Why Garage Keepers Insurance is Important

Garage attendants insurance is included in a garage policy maintained by auto dealers, body shops, and repair shops. It provides them with liability protection in the event that a customer’s car is damaged while it is in the garage’s possession for repairs, bodywork, or storage.

This type of liability insurance can be essential for smaller auto businesses as it can provide protection against financial disaster. This type of coverage is ideal for:

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  • towing companies
  • car retailers
  • body shops
  • service stations
  • car wash
  • repair shops
  • what kind of protection does garage keepers insurance offer?

    There are three types of protection garage keepers insurance can provide to an automobile business.

    legal responsibility

    One of the most expensive types of claims this type of policy will protect against is legal liability. This type of coverage protects the garage owner against damage caused by the negligence of one of their employees. For example, if the mechanic damaged the car during repairs, this coverage would kick in.

    direct parent

    According to the insurance journal, this coverage will protect your client’s property if it is damaged by extreme weather or stolen. this coverage will kick in regardless of who is at fault for the damage.

    direct excess

    This is similar to direct primary coverage in that it goes into effect regardless of fault. however, instead of covering the full amount of the theft or damage, it will cover the excess amount not covered by the original owner’s policy.

    how much does garage keepers insurance cost?

    The cost of garage keepers insurance varies widely between companies, so to determine how much your policy will cost, you’ll need to get a quote. Some of the factors that can influence the price of your premium include:

    • company location
    • types of vehicles serviced
    • how many vehicles do you drive in a day
    • the coverage limits you choose
    • Although the insurance company will consider the above factors before determining the amount of the premium, on average, most companies will pay between $1,000 and $1,300 per year. fees can be as low as $800 per year up to $2,000 per year.

      additional coverage with garage policy

      While several coverages provide protection in a standard garage liability policy, the garage attendants policy may provide coverage that the standard policy lacks. according to the trusted choice, it provides protection to its customers’ vehicles against damage caused by:

      • theft
      • fire
      • extreme weather
      • vandalism
      • accidental damage
      • property excluded under garage keepers insurance

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        coverwallet explains that garage keepers insurance covers customers’ vehicles while they are in their care, but generally excludes property contained in the vehicle, such as:

        • factory stereo
        • cd and dvd
        • items in a trunk or glove box
        • phones, radios or scanners that are not permanent
        • radar detectors
        • will also not provide coverage for damage caused by poor or faulty workmanship, parts in poor condition, or lack of warranty.

          difference between garage keepers and garage liability insurance

          Garage liability insurance is a standard policy carried by most repair shops, dealerships, and storage facilities to protect your business from liability for bodily injury or property damage if an accident occurs in the course of business operations. It acts like a combination of general liability and commercial auto insurance and will pay for liability, medical and repair costs. The coverages under this type of policy include:

          • damage to third parties
          • Property damage caused by commercial equipment
          • products the store makes or sells that damage someone else’s vehicle
          • It is important to note that this type of policy only covers claims filed by a third party and not the vehicle itself. For example, if someone were to slip and fall in the garage, the garage’s liability insurance, not the garage attendant’s insurance, would help pay for the customer’s legal defense and medical bills. Garage insurance protects the vehicles in your care in the event of any type of accident, regardless of who is at fault.

            how to avoid filing a service claim

            Although garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance will provide you with the coverage you need, there are ways to avoid claims. you can

            • have video surveillance to prevent theft.
            • has a well-lit location to deter both vandalism and theft.
            • keep all vehicles stored indoors when no one is around and secure the perimeter with a fence.
            • Have preventive equipment available, such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and a sprinkler system.
            • Hire good helpers who have a proven driving record.
            • find the best garage keeper policy rates

              As set forth by Progressive Commercial Insurance, when pricing your garage keepers insurance policy, insurers will consider:

              • your claims history
              • your annual income
              • your daily volume
              • the amounts of your property
              • your chosen deductible
              • All of this information will be taken into account when determining your rates. Pay special attention to limits and deductibles when comparing quotes. Sometimes having a lower limit and higher deductible will get you the best premium rates while still giving you the coverage you need.

                You should also be careful when adding extensions as additional coverage for personal property inside vehicles. doing so can significantly increase the price of your premium and may not be necessary to provide you with the proper amount of coverage.

                Finding the best insurance policies to cover your garage business is vital to reducing the risk of a major financial problem. By combining garage liability insurance and garage keepers insurance, you can be sure you’ll be covered no matter what. always shop around for the best insurance price to pay less in premiums without skimping on coverage.

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