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Are you thinking of learning to drive? Here’s a quick guide to help you decide which driving lessons are right for you and your budget. We weigh the debate between driving center and private lessons with a full breakdown of costs for both. We also provide you with a practical step-by-step guide on what you need to do to pass the driving test and get that coveted driver’s license!

However, keep in mind that getting a driving license can be expensive in Singapore, so be sure to read our tips on how to cut costs.

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here is a guide to getting your driver’s license and the costs to do so.

Before you get your license, you will need to do the following:

1. basic theory test

You will need to study for the basic theory test and book it at one of three driving centers in singapore: singapore safe driving center (ssdc); comfort delgro center (cdc) and bukit batok driving center (bbdc). They are located in Woodland, Ubi, and Bukit Batok, respectively. the test fee is s$6.50.

2. provisional driving license

once you have passed your basic theory test (btt), you must apply online using your singpass with the traffic police to obtain a provisional driver’s license (pdl). you need to pay 25 Singapore dollars for the provisional driver’s license.

3. driving school vs private instructor

Do you want to learn to drive in a driving school or with a private instructor? Driving schools offer a full service (including theory lessons before taking the basic theory test), but keep in mind that learning to drive at a driving school is more expensive than with a personal instructor.

which one to choose

driving school


  • driving schools have a structured curriculum. this works well for those who prefer a more organized teaching method
  • driving schools have the highest pass rates
  • cons

    • you will need to attend more classes than with a private instructor
    • costs more than with a private instructor
    • private instructor


      • you have more flexibility regarding time
      • save travel time. the instructor can pick you up at your home and drop you off after the lesson
      • cheaper rates
      • cost of driving schools versus private instructors

        Prices can be significantly different between the two. Here you can see a breakdown of estimated costs of learning at a ComfortDelgro Driving Center (CDC) versus taking private lessons. all lessons are during non-peak hours. private lessons are clearly cheaper.

        driving school (cdc)

        private classes

        registration fee



        induction program


        mtb & feet




        practical lessons

        29x $68.48

        25x $66

        simulator training

        3x $26.54

        3x $26.54*

        preoperative vehicle inspection


        beginner driver competency test

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        practice test



        driver’s license application fee


        test vehicle & heating fee





        *fees paid to third parties

        choose a driving school

        If you choose to take lessons at a driving school, one way to save costs is to opt for weekday morning or afternoon classes if you have free time at that time.

        Also, try to pass your driving tests within 12 months of enrolling, as this will help you save on additional enrollment fees.

        Below are the approval rates to help you in your decision making.

        singapore traffic police report shows that comfortdelgro driving center has a slightly higher pass rate than singapore safety driving center and bukit batok driving center.

        class 3 and 3a driving test pass rate (first time)

        from August 2021-July 2022

        Class 3: First Time Pass Rates

        driving center

        (1st time) class 3 – August 2021 to July 2022

        fully tested

        total approved


        bukit batok driving center




        comfortdelgro driving center




        singapore safe driving center




        other candidates

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        class 3a: first time pass rates

        driving center

        (1st time) class 3a – August 2021 to July 2022

        fully tested

        total approved


        bukit batok driving center




        comfortdelgro driving center




        singapore safe driving center




        other candidates




        4. final theory test

        Once both you and your driving instructor are satisfied that you are on the road to driving competently, you can book the Final Theory Test (FTT). the test fee is s$6.50.

        5. driving test

        Once you have passed both the basic knowledge test and the final knowledge test, and have completed the three required modules of traffic police simulator training, you will be theoretically ready to take the practical driving test. however, your driving instructor will be best placed to let you know if he’s really ready to hit the road and make the reservation for you.

        the practical driving test (pdt) will be carried out by a driving examiner, appointed by the traffic police. it is made up of two parts. the first part tests your ability on the driving circuits, while the second part of the test takes place on the roads to measure how you interact with road users and your compliance with rules and regulations of traffic.

        Once you pass, you are no longer required to obtain a physical driver’s license. the traffic police (tp) has stopped issuing physical driver’s licenses unless requested by motorists.

        Motors are no longer required to surrender their physical licenses if they do not have one.

        traffic police can access this information using an individual’s nric and date of birth.

        congratulations! you are now qualified to take his place behind the wheel of a car.

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