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can you drive home a car you just bought?

yes, but only if you have insurance. it is a legal requirement that you be insured to drive your new car at any time, even just to bring it home.

If your new vehicle isn’t properly insured when you want to take it away, you could face unlimited fines, points on your license, and even have your car impounded.

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Drive away insurance buying a new car

what does estrangement insurance mean?

Travel insurance is a form of temporary car insurance, giving you enough coverage to get behind the wheel and get your new purchase home before you have a chance to get an annual policy.

Ideal for drivers looking to temporarily cover their new vehicles.

drive away insurance brings your new car home safely and legally

picking up a new car for the first time is incredibly exciting. getting behind the wheel and turning the key for the first time will put a smile on any driver’s face.

Once you’ve signed the paperwork and it’s all yours, the first thing you’ll want to do is take your new engine out for a spin, but that’s where you could end up in trouble.

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If you’re waiting for your new annual policy to start or just need time to find the best insurance deal for your new car, don’t worry because you can get travel insurance that covers you until you purchase annual coverage.

short-term coverage for your new car

New car coverage is available hourly, for day insurance or up to 28 days at a time, so you can drive your new car home right away and take your time while you buy an annual policy. This flexibility means it’s the perfect coverage option even for something like driving on vacation.

Temporary auto insurance like this is not only flexible but also incredibly quick to take out. For most people, getting a quote takes just a few minutes and only requires a few basic facts about the driver and vehicle.

Coverage can start immediately and policy documents are emailed to you instantly so you don’t have to wait. That’s why travel insurance is so useful for any impulse purchase.

As a stand-alone policy, it won’t have any effect on any existing policies you have, or any no-claims discounts you’ve been accumulating. this can be very helpful as you will be purchasing annual coverage in the near future.

With every driver’s auto insurance policy, you get:

  • speed dating
  • instant coverage
  • a variety of policies to compare
  • comprehensive coverage
  • a separate policy with no impact on your no-claims discount
  • flexible durations to suit your needs
  • driving insurance when buying a car at a dealership

    When buying a new car, you’ll need an insurance policy to get it off the lot. your car dealer may want to offer you travel insurance which will usually last 5-7 days.

    This offer may be right for you, but for many, it’s often expensive and inflexible, meaning you’ll pay more for coverage you don’t want.

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    With the growing trend of buying cars online through sites like eBay and Gumtree, many private sellers are unable to offer any type of auto insurance on a new car. You may not fully know the history of the car, and if you have an accident or breakdown, having travel insurance can be a real lifesaver.

    To get comprehensive coverage for as long as you need, an away from home auto insurance policy is the easiest and often cheapest solution.

    drive away insurance new car

    how much does travel insurance cost?

    For many new drivers looking for the best insurance deals, getting a single insurance policy can save not only time but also money.

    driving a car without insurance not only puts you at risk to other drivers, but if you are caught by the police, the cost of fines and vehicle repossession can be too much for many.

    Like all insurance policies, the total cost of a new auto insurance policy depends on several factors. From the car you want to insure to your occupancy, the price you pay for travel insurance can vary depending on your particular situation.

    how much time do you need?

    get policies for hours, days and months. If you want to insure your new car while you arrange annual insurance, a term auto insurance policy is a great way to save time and money.

    Start a quick and easy quote now and get term insurance in minutes.

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