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You’ve already decided to purchase uninsured motorist insurance, breakdown assistance, rental car insurance, and personal injury protection or medical payment coverage… so why not opt ​​for death compensation as well? of the car, right?

The options for additional coverage in an auto insurance policy seem endless.

Reading: What is automobile death indemnity insurance

sometimes overwhelming. where exactly do you draw the line? when is enough, enough?

what is automobile death compensation coverage?

“Auto death benefit” is no-fault auto insurance coverage that provides a worst-case death benefit for you or the passengers in your vehicle.

This means that the insurer will pay the costs of a funeral for you or your passengers, regardless of whether you caused the accident or were the victim of someone else’s negligence.

Keep in mind that statistics dictate that the average funeral costs up to $5,000 per person today, and it’s only rising.

It’s not fun to talk about any of this, but facts are facts, and regardless of your emotional state in the event of an untimely death, you won’t get financial breaks when the worst happens.

how much will the insurer pay?

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The good news is that there are options you can choose from based on what most insurance providers offer you in terms of coverage. the insurer will pay up to the limit of the policy you purchased. so make sure you know what the financial limits are.

Normally, you can buy amounts of $5,000 or $10,000.

Your insurance premium will reflect the amount of coverage you purchase.

The amount of coverage you should buy, if any, depends on how well, if any, you are insured.

Should I get an automatic death benefit?

surprise alert! the answer depends on a few different factors.

If you have other types of insurance, you may not need to worry. here are some other types of coverage that may offer similar and overlapping benefits.

Personal Injury Protection (PIP): A good insurance agent would have explained this fact to you. PIP typically offers a death benefit up to the amount of coverage you have for the injured person. This is the type of coverage you want to include in your policy if you want coverage for the people in the car at the time of the accident. pip is associated with medical bills rather than vehicle damage.

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Health insurance: Many health insurance policies also include coverage for funeral expenses. Unfortunately, a funeral can be an expensive service, so having some financial help to organize one can go a long way.

Medical/Disability: Again, death benefits may also be included in these policies. check with your provider to see what types of coverage they have included in your policy.

Be sure to review existing policy paperwork to see if you’re already covered before paying for even more coverage you may not need.

Automatic death benefit: Should I have it?

at ttai we think that having insurance ends up being useful no matter the situation, but we also understand that there are types of coverage for everyone, and that you only choose what suits your personal life.

If you don’t have any other insurance coverage with this type of benefit, it might be worth considering auto death compensation. You can also see if it can be part of an umbrella policy if you need a wide range of protection.

However, if you’re the type to buy a liability-only (stay legal) auto insurance policy, the chances are pretty slim that you’ll want to spend more money.

note: there are insurance agents that will offer you this coverage…and sell you pip at the same time. If an agent tries to “oversell” your coverage, just find another agent.

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