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Health insurance does not cover liposuction as these policies are not designed for elective cosmetic procedures. however, there are certain scenarios where you can use your health insurance policy to cover the costs of liposuction.

Many people who want to get rid of unwanted fat from different parts of the body wonder if the cost of treatment can be covered by insurance or not. Although the cost of liposuction and other cosmetic procedures in India is less expensive compared to other countries, insurance companies exclude these procedures for various reasons.

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cost of liposuction in india

On average, the cost of liposuction surgery ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 2,50,000. and this is simply an estimate. the actual cost of the procedure along with post-surgery care can further increase the total expense. that’s why most people hope to use health insurance for treatment.

In reality, any type of liposuction will only be covered by insurance if the procedure is classified as reconstructive surgery. there is a significant difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery-

  • cosmetic surgery is the procedure that is performed to enhance or improve the appearance of a part of the body in particular. Such treatments are intended to increase the patient’s confidence and self-esteem.
  • reconstructive surgery is the medical procedure performed to correct physical defects, ailments, diseases or physical trauma regardless of the cause. This type of procedure is intended to improve the aesthetics and function of the organ or body part.
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    Another situation where liposuction may be covered by health insurance is if you have purchased health insurance or a mediclaim policy that covers cosmetic procedures.

    When can insurance cover liposuction surgery?

    Coverage for liposuction surgery depends primarily on the insurance provider and the definition of the medical procedure.

    To distinguish cosmetic procedures, insurance providers classify the surgery into the following:

    • The surgery is cosmetic.
    • The surgery is reconstructive.
    • surgery saves lives.
    • Because the technique of liposuction is very rarely used for reconstructive purposes or in life-saving procedures, medical expenses incurred during treatment are generally not covered by health insurance.

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      however, there are some exceptions. For example, if a lump is found in a patient’s breast and liposuction is needed to remove the lump, insurance may approve the claim. Similarly, breast reduction surgery can be performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. Because of this, the cost of treatment is likely to be covered by health insurance.

      Some common examples where insurance may cover liposuction are:

      • removal of lipomas
      • removal of fat deposits in people with lipedema
      • treatment of gynecomastia
      • treatment of lymphedema
      • body parts affected by lipodystrophy syndrome
      • removal of fat in people with morbid obesity
      • transfer fat from one area to another, specifically the affected area due to injury or burn.
      • Note: There are some insurance policies available that cover liposuction and other cosmetic procedures as well.

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        Generally, if you plan to have liposuction solely for cosmetic reasons, liposuction is not covered by insurance. But you don’t need to worry as pristyn care is here. We provide free emi service to patients who wish to undergo liposuction in one or more parts of the body but who do not have the financial stability to pay the full cost at once.

        the free emi service allows the patient to divide the entire expense into comfortable installments and pay them in a specific period of time at their convenience. therefore, whether you want to remove fat from your abdomen, thighs, back, arms, hips, or breasts, you can do so after consulting our expert plastic surgeons.

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