Best Dental Insurance in Massachusetts: Plans Review 2022

If you’re looking for the best dental insurance in massachusetts, you’ll find that many companies offer a wide range of dental plans. But how can you know which dental insurance is best for you? It’s crucial to do your homework before making a decision, because the right insurance can help you save a lot of money on your dental bills.

You’ll find several options as you search for the best dental insurance in massachusetts to meet your needs, including:

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  • group and individual dental insurance
  • dental insurance for families, seniors and veterans
  • dental discount plans
  • dental plans with no waiting period
  • After reviewing the following information, we hope you will be able to identify the best dental insurance for you.

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    different types of dental insurance plans in massachusetts

    group and individual dental insurance

    dental insurance for individuals and dental insurance for groups achieve the same results. The main difference between individual dental insurance and employer-sponsored dental insurance is how they are purchased.

    If you’re looking for individual or group dental insurance in massachusetts, keep reading because in this post, we’ll review the best dental insurance providers one after another, including delta dental, bluecross blueshield, and other options.

    ppo, dhmo and dental discount plans

    Discount dental plans, also known as dental savings programs, are a great way to save money on dental treatment if you need it urgently. while they are not insurance, they are a great way to save money on dental care. coverage is usually prompt and comes with a pre-determined discount on services from select dentists.

    dental insurance ppo plans allow you to choose your dentist more freely and generally provide high levels of coverage. on the other hand, these dental insurance policies are usually more expensive than the other options.

    dhmo plan: In most dhmo policies, you must select a dentist from a network who will oversee all of your treatment. This type of dental insurance typically has the lowest rates and generally covers preventive treatment at little or no cost.

    characteristics of good dental insurance plans in massachusetts

    Finding affordable dental insurance in massachusetts involves more than just shopping around for the cheapest premium. The cheapest dental insurance in massachusetts is not necessarily the most affordable plan, nor is it always the best. You should also consider the following aspects:

    low vs. high coverage

    A low-cost dental insurance plan with a higher deductible and copays may be acceptable if your teeth are in generally good condition. however, if you need a lot of treatments, paying a higher premium but getting better coverage might be more cost-effective.

    find dental insurance with no waiting period

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    Some dental plans limit you to waiting a set amount of time before you can use certain services. other dental insurance plans have no waiting time. If immediate access to dental care is important to you, make it a top priority when shopping for the best dental insurance in massachusetts.

    list of the best dental insurance companies in massachusetts

    if you don’t qualify for low-income dental insurance like medical assistance or medicaid, take a look at the private dental insurance plans available in massachusetts. Each dental insurance company has its own set of advantages. We’ve compiled a list of the best dental insurance plans in Massachusetts so you can start evaluating your alternatives.

    delta massachusetts dental insurance

    delta care®

    deltacare is a low-cost dental insurance plan offered by delta dental of massachusetts. preventive services are fully covered. this is a dental hmo plan in which a network of collaborating dentists provides all of your dental care for you and your family. there are no waiting periods and your coverage will start right away.

    delta dental total choice ppo plan

    There’s no waiting time for treatments with this delta dental plan in massachusetts, so you can start accessing the care you need right now. this applies to all covered services, including major procedures such as root canals. other traditional insurance plans require you to wait three to six months for important services.

    This massachusetts delta dental plan has no annual benefit limit! That means no matter how much treatment you need, there are no dollar limits on covered treatments within a calendar year. You’ll gain access to the Massachusetts Delta Dental PPO network, which includes 4,200 dentists.

    dental insurance for seniors in massachusetts

    delta dental’s “individual and family” plan is a low-cost dental insurance plan designed specifically for massachusetts seniors and retirees.

    delta dental discount plan

    this delta dental patient direct® discount plan is not insurance, but it can save you 15 to 45 percent on treatments at delta dental massachusetts network dentists without paying a high monthly fee.

    bluecross blueshield dental insurance massachusetts

    bluecross blueshield offers a wide variety of plans in massachusetts. you can only get dental insurance, but you can also get comprehensive dental and health insurance plans, dental and vision insurance, group plans, or medicare supplemental (medical assistance) plans.

    For this article, however, we will only review bluecross blueshield only dental insurance plans.

    bluecross blueshield massachusetts dental insurance plans

    bcbs dental blue 65 preventive

    There is no deductible or calendar year limit with this bluecross blueshield dental plan. This massachusetts dental insurance fully covers preventive and diagnostic services, including x-rays, exams, and routine cleaning, scaling, and polishing, with no waiting period.

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    bcbs dental blue 65 basic

    This dental insurance plan covers everything from the “preventive” plan, but also covers basic services with a 6-month waiting period. this includes white fillings, tooth extractions, periodontal services, root canals, emergency dental treatment, and root sensitivity treatment.

    bcbs dental blue 65 premier

    this massachusetts dental insurance plan covers core services with a 12 month waiting period in addition to the services of the “preventive” and “basic” plans. These main treatments may include dentures, fixed bridges, and crown replacements.


    It can be difficult to choose which dental insurance in massachusetts offers the best value. Please read the health care provider’s policy carefully to ensure you fully understand what you will agree to.

    When searching for the best dental insurance in massachusetts, here’s a helpful rule of thumb to remember:

    A less expensive premium plan is the ideal option if your teeth are in good shape and you only need preventive treatment and fillings. you should buy a larger plan with full coverage dental insurance if you want coverage for orthodontics and other expensive treatments.

    If you’d like to read about the best insurance option in any other state, select from the list below.

    frequently asked questions

    what is the best dental insurance in massachusetts?

    There is no one size fits all when it comes to dental insurance plans, as they are tailored to your specific needs, so choose based on your dental health and budget.

    veteran dental insurance, senior dental insurance, group dental insurance, individual dental insurance, dental and health insurance, and dental and vision insurance packages are just some of the dental plans available in massachusetts, and we can’t cover them all in this post.

    We have selected the best dental insurance plans in massachusetts and verified their availability in the largest cities, such as boston, worcester and springfield. However, depending on your location, there may also be different dental insurance providers available, such as MetLife, Guardian, AAA Dental Insurance, Humana, and Tufts Dental Insurance Massachusetts. can help you find the right dental insurance for your preferences. You can compare the best dental insurance plans in Massachusetts by entering your zip code and date of birth. To get started, simply click the button below.

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