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If you live anywhere in Florida, you know how many lightning strikes occur during the rainy season. afternoon thunderstorms, tropical waves, and hurricanes bring lightning to the state.

Florida is often called the lightning capital of the country due to the number of lightning strikes we experience each year.

Since it’s inevitable that something will be struck by lightning during these storms at one time or another, a big question for Florida homeowners is: Does insurance cover lightning?

Reading: How to prove to insurance damage is from lightning

does insurance cover lightning damage in florida?

yes, homeowners insurance covers lightning damage. however, a lightning insurance claim will always meet with resistance from the insurance company. As most Florida homeowners have experienced in the past, storm damage homeowners insurance claims are often challenging.

Insurance companies are quick to reject lightning insurance claims because they will say that many of the items you have claimed were damaged and not related to the strike or that there is no proof that a strike occurred. it will be up to the owner to prove that lightning occurred and that the damage was a direct result.

how to prove to insurance that the damage was caused by lightning

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To prove that lightning has damaged your home and your belongings, you will need to present evidence. A hole, char marks, or other damage to the exterior of your home is great evidence and should be photographed as soon as it is safe to leave.

However, a ground strike near your home can cause damage to your home’s electrical system, as well as your plumbing. you may also want to look for char marks and holes in your yard and take pictures of these as well.

The next thing you’ll need to do is call an electrician and/or plumber to come and look at things that have been damaged. they can document that the damage was caused by lightning and what the cost of replacements or repairs will be. Both of these items will be crucial to submit to your insurance company to make a claim.

When lightning strikes a house, electrical problems can occur throughout the house or in anything that has been plugged into outlets. It is not uncommon to lose appliances that were plugged into the wall or important appliances like the water heater or air conditioning unit that are connected to the house. Please check all of these items so you can make a full claim.

Does car insurance cover lightning strikes?

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A car struck by lightning will have electrical problems. some hits can cause enough damage to total the vehicle because the operating system is no longer working. When you file a claim for this type of damage, you’ll need to show proof, just like with a home damage claim.

If you have comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, it will most likely cover this type of damage. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance and the hit occurred in your driveway or on your property, you may be able to claim damages against our homeowners policy. however, this will be a difficult claim to process and will be met with resistance by the insurance company.

Contact an Attorney About a Lightning Damage Insurance Claim

If you need to file a claim for lightning damage to your home or vehicle, it is in your best interest to speak with a Florida property damage attorney. An attorney can make sure the insurance company honors the terms of your policies and covers your damages.

Attorneys understand how insurers try to avoid paying claims. Your attorney will make sure the insurer treats you fairly and provides you with the compensation you need to repair or replace damaged items inside and outside your home. this will also cover damage to your vehicle from a lightning strike.

if you live in florida, you have to deal with lightning; that’s just a fact. however, you don’t have to deal with an insurance company that defaults on its policies when your home or vehicle is damaged by lightning. If you are having difficulty with an insurance claim, the Florida property damage attorneys at Landau Law can help. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.

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