How Much Does ATV Insurance Cost? Here&039s the Average

If you own an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or an all-terrain utility vehicle (UTV), then proper ATV insurance is essential. Insurance can not only protect you (and your wallet) in the event of an accident or injury, but depending on where you live, it may be required by law.

Often ATV insurance falls under the category of motorcycle insurance. For those looking to purchase an ATV insurance policy, it’s important to know what the costs of coverage are in general, as well as what factors may affect your premiums. In many cases, you may be eligible for various discounts that can lower your ATV and UTV insurance costs.

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If you’re looking for UTV or ATV insurance coverage, this guide can help. Learn about average ATV insurance costs, factors that affect your premiums, common discounts, and more below.

on this page:

  • what is the average cost of ATV insurance?
  • how the type of coverage you select affects your costs
  • other factors affecting ATV insurance costs?
  • how to reduce the cost of your ATV insurance
  • Where can I compare ATV insurance?
  • what is the average cost of ATV insurance?

    According to our collection of quotes, the average cost of ATV insurance is approximately $100.47 per month for a standard policy. this price can range from $40.75 to $237.77 per month, depending on the level of coverage desired.

    To obtain our quotes, we use the following data:

    1. driver and driving record: single, 30-year-old male, no accidents in the last five years (employee, no off-road safety course, not member of any organization ) )
    2. Location: Houston, Texas (Owner, 3211 Cochran Street, 77009)
    3. vehicle info: 2019 yamaha kodiak 450 (purchased Jan 2019, wholly owned, new price $7600, used for pleasure, 1000 miles per year)
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      this is how the price of each insurance premium varies according to the company:

      *Discounts were added automatically at checkout. the other insurers listed did not disclose any automatically added discounts.note: not all issuers offer the same levels of coverage. for this reason, we focus on mentioning the level of coverage (basic, standard, enhanced) rather than listing specific amounts.

      how the type of coverage you select affects your costs

      Generally, the more ATV insurance coverages you select, the more reimbursement you want, and the lower your deductible, the higher your premium. the most comprehensive insurance policies with the lowest deductibles tend to be the most expensive.

      Below, you’ll see several coverage options through allstate. the basic insurance policy, which includes the lowest levels of coverage, costs $103 per month. the plan with the most coverage, the enhanced policy, costs $135 per month.

      When shopping for any type of auto insurance, it’s essential to strike a balance between affordability and adequate coverage. The monthly cost is important, but remember: if you have an accident, the amount of coverage will determine how much you will spend out of pocket, so this is also an important factor.

      In addition to coverage, several other factors can affect your ATV auto insurance rates.

      other factors affecting ATV insurance costs?

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      As you can see above, the type and amount of coverage you choose can significantly affect your insurance premiums. In addition, some factors influence the cost, including elements such as:

      • your location (zip code): this is twofold. First, your state may have specific requirements regarding coverage (in particular, property damage liability, bodily injury liability, and death coverage). these state requirements can greatly influence your policy and how much it costs you. In addition to this, other regional details can also play a role, such as crime rates (is the vehicle likely to be stolen or vandalized?) and more.
      • Usage: Do you just use your ATV for weekend fun every now and then? insurance should not be too expensive. If you’re going to work on your ATV or UTV every morning, or plan to drive it 10,000 miles this year, you’ll probably pay a little more.
      • Age: Your age and the age of other drivers or passengers are also important. younger drivers tend to be riskier and cost more to insure.
      • Driving history: Have you had any traffic violations or accidents in recent years? have you taken a safety course? Your responsibility as a driver will be a key factor in your rates.
      • Your Vehicle: The cost to replace your ATV and how old it is will also matter. Generally, the newer or more expensive your ride, the more it will cost to insure it.
      • Not satisfied with a quote you received? Because there are so many factors that go into ATV insurance premiums, there are some steps you can take to lower your insurance costs.

        how to reduce the cost of your ATV insurance

        To get cheaper ATV insurance, you have three options: 1) select less coverage or smaller limits, 2) qualify for a discount, or 3) reduce your risk by one of the categories listed above. for tips on the last two options, see below.

        discounts on ATV insurance

        Insurance companies often offer discounts to policyholders as a way to lower premiums and encourage good habits. Although specific discounts vary by insurer, here are some of the most common we’ve seen for ATV and UTV policies:

        • Good Driver: This rewards you for going a certain period without accidents or claims. it can also reward you for taking a safety course.
        • Homeownership: Some insurers (for example, Allstate) have a specific discount for passengers who own their home.
        • Better Storage: If you store your ATV or UTV in a secure garage or off-site storage facility, you may qualify for a discount.
        • Multiple Vehicles/Policies: Combining your ATV coverage with coverage for your home or other automobiles may also mean a discount.
        • Anti-Theft Device: Installing an anti-theft device on your ATV can often qualify you for a reduced premium.
        • Auto Pay: If you’re willing to set up an automatic payment for your monthly car insurance bills, there might be a discount there too.
        • membership in certain organizations: many insurers offer discounts to specific organizations, such as usaa or a motorcycle owners club.
        • Sometimes paying your premium for the entire year up front (instead of monthly) can help, too.

          improve your position with factors that influence policy costs

          You can also reduce the risk you present to the insurer in one of the above categories (age, usage, etc.). Some examples include driving safer, taking a driver safety course, using your ATV occasionally, buying a lower cost vehicle, or not letting younger drivers get on board.

          Where can I compare ATV insurance?

          Comparing your options is key when shopping for an ATV insurance policy. Use the chart above to get an idea of ​​coverage costs, and contact individual insurance companies for more personalized quotes for your SUV or SUV.

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