My Member ID Card – Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey

Your member ID card is the key to accessing quality health care through horizon bcbsnj’s large networks of doctors and hospitals.

what’s on my member ID card? There’s a lot of important information on your member ID card. this is what it all means.

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  1. Member Name – In most cases, it will only display the name of the subscriber, not the name of the covered dependent. the doctor and hospital will accept this card for you and your covered dependents.
  2. Member ID Number: Your member ID number is made up of a series of letters and numbers. it will be the same for everyone covered by your horizon bcbsnj plan and will remain your ID number as long as you are a subscriber to the health plan. Generally, numbers after 3hzn are what doctors and hospitals will need from you. the prefix (first three letters/numbers before 3hzn) is used by horizon bcbsnj to route claims for processing.
  3. Coverage Verification Data: Doctors and hospitals need this information to verify eligibility and submit claims. they can also log in to the provider’s website to verify their coverage.
  4. name of primary care physician (pcp), if your plan requires a pcp.
  5. name of your horizon bcbsnj plan: You’ll need to know this when searching for doctors and hospitals participating in the doctor & hospital finder.
  6. Copayment information: This will be shown only if your plan includes a copay. The copay is how much you pay, if any, each time you receive care, treatment, or services. the amount may vary depending on where you receive care (ie, hospital, primary care physician, or specialist). your copay is not your coinsurance amount. some member ID cards will also show your coinsurance and deductible amount, if applicable to your plan.
  7. suitcase logo: If you have the “ppo on a suitcase” image, it means you can get in-network care when traveling outside of new jersey from a doctor or hospital that participates in the blue cross and/or blue plan local shield. If you have an empty suitcase logo, non-emergency care received outside of New Jersey will be covered as out-of-network.
  8. member and provider claim filing information.
  9. Indication of whether your bcbsnj horizon plan is insured or self-funded; this has to do with how your employer, if any, administers your horizon bcbsnj health plan.
  10. website address: Go online for information on claims, benefits, and the exclusive tools and resources available to you. remember to register to access these tools and resources.
  11. Important phone numbers for you and your doctors.
  12. logo that indicates you have prescription drug coverage through your horizon bcbsnj health plan.
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    What if I can’t find my member ID card? If you haven’t received your member ID card yet¹ or you lost it, don’t worry. simply log in and click ID cards to view and print an image of your card, or request a new one. You can also text “getapp” to 42272 to download the horizonblue app and view and share your member ID card. Doctors and hospitals will accept this image of your ID card. Your doctor and hospital staff can also look up your ID card, eligibility, and benefits online.

    ¹You will generally receive your member ID card within seven to 10 business days after your enrollment is processed. Your ID card image and a coverage validation letter are available online and in the horizonblue app within two to three business days.

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