Renew an Employment Pass

at a glance

You can apply to renew an employment pass up to 6 months before the pass expires. You must request it before the expiration date. check when you can start renewing.

for employment (sponsorship) pass: You can start applying for renewal when you receive renewal forms in the mail, 3 months before the pass expires. your request must reach us at least 2 months before the pass expires.

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  • $225 for each pass
  • $30 for each multiple travel visa (if applicable)
  • note:

    • renewals are not guaranteed. applications will be evaluated based on current eligibility criteria.
    • early renewal

      • remember to request the renewal in advance. renewing early does not mean you will lose the remaining days on your current pass. the duration of the renewed pass will start when the current pass expires.
      • if you miss the deadline, you must apply for a new pass.
      • You will need to apply for renewal using the Employment (Sponsorship) Pass Holder Renewal Forms.
      • how to renew

        Log in to the mymom portal to request renewal.

        for ep (sponsorship)

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        to renew ep (sponsorship):

        1. complete the renewal form.
        2. gather all the supporting documents mentioned in the form.
        3. Send the completed form and supporting documents to: work pass division ministry of manpower 18 havelock road singapore 059764.
        4. the result will be sent by email to the contact person indicated in the application.
        5. when can you renew

          You can apply for renewal 6 months (180 days) before the pass expires.

          Enter the pass expiration date to check when you can start renewing it.

          By using this service, you agree to the terms of use.

          when renewing

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          if your renewal is successful, you:

          1. you will get a letter of approval in principle (ipa). is valid for 3 months.
          2. you must follow the instructions on the ipa to get the pass.
          3. you must get the pass issued before the ipa or current pass expires, whichever comes first. the duration of the renewed pass will start when the current pass expires.

            after the pass is issued

            After the pass is issued, check the notification letter to see:

            must be kept by the pass holder.

            note: if you return it when you don’t need it, you must pay $60 to replace the pass.

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