8 Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim for Your Roof – Roofing Renovations

A properly installed asphalt shingle roof should protect your home for at least 12 to 15 years. however, a severe storm can change this in a single night.

If you have been the victim of storm or hail damage to your roof, it is important that you file an insurance claim and have your roof repaired as quickly as possible.

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Filing claims can be complicated and you could end up waiting a long time to settle if you do it incorrectly. Here are eight steps to consider when you’re ready to file an insurance claim for your roof.

1. assess your roof damage.

First you need to get on your roof and find out how bad the damage is.

If you’re not sure you can accurately assess the damage yourself, or if your physical condition doesn’t allow you to get on the roof safely, you can hire a local roofing company to assess the damage for you. Depending on their bids, the contractor may be able to give you a detailed report of everything that’s wrong with your roof and what needs to be done. Some contractors even have certified public adjusters who will discuss your claim with your insurance provider on your behalf. Call to find out what your local roofing company offers.

2. find out what your insurance covers.

Before you can file a claim, you need to know what your rights are with your insurance plan.

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Check your insurance policy files to make sure damage to your roof is covered on your contract. make a note of any other relevant details, such as what types of damage are covered.

3. document your roof damage.

After you find out exactly what’s wrong with your roof, you need to provide certain documents to your insurance agency to validate your claim. take photos of all damage. complete a detailed report of everything that is damaged and everything that probably needs to be done to repair the roof. include the date the storm that caused the damage occurred. Be sure to also document any interior damage that results from damage to your roof.

If you have photos of your roof before the damage occurred, it’s also a good idea to send them to the insurer, as they prove that the current damage is indeed recent. As a general rule, you should have photos of the exterior of your home handy for when you need to file claims.

4. contact your insurer.

You should contact your insurance agent as soon as possible to find out how to file a claim. Depending on your policy, it may be necessary to notify your insurance provider within a certain period of time after the damage occurs.

When you speak with your agent, find out what your insurer’s procedures are for roof repairs and replacements.

5. find a local roofing company.

You will now need to meet with a local roofing company.

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Request a written estimate of the cost to replace your roof. If your roof needs to be completely replaced, make sure they state on their report that this is really necessary and that basic repairs will not be a possible solution.

6. file your claim.

With the help of your insurance agent, file a claim using the claim form provided by your insurer. Be sure to include all the information and evidence your provider needs to accept a claim.

If interior damage has also occurred, please include copies of all receipts for damaged furniture and an estimate of what it will cost to repair the interior.

If the damage is so extensive that your family will be forced to live in a hotel while repairs are made, you will also need to include this cost.

7. meet with an insurance adjuster.

An insurance adjuster will need to visit your home and assess the damage to validate your claim. If you can handle it, have the contractor you’ve selected be present when the adjuster arrives, so you can discuss your repair needs together.

8. replace your roof.

Once your claim has been approved and the settlement quote is sufficient to adequately repair the damage, it’s time to hire the local roofing company of your choice.

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