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Beyond state laws related to pets, municipalities often have their own regulations. Here is a sample of the pet laws in California cities.

pet laws of angels

Los Angeles County requires dog owners to obtain a license for all dogs that are four months of age or older. licenses not renewed by June 30 of each year are subject to a $20 penalty. dogs must be vaccinated against rabies for the entire period of the license. Cats are not required to have a license, but a voluntary cat license includes a tag that connects to the county’s 24-hour lost pet hotline.

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The county also requires dog and cat owners to spay or neuter their pets if they are four months of age or older. If you are unable to spay or neuter your pet, you must obtain written confirmation from a licensed veterinarian.

Los Angeles County has a leash law. A dog must be on a leash not to exceed six feet and must be under the control of a “competent person” when off the dog’s property.

You may not transport your dog in the bed of an open truck or other open vehicle, unless your dog is secured on a cross leash or the side of the open vehicle is more than 46 inches high.

The county prohibits pet owners from allowing their dogs to defecate on public property or private property not owned by the owner. Los Angeles regulations also prohibit animal noises, such as incessant barking, which disturb the peace, quiet, and comfort of residential neighborhoods.

san diego pet laws

The City of San Diego requires owners to have a license for all dogs four months of age and older and must wear their license at all times. You must provide proof that your dog is vaccinated against rabies to obtain a license.

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You can have up to six dogs in San Diego before your residence is considered a kennel.

You must keep your dog on a leash less than eight feet in length, except when in your residence, backyard, or in designated off-leash areas. San Diego has 16 off-leash dog parks. By entering a dog park, you accept your own risk and full responsibility for your dog’s actions, according to the city.

Your dog may not defecate or urinate on private property that is not owned by you, a custodian, or a person in control of your dog. You or the person in control of your dog should immediately remove the feces to a suitable container.

san diego can declare your dog a nuisance animal or a dangerous dog if it bites someone. a public nuisance animal is declared after repeated violations of state and local laws that obstruct, harm or inconvenience the community, or injure or kill another animal. a dangerous dog classification occurs after a dog has attacked or bitten two people in a 48-month period, or attacked or bitten one person causing serious injury or death.

county animal services may impound a dog after a major biting incident or incidents of repeated biting, attacks or other infractions. the county may refer your case to the dangerous dog task force. You can request a hearing to challenge an animal declared a dangerous dog or public nuisance animal.

If your dog is considered a problem dog, the county animal service may require you to purchase liability insurance, build fences, muzzle the dog, alter the pet, microchip the dog, and obtain a Photo identification. the county may seek the destruction of a dog in “certain hard cases” and may want certain restrictions on the dog and its owners in other cases.

san francisco pet laws

san francisco residents must register their dogs four months and older. the city offers licenses for one, two or three years, depending on your dog’s rabies vaccination. the vaccination certificate must be valid for the entire period of the license. You have 30 days from when you moved to San Francisco to register your dog or you could face a late fee.

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You are responsible for managing your dog. San Francisco does not allow dogs to run free in the city or county, except in areas designated as animal exercise areas. you should immediately pick up after your dog. the city and county require owners to transport dogs in a fully enclosed motor vehicle. the pet must be protected by a belt, tether, crate, container, or other device that prevents the dog from falling, jumping, or being thrown from the vehicle.

Pets are allowed on Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) but must be in secure, closed carriers.

The public health department can fine you $25 if your dog bites a person or animal. there may be additional penalties, including jail time, if the dog is involved in a second biting incident within 12 months.

If the bite causes serious injury, the public health director may recommend that the city declare the dog a threat to public health and safety and notify the district attorney. the district attorney then contacts the municipal court, which reviews the case. If the court agrees that the animal is a threat, animal control can cruelly impound, restrain, and euthanize the dog.

san jose pet laws

the city of san jose limits owners to three dogs or five licensed animals, including cats.

You must have your dog vaccinated against rabies to obtain a dog license. dogs that are spayed or neutered cost less to license. Your pet’s license will expire on the expiration date of your pet’s rabies vaccination (unless the current rabies vaccination expiration date extends beyond the term of your license).

You must lead your dog on a leash no longer than six feet in public places. an exception is public parks and open spaces. in that case, the leash can be up to 20 feet long, but you must be able to control your dog and prevent him from making physical contact with another person.

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