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Do you have a desire to help others in your Florida community? Are you able to connect with people from all walks of life? If you answered yes, that’s great news for your sales career: companies in the Sunshine State looking to appoint new insurance agents are looking for people with these qualities.

In addition to meeting state insurance licensing requirements, you’ll need other key assets such as diligence, discipline, and adaptability. You’ll have to work hard to be an insurance agent in Florida, but that doesn’t mean the job itself is out of your league. Just ask Brianna Rowe, a growth strategist who trains Aflac agents and who began her 15-year Aflac sales career as an agent: “This business isn’t hard,” she says. “With the right training procedures and care, you can be successful.”

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The heights of success an insurance agent achieves are often determined more by their determination and ambition to learn than by their experience in the industry. read on for more.

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qualities of a good insurance agent

  • perseverance. or strength, tenacity, grit: take your pick. We asked five insurance industry recruiters what agents need to be successful, and they all said something similar. “It takes determination to develop a relationship that starts with a ‘no’ and turns into a ‘yes,’” says Jennifer Ramos Nubie, Aflac Market Recruiter.
  • an enthusiasm for service. If you want to help people, you’ll find a way to overcome the parts of the job that might intimidate you at first. One recruiter says he’s seen introverts thrive in this role because they were able to rephrase “getting in front of people to try to sell them something” as “working with people to help loved ones.”
  • a passion for learning. insurance companies often have a formal training program, including aflac – our first year of insurance sales training equips prospects with the toolbox and the guidance they need to become a successful insurance agent. “This can be overwhelming at first: it’s a new language, a new industry. That’s why we support new hires with tools and resources,” says Rowe. But just like in school, wanting to learn is just as important as the tools themselves.
  • a talent for connecting with people. A career in insurance sales is built on relationships: dazzling and “the gift of eloquence” alone is not enough. every time you walk into a room, it’s about your audience. the ability to listen to your needs and prioritize them will only help you succeed.
  • adaptability. If you’re someone who can change gears quickly, you already have an advantage. As an insurance agent, you may be meeting with business owners, warehouse workers, and everyone in between, sometimes in the span of a few hours. the ability to adapt to different settings and environments can help you successfully achieve your desired results.
  • The ability to use what you have. Fun fact: You don’t need a college degree to become an insurance agent. You also don’t need previous insurance or sales experience. but the life experience you bring to this role can be very beneficial. The qualities of a successful insurance agent can be found in many fields, including:
    • Military. Discipline is a primary asset for an insurance agent. And if you’ve served in the military, you’ve had world-class disciplinary training. In addition, many Aflac veterans report seeing their Aflac sales career as an extension of what they did in the military: helping people.
    • education. “Education specialists can be great at this,” Rowe says. “They are used to interacting with all kinds of people; they are used to educating and teaching.”
    • sports. “I’m looking for people who want to build something with the company, people who are eager to be part of a team environment,” says Meaghan Mutrie, a market recruiter for Aflac . “The skills you develop as part of an athletic team are an advantage in this field: You know if one person drops the ball, everyone is affected by it.” even if you played an individual sport like tennis or ice skating, you will surely benefit. the discipline, drive and perseverance he develops as an athlete can contribute to a seamless transition into the insurance industry.
    • theater. The ability to present with enthusiasm is very helpful, especially since insurance agents regularly present themselves in front of people they don’t know. the experience of overcoming nerves to give a stellar performance helps.
    • business. Like early-stage entrepreneurs, insurance agents wear all hats in their operation. Possessing broad interests and knowledge of how businesses succeed, whether through marketing, basic accounting, or otherwise, comes in handy in this field, both personally and with the clients you’ll be serving.
    • florida insurance license requirements

      • Hours of Study: In the state of Florida, the General Lines (Property and Casualty) license is the highest level of authority you can obtain. its 200 hours of compulsory study are also the highest of any license. But depending on the insurance license you are seeking, the required study hours for pre-licensing can be as low as 40 hours. Regardless of the license(s) you are seeking, however, these hours of study must include 3 hours on ethics2.
      • Take the Exam: After you pass your pre-licensing course(s), you must pass the Florida licensing exam for each line in which you are seeking a license. insurance license. Visit Pearson Vue for information on how to schedule an in-person or remote exam. Depending on the license you are testing for, your exam will have between 40 and 160 scored questions. get 70% or more and pass.
      • Be Fingerprinted: Applicants will need to register and pay for fingerprints to obtain their insurance license. Visit the Division of Insurance Agent and Agency Services for more information.
      • Apply for License: After completing the steps above, you can apply for your insurance license online through the Florida Licensing site.
      • How long does it take to become an insurance agent in Florida? As long as you are with a company that provides training and assistance with obtaining licenses, you can start working as soon as you are licensed and appointed with the company.

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        Whatever your background, if you’re thinking about becoming an insurance agent, remember that it’s all about a desire to help others, not previous industry or sales experience.

        “I’m interested in your soft skills,” says mutrie. “I’m looking for hungry people.”

        That motivation pays off, from getting your license, landing your first customer, and more. take it from rowe: “if you’re ready to go to work, this is going to be a dream.”

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