Do car insurance companies open on weekends?

You need to know if car insurance companies are open on Saturday or Sunday if you’re planning to shop for a car over the weekend or ready to shop around for a new plan. So are car insurance companies open on weekends?

For the convenience of customers, most auto insurance companies are open on weekends; many have call centers or online chats that are open 24/7.

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however, some local agents will not be available without appointments on Saturday and Sunday. A quick internet search can usually tell you which insurance companies are open on Sundays or Saturdays.

Some full-time consumers prefer to do all of their business over the weekend. after working all week, spending time with family, and the myriad other things that need to be done, talking to your auto insurance company is often at the bottom of the list.

Fortunately, there are some auto insurance needs that can be covered over the weekend. Regardless of whether insurance companies are open on Saturday near me, rates can be compared now.

Now that you know some car insurance companies are open on weekends, read on for additional information, and then compare car insurance rates with our free tool above.

how can you contact auto insurance companies over the weekend?

There are many different reasons why you might need to talk to your auto insurance company over the weekend. companies know this and try to be as convenient as possible. many have call centers or online service agents available just for that reason.

The table below shows standard corporate business hours for most major auto insurance companies.

Opening hours may vary based on location and local agency policies. all times are based on local time and are subject to change due to holidays or special events.

Doing a quick internet search might also help you find out which insurance companies are open today. business hours are usually included in a google search.

If you’re wondering if an auto insurance company is open today, it depends on the company and how it’s structured. Here are some of the ways you can do business if you’re shopping over the weekend.

check the hours of operation of the local district or agent offices

If you’re doing business with a company that has local sales agents or customer service agents, you have the luxury of being able to do business face-to-face.

Typically, when you have an independent agent, the agent will set their own office hours. many times you can hook up with them on the weekend if you make an appointment.

District offices tend to have more convenient business hours that include at least one weekend day.

You may be able to visit your agent by appointment if you notify the office in advance. Knowing that you need to see your agent on a Saturday and scheduling an appointment works for some but not others.

sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to contact your company.

Keep reading for other ways to contact your auto insurance company.

call the company’s toll-free number

If you need to make changes to your insurance, make a payment, request a quote, or file a claim, you should be able to do business with your current insurer over the weekend by calling the company’s toll-free number.

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Most of the larger companies, like progressive insurance, geico, state farm insurance, and general insurance, have numbers you can call anytime.

according to iii, there may be a special hotline just for filing complaints.

Licensed agents will be waiting to take your call and complete your transaction.

contact the company online

You have many options for contacting an insurance company.

You can walk in or call the company, but the most convenient option is to use the internet to find auto insurance quotes online.

With most of the larger companies, you can do most of your business online. this added convenience saves you time and allows you to conduct business when it suits you.

some companies even have convenient apps for your phone. Some key features you can use these apps for are:

  • getting your policy information
  • view your digital insurance card
  • obtaining quotes
  • filing and following up on a claim
  • talk to customer service
  • make a payment
  • request roadside assistance
  • Check the apple app store or google play store to see if your auto insurance company has an app suitable for you to use.

    what reasons are there to contact an agent on Saturday or Sunday?

    Let’s say you spend all Saturday looking for the perfect car. he’s ready to close the deal, but wants to make sure he’s insured when he gets it off the lot. what are you doing?

    Let’s say another car crashes into you at the mall. everyone is fine, but there is damage to your car. How do you let your insurance company know what happened? Are insurance companies open on Saturdays?

    These are just two scenarios where you may need to contact your auto insurance company over the weekend.

    Whatever the reason you need to contact your company, auto insurance companies try to be available when needed.

    being available on Saturdays and Sundays gives customers the convenience of doing business on their time with fast and easy service.

    FAQ: Are auto insurance companies open on weekends?

    There’s a lot of information about auto insurance that’s important to you. If you’re not ready to shop for car insurance yet, take a look at the information you need to know now.

    #1 – are insurance companies closed on mlk day?

    You’ll need to check with your specific auto insurance company or agent to find out what holidays, if any, they may close their office on.

    #2 – are car insurance companies open on Saturdays or Sundays?

    Wondering if you can insure yourself on a Sunday or a Saturday? You can probably insure a car on Sunday or Saturday if your company can be contacted. in some cases, you may need to wait until regular business hours.

    #3 – do I have to have auto insurance coverage?

    In most states, yes, you must have at least one auto liability insurance coverage. the amount of coverage needed depends on the laws of each state.

    While liability insurance is typically the minimum coverage required, most experts believe you should add additional coverages such as collision or comprehensive.

    These additional coverages will protect you from having to pay out of pocket for events such as accidents, fires, thefts and others.

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    below you will find the annual average of us. uu. car insurance rates depending on the type of coverage.

    Auto insurance companies vary their rates based on the coverage you choose and other factors like driving history, age, and zip code. Comparing auto insurance quotes often will help you keep your rates low.

    #4 – will my current car insurance transfer to a newly purchased car?

    Usually the answer is yes. again, it will depend on your company and the amount of coverage you currently have.

    In some cases, the insurance company may ask you to increase coverage.

    For example, if you buy a new car, some companies may make you have guaranteed asset protection (gap) insurance.

    This covers the difference between the cost to replace the car and what is owed. This coverage ensures that the auto insurance company will not lose money in the event the vehicle is in an accident.

    #5 – is there a grace period to add auto insurance to a new car?

    Just bought a car and wondering “how long do I have to insure my new car?” or “is there a grace period for car insurance when buying a used car in california?”

    Most companies offer you a grace period when you buy a new car. the length of the grace period will vary by company and your specific policy.

    It’s best to let your auto insurance company know ahead of time if you plan to buy a new car. they can give you all the information you need to make sure you’re covered once you sign on the dotted line.

    Sometimes you can get a discount on your auto insurance when you add or change a vehicle. safety features and having multiple cars can get auto insurance discounts on your policy.

    Always check with your insurer to see what discounts you qualify for. you may be able to save hundreds on your fees.

    #6 – can you get car insurance for a weekend?

    yes, temporary auto insurance is available through select companies.

    If you’re borrowing, buying, or purchasing a car, you may be interested in short-term auto insurance. if you need insurance for a longer period of time, it may be cheaper to get a regular policy.

    #7 – how fast can I get auto insurance?

    It all depends on the company. some companies offer same day insurance if you can provide all the information electronically. if you have to go to an office, it may take a little longer.

    #8 – is the health insurance company open on Saturday or Sunday?

    Like auto insurance companies, health insurance agents are likely to work weekends to cover emergencies. check with your agent to be sure.

    Buying a new car or when your policy is up for renewal are good times to compare your current rates with other companies, just to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

    Fortunately, with our online tool, you can see car insurance rates right now, whether car insurance companies are open or not.

    so, are auto insurance companies open on weekends? most of the time, yes!

    If you need a new auto insurance quote from a new insurer, start by entering your zip code in our free tool below and you can easily get an insurance quote no matter what day it is.

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