Teen Driver Supervision
      • automobile owner insurance group housing insurance

        Auto Owners Insurance Group may not be one of the largest providers of homeowners insurance, but it certainly has a lot to offer. there are a variety of coverage options and affordable annual premiums.

        types of coverage

        auto-owners offers all the coverages you would expect from a homeowners insurance company. standard coverage options are:

        • housing
        • other structures
        • personal property
        • personal responsibility
        • medical payments to others
        • additional living expenses
        • Auto owners also offer many optional coverages, which you can add to your policy if your situation warrants:

          • guaranteed home replacement cost
          • backup of water from sewers or drains
          • special personal property
          • coverage of ordinance or law
          • more owners
          • equipment failure
          • coverage of identity theft expenses
          • cost of group home insurance auto owners insurance

            The average auto and homeowners insurance policy has an annual premium of $1,165, with an average monthly premium of $97. These prices are lower than the average annual homeowners insurance premium of $1,312. your costs will depend on many factors, especially the amount of coverage you have.

            group homeowners insurance discounts for car owners

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            auto-owners offers its homeowners insurance customers many ways to save. The discounts currently available are:

            • multiple policies
            • multiple policies with life insurance
            • on-time payments for 36 months
            • paid in full
            • electronic invoicing
            • budget in advance
            • protection devices in your home
            • water shutoff system
            • automatic backup generator
            • no mortgage
            • high deductible
            • favorable loss history
            • automobile property insurance group life insurance

              In addition to its auto and home policies, Auto Owners Insurance Group also offers several life insurance policies.

              types of coverage

              auto-owners offers three types of life insurance for customers to choose from:

              • Term Life Insurance: Term life insurance is the most basic type. you pay a monthly premium and, in return, you have life insurance coverage for a term of 10, 20 or 30 years. If you die during the term of the policy, your beneficiary receives a lump sum payment for the amount of your coverage. Many financial experts recommend only term life insurance.
              • Universal Life: Universal life insurance combines the benefits of term life insurance with an investment vehicle. Each month when you pay your monthly premium, a portion goes toward your death benefit coverage, while the rest goes toward building cash value that you can withdraw or borrow later.
              • Whole Life: Similar to universal life insurance, whole life insurance combines a term life policy with a cash value component. With whole life insurance, you’re guaranteed an annual return on your cash value until you cancel the policy by withdrawing the money.
              • auto owners insurance group life insurance cost

                Based on a quote from an independent agent for an auto owners insurance group, a healthy 30-year-old woman with a 30-year term and $500,000 of coverage could expect to pay an initial rate of about $475 per year, or $39.58 per month for term life insurance. Keep in mind that her rate depends on many factors, including her age, gender, health history, hobbies, occupation, and amount and duration of coverage.

                group life insurance discounts for car owners

                The only discount available to auto owners life insurance customers is the multi-policy discount, which lowers your insurance premiums when you have multiple policies through the company.

                auto owners insurance group insurance ratings

                There are several well-respected organizations that rate insurance companies to help customers choose the best company. Those organizations include J.D. power, the national association of insurance commissioners, and a.m. best.

                “It is always a good idea to check the financial strength ratings of a.m. best because they indicate an insurer’s financial stability and ability to pay claims,” said alice stevens, insurance expert at best company. “The most competitive insurers have high ratings. It’s also worth checking the NAIC Complaint Index score for your insurer. this score will help you understand if the insurer has a higher or lower than normal complaint rate, which is useful to know before you buy a policy.”

                auto owners insurance group auto insurance

                j.d. power: 890/1000 industry average: 872/1000

                naic: 0.64 (fewer complaints than the average)

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                a.m. best: a++

                automobile property insurance group home insurance

                j.d. power: 889/1000 industry average: 881/1000

                naic: 0.41 (fewer complaints than the average)

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                a.m. best: a++

                automobile property insurance group life insurance

                j.d. power: not rated

                naic: 0.49 (fewer complaints than the average)

                a.m. best: a+

                Pros and Cons of Group Auto Owners Insurance


                • Highly Rated Customer Service: Auto Owners Insurance shines when it comes to customer service. The company has an above-average rating in home and auto insurance from J.D. power, and has fewer complaints than its competitors with the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).
                • Full Service Insurance: Car owners offer just about every type of insurance you could want. you can easily buy all your policies in one place instead of having to get them from different insurance companies.
                • Personal relationship with agent: More of the insurance industry is moving online, and while that may be a positive for many customers, some still prefer that personal touch. As a car-owning customer, you’ll work with an independent agent for all of your insurance needs.
                • “Auto owner insurance is an old-fashioned business in many ways,” said Damien Knight, CEO of Small Business Software Workever. “Your only way to buy insurance is through an independent agent who lives and works in your region, and that person will handle most of your interactions with the company, not the company website.”

                  “This is very positive for people looking for close contact with an insurance agent,” Knight said. “If you ever have a question about your policy or need to file a claim, the person on the other end of the phone will be familiar with your name and policy details. and this framework translates into excellent customer service. the company consistently ranks first in claims service and consumer interaction.”


                  • Limited website capabilities: Unlike most insurance companies, car owners don’t let you do much online. you can’t get a quote, enroll in coverage, or file a claim online. instead, you’ll need to work directly with an insurance agent.
                  • Not available in all states: Car owners only do business in 26 states, which means their policies aren’t available in about half the country.
                  • “Calling an agent can also take time out of your busy schedule when you know precisely what you’re doing, since you can’t file claims online,” said Ben Reynolds, founder and CEO of investment site Sure Dividend. . “There is also less availability since auto owners insurance is not offered in all states. therefore, you will have to find another insurance company when you move to another state that does not provide auto owners insurance coverage.”

                    other policies offered by auto owners insurance group

                    In addition to their home, auto, and life insurance policies, car owners also offer other types of coverage to help protect you and your family from financial loss. Other available insurance coverages are:

                    • condo
                    • tenants
                    • rental housing
                    • mobile home
                    • umbrella
                    • property & valuables
                    • farm
                    • pet
                    • flood
                    • motorcycle
                    • atv & off-road vehicle
                    • motorhome & rv
                    • ship
                    • trailer
                    • annuities
                    • disability
                    • business
                    • commercial car
                    • bonds
                    • loss control
                    • commercial umbrella
                    • end result

                      Insurance is a critical part of your financial picture. Having the right insurance policies helps protect you from financial loss and ensures that unexpected emergencies don’t have negative long-term implications for your finances.

                      “Insurance can help protect your financial stability when unexpected costs arise because the insurance company will help pay for covered losses rather than you covering them all,” Stevens said.

                      Auto Owners Insurance Group offers a wide range of insurance options, which means you can buy all your policies from one company, if you choose. really shines when it comes to customer satisfaction, thanks to its hands-on approach.

                      If you want personalized service, car owners could be a great option. but it may not be the right insurance company for those who prefer a company with strong digital tools, since you can’t buy a policy or file a claim online.

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