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You can get more information about the prices of our aligners by visiting our pricing page.

how much does the smile direct club really cost?

smiledirectclub costs $2050 when paid in full, up front. however, you can also choose smilepay™, which is a down payment of $250 and $85 per month for 26 months.1 we gladly accept hsa, fsa and carecredit. As of November 2020, smiledirectclub is in network with unitedhealthcare, aetna, anthem blue cross, anthem blue cross and blue shield, and empire bluecross blueshield. We’re always adding new insurance partners, so be sure to check out our insurance page.

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Did we mention our aligners cost 60% less than braces? really. We even offer two payment methods, making your wallet smile even more, so see below for more information on our two payment methods:

  • One-Time Payment: You will make a one-time payment of $2,050. this cost is the same regardless of the duration of your smile plan. your custom clear aligners will be shipped to you all at once. You will also receive a free bright on premium teeth whitening.
  • smilepay™: Get started with a $250 down payment, no credit check, and 100% approval. you’ll pay as little as $89 per month for 26 months.1 All of your custom aligners will be shipped to you at once and you’ll receive free premium bright on teeth whitening.
  • Read on as we break down the total cost of smiledirectclub.

    how much does an impression kit cost?

    Our Impression Kit is $59 and is a super easy and convenient way to get started. It’s also risk-free and cheaper than the cost of most doctor’s office visits. talk win-win. When you order, we’ll send you the kit with free overnight shipping. With our smile guarantee, if our dentists and orthodontists determine that our aligners aren’t right for you, we’ll give you your money back.

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    order kit

    how much does a 3d scan cost?

    Do you live near one of the more than 100 smile shops in the united states? schedule a free 30 minute visit to get a 3d image of your teeth. You will also receive our bright on™ led light and whitening pen. yes, totally free.

    Visiting a smile shop is faster than an impression kit because you won’t have to return anything in the mail. You’ll love meeting our team and seeing firsthand the cutting-edge scanning technology we use to build your new smile. no prints needed.

    find a smile shop

    how much do retainers cost?

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    Once you’ve finished your smile plan, you’ll want to invest in retainers. retainers keep your smile from going back to where it was before you started wearing aligners. our clear retainers are custom fit and totally discreet. each set costs $99 and lasts up to 6 months. Call our customer service team to order your retainers a few weeks before you finish your smile plan.

    how much does bright on premium teeth whitening cost?

    Our premium whitening bright on is a complete teeth whitening system to get your teeth to their whitest white. the bright on system includes a whitening gel pen and an accelerating led light that connects to your phone and helps intensify the whitening process.

    The formula is powerful yet safe enough for the most sensitive teeth. You will receive rhinestones with your visit to smileshop and the purchase of the aligner. You can also stock up on bright on by visiting our website.

    ready for a straighter, brighter smile? Get started with our free 30-second smile assessment today!

    see if you are a candidate

    1 claim “less than $89/month” is based on smilepay™. smilepay costs $89/month for 26 months with a deposit of $250 ($2386). April varies. see for financing details for your state.

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