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Having a homeowners insurance policy offers peace of mind. If your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, your insurance company is prepared to reimburse you for the cost of repairs up to the limits of your policy’s coverage. Before you file your claim, you may be wondering how it affects your premium. bankrate investigates whether your homeowners insurance premium increases after a claim and, if so, how long the rate increase lasts.

How much does your homeowners insurance increase after a claim?

Filing a home insurance claim may temporarily increase your premium, but there are some exceptions. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, half of those who filed a claim with their homeowners insurance company saw an increase in premiums. of those, 12 percent experienced an annual increase of $200 or more.

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The amount your premium will increase after a claim depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • claim type
  • extent of damage
  • where do you live
  • your personal claims history
  • Your home insurance rate may also increase based on the frequency of claims in your area. For example, after a major hurricane causes extensive damage to your community, your insurance rate could increase more substantially than if you filed a single property damage claim.

    why do insurance premiums go up after i file a claim?

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    Homeowners insurance rates often go up after a claim because it makes your insurance company think you’re more likely to file another claim in the future. this is especially true for claims related to water damage, dog bites, and theft. To offset another possible claim payment, the property insurer proactively increases your premium.

    As mentioned, whether or not your insurance premium goes up after a claim is situational. Certain types of claims affect insurance rates more than others. You should expect your rate to increase after a claim if you fall into any of the following categories:

    • you live in an area with severe weather
    • your home is located in a high crime area
    • has filed liability claims in the past
    • you are a homeowner with a history of claims
    • file more than one claim over multiple years
    • Generally speaking, your insurance premium is more likely to increase if you file a liability claim rather than a property damage claim. With a liability claim, there is a chance that you could face a lawsuit. Legal fees and court settlements can be very expensive, which means there is additional risk to you and your insurance company.

      how long does a claim affect home insurance rates?

      If your homeowners insurance rate goes up after a claim, know that it’s not a permanent rate increase. most claims stay on your record for about five years. however, this depends on the insurance company. a claim could stay on your record for as little as three years or as long as seven years. after that time, your premium will go back down, although it may not go back to the original rate.

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      are there times when companies can’t raise rates after a claim?

      There are many situations where property insurance companies may increase your rate after a claim. but there are also certain situations where an insurance company cannot increase your rate. Because insurers are regulated at the state level, consumer protection laws vary by location.

      Some of the situations that prohibit insurance companies from increasing premiums include:

      • when an owner asks about how to file a claim but does not file.
      • when an owner files a claim that does not result in a payment (claim denied).
      • when an owner files a single claim.
      • when a homeowner files a claim due to natural disaster damage.
      • As a homeowner, it’s important to understand your state’s consumer protection laws. You can contact your state insurance department for more information about restrictions where you live. You can also contact your insurance company to find out which situations are exempt from rate changes.

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