Dos and Dont’s following an Accident


The Auto Claims Framework (MCF) provides the following clear and common procedures for auto accident reporting:

three steps to take after a car accident

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  1. a) exchange details of the parties involved in the accident and note the vehicle numbers b) take photos of the accident scene and damage to all vehicles.
  2. call your insurer’s hotline to request a tow truck or get more information about the accident
  3. Report the accident to your insurer within 24 hours or the next business day. if you don’t report an accident,
    • your insurer may disclaim liability;
    • Your no-claims discount may be discounted when you renew your policy; and
    • Your insurer may cancel or refuse to renew your policy.
    • If there are injuries in an accident, immediately call for medical assistance and the police.
    • make a report to the traffic police as soon as possible or within 24 hours after the accident if the accident involves:
      • fatality;
      • damage to government property;
      • foreign vehicle;
      • pedestrian or cyclist;
      • hit and run case; or
      • injury cases where
      • Filing a report to the traffic police is not the same as filing a report with your insurer. Please note that after filing a traffic police report, you must also report it to your insurer within 24 business hours or the next business day. if you don’t report an accident,

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