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An HPV vaccine protects people from infection with certain types of human papillomavirus. It is recommended for everyone under the age of 26 to prevent certain types of cancer. Without insurance, the cost of an HPV vaccine averages $300; the cost is influenced by the number of doses needed and the type of clinic you visit.

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the cost of an HPV vaccine

We collected information from five different clinics in major metropolitan areas in the United States to determine the cost of an HPV vaccine. On average, we found that an HPV vaccine will cost $300 without insurance. The least expensive HPV vaccines were found at FPA Women’s Health in Los Angeles, CA, and at New York Urology Specialists in New York City, for a total of $250.

The prices below are the full cost of one dose of HPV vaccine for someone who does not have health insurance. Since the HPV vaccine is usually given in multiple doses, this cost would apply for each injection.

There may also be additional fees from providers at the clinic where you receive your vaccination. You can discuss these additional costs with a doctor to make sure you are charged the correct amount.

cost of an hpv vaccine without insurance in different usa. uu. clinics


hpv vaccine cost without insurance

See also: California Insurance Code Section 100 through 124






additional costs

There may be additional costs you incur when receiving an HPV vaccine. First of all, you will have to pay for the visit to the doctor, which can vary. You can get an HPV in many different places, including an OB/GYN, an urgent care center, a general practitioner’s office, and even your local pharmacy.

cost of common initial clinic visits


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cost without insurance




Please note that you will most likely pay this additional fee each time you receive an injection, since the vaccine comes in multiple doses. it’sdoctor’sdoctor’swomen’sit’sdoctor’sdoctor’swomen’sit’sdoctor’sdoctor’swomen’sit’s not important to talk to the provider before your visit to ask about costs upfront, as they may be different for each location. For example, at FPA Women’s Health in Los Angeles, CA, the provider’s initial fee for an HPV vaccine is $80 if no additional services are used.

factors that influence the cost of an HPV vaccine

There are a few factors that can influence the cost of an HPV vaccine. It’s important to be aware of things that can affect how much you pay out of pocket. Some factors we found will influence the cost of an HPV vaccine include the number of doses needed, the type of clinic, and whether your state offers free vaccinations at clinics or pharmacies.

number of doses needed

The HPV vaccine must be given in multiple doses because it does not contain any live virus. instead, it contains proteins to which the body must mount an immune response; rather, it is a recombinant vaccine. the body needs several doses to produce the desired immunity. many people do not pass with the full dose. In a 2012 study, only 33.4% of girls ages thirteen to seventeen had completed all recommended doses of HPV.

For children ages eleven to twelve, the CDC recommends two doses of the HPV vaccine given six to twelve months apart. On average, this would mean that it would cost $600 to be fully vaccinated against HPV. for those over fifteen years of age or with weakened immune systems, it is recommended to receive three doses of the vaccine six months apart. On average, this would mean that it would cost $900 to be fully vaccinated.

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