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Because most Texans have multiple types of insurance (health, auto, home, etc.), we’re on the lookout for insurance scams and deceptive insurance practices.

our role in the insurance industry

When requested by the texas department of insurance, the attorney general’s office represents the department and its commissioner in court. The Texas Department of Insurance is the official state agency charged with regulating the insurance industry in Texas.

  • visit the texas department of insurance website
  • In addition, the Division of Consumer Protection reviews insurance practices and complaints in Texas for possible violations of the Texas Deceptive Business Practices: Consumer Protection Act or Chapter 541 of the Texas Insurance Code. in the appropriate case, our division has the right to sue on behalf of the state of texas.

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    Do you have an insurance complaint?

    the texas department of insurance can help you with your insurance problems, complaints, and questions.

    • file a complaint using their online insurance complaint process
    • call (800) 252-3439 if you have questions or need help filing a complaint with them
    • We also recommend that you file your complaint with us, the Office of the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division. but keep in mind that the law prohibits us from being his attorney or advising him on his specific situation.

      role of the public insurance attorney’s office

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      The Office of the Public Board of Insurance is the official state office that represents the interests of Texas consumers in regulatory matters related to:

      • rates, forms, and rules affecting personal insurance coverages, such as auto, home property, title, and credit insurance, or
      • forms and rules for life, accident and health insurance.
      • when your office receives complaints and information suggesting a widespread problem in one of these areas for texas consumers, they can take action. the office of the public insurance council represents the interests of texas consumers as a group or class. by law, they cannot represent individual consumers.

        • visit the public insurance board office website for more information
        • common insurance scams

          misleading or worthless health care discount cards

          Some health care discount programs are legitimate. You can learn more by visiting the Texas Department of Insurance’s Discount Healthcare Programs online resource page, including how to sign up for a discount program and spot an attempted scam.

          • if you feel you have been scammed, file a complaint immediately with the texas department of insurance and the division of consumer protection.
          • unauthorized insurance companies and fraudulent policies

            some companies that appear to be acting as insurers are not authorized to write insurance in texas. they could be writing fraudulent policies. Be very suspicious of coverage that seems too good to be true or rates well below what other insurance companies quote.

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            if you’re considering purchasing insurance issued by a company you don’t recognize, or if you’re suspicious of the company or the coverage it offers, you may want to verify that the company is licensed by the texas department of insurance to write that coverage in Texas. With very few exceptions, insurance companies writing policies in Texas must be licensed by the department.

            • Find out if the company is licensed to write policies in Texas by using the Texas Insurance Company Search Department or by calling them at 1-800-252-3439.
            • if the company is not listed as authorized to write the type of coverage offered, ask the texas department of insurance if the company needs to be licensed in texas to write the policy. You can also use their website to report insurance fraud.

              unlicensed insurance agents and agent fraud

              Insurance agents and agencies must be licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance. But some scammers pose as insurance agents to defraud Texas consumers. never pay insurance premiums in cash.

              • You may want to make sure a person or business is a licensed insurance agent or agency in texas by using the texas department of insurance agent search or by calling them at 1-800-252-3439 .
              • If the person or company is not listed as a licensed insurance agent or agency, report this information to the Texas Department of Insurance.

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