What Happened to Betsy Farias Insurance Money? Did Her Daughters Receive It?

‘What About Pam‘ tells the story of Pamela “Pam” Hupp, who becomes a key figure in the murder of her friend, Betsy Faria. The crime drama series is based on a true story that became one of America’s most shocking cases. As the police investigate the murder, they discover some shocking truths. Betsy’s husband, Russell “Russ” Faria, becomes a key suspect in the case and is arrested by police.

However, when defense attorney Joel Schwartz enters the scene, he discovers a surprising connection between Betsy and Pam in the form of an insurance policy in Betsy’s name. Therefore, viewers must be curious as to what happened to Betsy’s insurance policy money. In that case, here’s everything you need to know!

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what happened to betsy faria’s insurance money?

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As shown in “The Thing About Pam”, Betsy Faria and Pam Hupp were close friends. in reality, the two women met while working at a life insurance company. Betsy and Pam met in the early 2000s and became closer after Besty was diagnosed with cancer. by 2011, women saw each other often and were an important part of each other’s lives. However, on December 27, 2011, after Pam dropped Betsy off at her house, the women’s friendship took a dark turn.

Later that night, Betsy’s husband, Russ, returned home only to find his wife brutally murdered. betsy was stabbed multiple times and had her wrists slashed. Russ was arrested on suspicion of murdering his wife, but was later acquitted. It was later discovered that shortly before his death, Betsy had changed the beneficiary on her life insurance policy from Russ to Pam. On the other hand, Pam had received the money and claimed to have initially set up a trust fund to use the money to help Betsy’s daughters.

betsy’s daughters received the money?

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betsy faria had two daughters from a previous long-term relationship. The two daughters, Leah and Mariah Day, were relatively young when Betsy was diagnosed with cancer. Betsy had a state farm life insurance policy worth $150,000. she had set the money aside to make sure her daughters were taken care of. On December 23, 2011, Betsy and Pam reportedly went to the Winghaven Library, where Betsy signed documents making Pam the sole beneficiary of the life insurance policy. Russ had been the beneficiary of the policy for several years and was still the beneficiary of a separate policy worth $100,000.

After Betsy’s murder, Pam claimed the money and it was reported that she had used all of it. Despite stating that he planned to give the money to Leah and Mariah, Pam took no action. Pam was allowed to keep the money. the daughters had filed an appeal to claim the insurance money, but the lawsuit did not end in her favor. In the end, Leah and Mariah received none of the money from Betsy Faria’s insurance policy.

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