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doordash’s insurance requirement for dashers is simple: You must maintain your own insurance. but things get a bit tricky from there.

A personal auto insurance policy is just that: personal. it generally does not cover commercial use. If you get into an accident while driving your vehicle to earn money, your insurance company will likely deny your claim.

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As a food delivery driver who uses your vehicle to conduct business, you need specialty auto insurance for the door with coverage for both personal and business use.

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why do you need doordash insurance? doordash doesn’t offer insurance?

yes, doordash has a commercial policy that provides up to $1 million in liability coverage, which means doordash’s standard insurance policy covers third parties for damages you’re responsible for ; it will not cover your injuries. or damage to your vehicle.

Also, doordash auto insurance only applies if you’re on an active delivery, and you must first go through your own insurance and have your claim denied for coverage to apply.

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what is an active delivery?

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An active delivery begins when you accept a delivery request and ends when the customer receives or cancels their order. if you are online but not on an active delivery and cause an accident, doordash auto insurance will not apply.

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what kind of insurance do you need for doordash?

You need to purchase your own gate insurance coverage that covers business use of your vehicle. Delivery platforms like doordash have been around for so long that by now many auto insurance companies have created supplemental or replacement policies for personal auto insurance to cover business use of personal vehicles. Some companies refer to these special policies as courier or delivery insurance. others call it rideshare insurance.

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There are a few things to consider when purchasing home driver insurance from traditional auto insurance companies.

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  • more mileage = higher rates. Home food delivery is likely to increase your car insurance rates.
  • supplementing or replacing your personal policy with a business use policy can be expensive.
  • Depending on the policy, your commercial door insurance coverage may still have gaps in coverage, leaving you unprotected.
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    Another option is a commercial insurance policy. With commercial door auto insurance, you’re more likely to be covered, but these policies are often prohibitively expensive and probably more than you need, unless you use a vehicle only for work.

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    in the buckle, doordash insurance coverage is different

    buckle insurance was made exclusively for rideshare and delivery drivers. Not only does it meet doorstep insurance requirements for delivery car insurance, it can also save you money, up to $200 a month.

    *savings based on reported real customer experiences. non-typical results. your savings, if any, will likely be less.

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    buckle covers the personal and delivery use of your vehicle in one affordable policy with no break in your doorstep insurance. with buckle, you can wait:

    • a free quote
    • no credit check
    • low rates
    • 24/7 coverage
    • immediate coverage when you sign up
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      see how much you can save on buckled door insurance coverage

      If you’re a home driver, insurance requirements don’t have to be complicated or expensive. Buckle’s auto insurance for doordash is a unique insurance solution for delivery drivers that provides 24/7 coverage at lower rates. get a free, no obligation quote to see how much you can save with the buckle.

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