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Features of the CVS Mobile App

in addition to the convenience of cvs pharmacy now in target, the features of the cvs mobile app make saving money and managing your prescriptions easier. This post is sponsored.

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the cvs mobile application has all the information of your pharmacy. I love having the benefit of having all of my pharmacy information right at my fingertips where I can easily access it. It sure beats having to write things down in a notepad and remembering to put it in my bag.

benefits of the cvs application

Benefits of the CVS Mobile App is it will help notify you when prescriptions are ready, and makes it easy to refill prescriptions and check information at a glance, it’s even Apple Watch compatible. CVS Mobile App

cvs mobile app features

Drug Interaction Checker: Checks if a prescription will have potentially adverse reactions with other medications, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications, vitamins, and supplements. Coming from someone who had a severe interaction between a supplement and an antibiotic many years ago, I love that it’s available.

pill identifier:

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helps you identify what a pill is by entering descriptive information such as shape, color, and imprint. this is especially helpful when you have pills that look similar, or you’re acting as a caretaker for someone else and working with unfamiliar pills.

fill recipes:

Paper Scan Script Tool allows customers to quickly and conveniently start the prescription fill process by capturing a photo of their written prescription through the cvs pharmacy mobile app.

You can also use the app to import prescriptions for refills from your secure medication history, or use the scan-to-refill feature to simply scan a prescription’s barcode and order it in one easy step, much easier than finding time to call. in.

The cvs mobile app makes it easy to pick up prescriptions for you and your family members, no need to give your name or date of birth, just have the pharmacist scan your barcode into their app. is a great way to keep your private information private.


helps you stay on track with medication schedules by allowing you to customize reminders to fill your prescriptions and notify caregivers when you miss a dose. medremind has been really helpful for my daily morning vitamins.

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how to update insurance in cvs app

(updated 3/1/2021 from cvs)

  1. To update your insurance information from the cvs app, your local pharmacy must send you a text notification.
  2. This text will contain a secure link that will open the cvs application, allowing you to scan your insurance card.
  3. once the information is scanned, it is sent directly to the pharmacy and the link becomes inactive.
  4. If you have questions about texting, call a customer service representative at 1-877-833-9620 or text help to cvs-txt (287-898).

    minute clinical cvs

    If you have a minute clinic at your cvs pharmacy, you’ll be able to see wait times, keep your place in line, and get a text when it’s your turn.

    how do i get the cvs app?

    text the word “app” to cvs-app (287-277) to download now. You can also download the app from the itunes store > or google play. (Please note that some of the cvs mobile app features can only be used in independent cvs stores.)

    cvs photo app

    Use the cvs mobile app to print photos. use their app to order prints from your phone or facebook account and pick them up the same day at your cvs pharmacy.

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