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Lab tests are a common medical practice that many people have several times a year. there are several routine laboratory tests recommended by professionals, such as standard tests, lipid panels and more. Most major health insurance covers the cost of lab tests due to the Affordable Care Act. however, without a plan, lab services can be expensive.

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Are lab tests covered by insurance?

Routine lab tests are an excellent form of preventive care. Laboratory tests can provide information about your health and potentially detect harmful medical conditions. There are several recommended lab tests to be done each year, but the costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, most major health insurance companies cover the cost of lab tests, including Medicare Part B. Certain lab services have limited coverage policies under Medicaid and must be considered medically necessary to be covered.

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) lists laboratory tests as one of the ten essential health benefits to which Americans are entitled. therefore, almost all health plans will cover lab services that your doctor may order. Since these preventive care measures are covered in full, there will be no copay or coinsurance. this continues even if you haven’t met your annual deductible. It’s important to note that these lab services may only be free to you if ordered by a doctor or other health care professional in your plan’s provider network.

Under the ACA laboratory services benefit, the following tests are included:

  • biopsies: Doctors take samples of tissue or unusual growths to check for possible health problems.
  • Blood and fluid tests: Blood, urine, sweat, and other fluids are commonly obtained for laboratory analysis. this can be used to look for drug interactions, nutrient levels, or the presence of certain medical conditions.
  • pathology: Health professionals use tests such as swabs of the throat or nose to determine the presence of disease.
  • pregnancy tests: If you have a blood test done to confirm pregnancy, your insurance will cover the cost.
  • X-rays and diagnostic imaging: Expensive imaging tests such as CT scans, MRIs, and X-rays are used to identify diseases or abnormalities in the body.
  • Laboratory tests for adults, women and children

    Preventive lab services, while not covered under this benefit section of here, are also free to you if you have insurance. There are three different categories of benefits, including adults, women, and children.


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    For adults, preventive lab tests may include tests such as:

    • standard tests
    • a1c
    • cholesterol
    • high blood pressure
    • hepatitis b & c
    • and more
    • women

      Women have unique health risks, especially when pregnant. therefore, insurance plans on the market are required to offer several different preventive laboratory services, both for pregnant and non-pregnant women, such as:

      • hiv screening
      • screening for cervical cancer (pap smear)
      • screening for gestational diabetes
      • and more
      • children

        Children are also a special group when it comes to health care, as they are vulnerable to many conditions. most plans on the marketplace also cover preventive services for children, including lab tests such as:

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        • screening for hypothyroidism
        • sti detection
        • screening for sickle cells
        • and more

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