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best cheap car insurance in oklahoma

cheapest auto insurance quotes in oklahoma: state farm

If you’re looking for low-cost minimum liability auto insurance, state farm has the most affordable quotes in oklahoma at $29 per month or $351 per year.

For $523 per year on average, you can get a similar policy with farm bureau, the second cheapest company. Qualified drivers who are affiliated with the military must also shop in usaa. At an average cost of $267 per year, USAA is easily the cheapest insurer in Oklahoma.

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A minimum coverage policy is one that provides the minimum automobile coverage required by oklahoma state law. It’s the cheapest auto insurance policy you can buy in Oklahoma, but your coverage will only go so far after a car accident.

drivers with a minimum liability policy will only be covered for damages and injuries they cause to others up to the limits chosen. you will be responsible for paying for any damage that exceeds your liability limits and any damage to your own car.

cheapest full coverage auto insurance in oklahoma: state farm

in oklahoma, state farm has the cheapest full coverage quotes on average, $1218 per year. The next cheapest companies in Oklahoma are all state-owned and progressive. state farm offers the lowest rates for both a full coverage policy and a minimum liability policy, but that shouldn’t stop you from shopping around for multiple quotes.

A full coverage policy, in oklahoma and elsewhere, includes basic liability coverage, but also comprehensive and collision insurance, meaning damage to your own car will be covered . Liability insurance only covers damage or injury that you cause to others.

cheap car insurance for drivers with previous incidents

drivers with a history of accidents or traffic tickets tend to receive higher car insurance premiums than drivers with a clean record. however, not all incidents are created equal, so it pays to get quotes from multiple companies. we recommend starting with state farm, progressive and farm bureau.

the cheapest car insurance for people with speeding tickets: state farm

state farm insured drivers receive the most affordable rates after a speeding ticket. farm bureau has the second cheapest rate at $2018 per year for full coverage: $719 per year more than the state farm rate, but still below average.

having a speeding ticket on your record in oklahoma increases your rates almost half of what an accident can increase.

cheapest car insurance quotes if you have an accident history: state farm

state farm has the lowest rates for comprehensive coverage for drivers in oklahoma after an at-fault accident. Another alternative is agricultural bureau, which is the second cheapest option.

If you have a recent accident on your driving record, an insurer will almost certainly charge you higher rates than they would otherwise. In fact, Oklahoma insurers charge an average of 46% more for a driver in an accident compared to a driver with a clean record.

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Inexpensive state farm rates after accidents and speeding tickets shouldn’t stop you from shopping for free auto insurance quotes. The cheapest insurer for you may be different depending on factors like your driving record, age, and location.

cheapest car insurance for drivers with dui: progressive

The best rates for DUI drivers come from progressive, which offers drivers an average rate of $2,049 a year for comprehensive coverage. The next cheapest company is allstate, although their average rate is $347 per year more expensive than progressive.

driving while intoxicated can lead to serious injuries and repercussions. Insurance companies often charge drivers with a DUI conviction high rates because they are considered risky drivers. drivers with a dui can see 53% higher rates.

cheapest quotes for drivers with bad credit: agricultural bureau

farm bureau and allstate have the cheapest full coverage auto insurance rates if you have bad credit.

In general, drivers with low credit scores pay more for car insurance than those with average or good scores. Unfortunately, our credit score is one of many factors used by insurers to determine your risk as a driver in most states.

cheapest auto insurance for teen drivers: state farm

Oklahoma drivers age 18+ should get a quote from state farm, which has the cheapest minimum coverage policy option at $1,208 per year. The company is also the cheapest for full coverage policies at $3,290 per year.

Teen drivers in their 20s are more likely to be involved in accidents than drivers in their 30s or 40s. That’s why insurers often offer higher quotes for younger drivers. in fact, the average cost of insurance for an 18-year-old is almost three times more expensive than the insurance premium for a 30-year-old driver.

cheapest quotes for young drivers with a speeding ticket: state farm

state farm is the insurer with the most affordable rates for 18-year-old drivers who receive a speeding ticket, with an average annual rate of $1,342 for minimum coverage. The second cheapest option is farm bureau, but its annual premium is, on average, $696 more expensive than state farm.

the cheapest insurance for young drivers after an accident: state farm

state farm has the best auto insurance quotes for young drivers who have been involved in an accident. The state farm minimum coverage policy costs $1,477 per year, $1,141 cheaper annually than the state average for a young person with the same driving record.

Unfortunately, it’s hard for young drivers to find cheap car insurance quotes, especially if they have only one accident on their history.

cheapest car insurance quotes for married drivers: state farm

state farm has the best full coverage rates for married drivers in oklahoma. If you’re married, it’s also worth contacting progressive, the second cheapest option, for an estimated quote.

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Married drivers often get a small discount on their insurance quotes. On average, married drivers in Oklahoma save $156 a year on the cost of auto insurance.

the best auto insurance companies in oklahoma

Other good companies in Oklahoma include State Farm and USAA. state farm offers a variety of insurance options and some of the lowest rates you will find. usaa is the cheapest option in most situations and provides excellent customer service, but is only available to current and former military and their families.

j.d. power measures affirm customer satisfaction based on a 1,000-point scale. USAA is the best insurer on this scale, with a score of 897, above the industry average of 872.

average cost of auto insurance in oklahoma by city

Different cities in Oklahoma will have different car insurance rates, as insurers use a variety of factors to assess any driver’s risk. the difference in cost between the cheapest city in oklahoma and the most expensive is $474.

If you are in a densely populated area, you are likely to receive higher insurance quotes than someone in a less populated area. For example, drivers who live in the city of Oklahoma, the largest city in the state, pay an average of $2,109 a year for auto insurance.

oklahoma car insurance requirements

all registered drivers must meet the minimum requirements for auto insurance in oklahoma. oklahoma drivers must have bodily injury liability coverage as well as property damage liability coverage.

Liability insurance covers you for damages you cause to others. will not cover damage to your car in an accident or damage resulting from “acts of god” such as hail or storm; you’ll need comprehensive and collision insurance for that.

cheapest auto insurance summary in oklahoma

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We collect thousands of rates from zip codes across Oklahoma for the largest insurers in the state. We use a sample controller with the following profile:

For our minimum coverage policy, we receive quotes for a policy with the minimum required limits in oklahoma. the basic full coverage policy included:

For other rate analyzes (credit score, accident, ticket, dui history, and marital status), the base policy was changed to reflect the new driver. young driver rates were for minimum coverage.

valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

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