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Roadside assistance comes to the rescue of several thousand Singaporean motorists who are stranded each year. can save you from flat tires, dead batteries, blown gaskets, and will even send a locksmith if you leave the keys in the car.

It’s available everywhere from insurers to car clubs, and you can pay for it in a variety of ways, from annual memberships to one-time call rates.

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what is roadside assistance?

Roadside assistance is a type of car insurance that protects you if you are stranded due to a problem with your car. It’s sometimes called breakdown coverage, but it can help with a lot more than that.

Roadside Assistance can send help day or night for any of the following situations, depending on your insurer and the level of coverage you select:

  • dead batteries. Whether you need a jump start or your battery is faulty and needs to be replaced, most technicians can help you on the spot.
  • getting locked out of your car. if you accidentally leave your keys in your car, your provider will help you gain access to your vehicle or arrange for a locksmith.
  • run out of fuel. Mobile technicians normally carry an emergency supply of gasoline or diesel, but will need to arrange towing if your car runs out of lpg fuel.
  • failed to start. sometimes you just can’t get the engine to run and there’s no immediately obvious reason for it.
  • Punctures. Putting on a spare tire is a strenuous and dirty task, and even if you are physically able to do it, there are many reasons why you might prefer to get help.
  • towing. Most insurers will pay to have your vehicle towed if the mechanic can’t get it started and may even agree to tow your trailer to the same place they are towing the car (if it’s within their size and weight limits).
  • Emergency accommodation and transportation. Some top-tier policies include other benefits, such as payment for emergency accommodation and taxi fares.
  • how does it work?

    If you’re stuck on the road, all you need to do is call your roadside assistance provider for help. the process will generally be something like this:

    • You will have a phone consultation. The dispatcher will ask you about the problem and will initially try to help you resolve it over the phone.
    • They will send you a mobile technician. If telephone advice does not solve the problem, your provider will send a mobile mechanic to your location.
    • They’ll give you a tow. If the tech can’t get you back on the road, you’ll be covered by a tow to the mechanic’s shop for repair. a surcharge will generally apply if you need to be towed beyond a specific distance listed on your policy. Your policy may cover minor repairs to things like hoses and drive belts, but you’ll be responsible for paying for major repairs.
    • how does roadside assistance compare?

      This is how some insurance companies in Singapore compare. Most insurers offer very similar coverage, but as you can see, the requirements to join, costs, and benefit limits can vary quite a bit.

      Is it included in the car insurance?

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      There are some insurance companies that include free roadside assistance if you have a car insurance policy with them. however, it usually only comes with a comprehensive policy.

      Many other insurers offer them as an optional extra you can pay for in addition to your standard auto insurance policy. again, it is usually only offered with comprehensive coverage. you can find it for as little as $7 a month, so it shouldn’t drive up the cost of your coverage that much.

      A small handful of insurers will allow you to purchase roadside assistance insurance on your own. that means you can have your standard insurance with someone else. If you buy it with one of these insurers, you do not need to have comprehensive insurance or any other type of insurance.

      Where else can I buy roadside assistance insurance?

      With membership-based roadside assistance, you can generally choose from different levels of coverage. this can range from a cheaper option that includes a limited number of calls, basic mechanical assistance and towing, to top-of-the-line coverage that helps with replacement car rentals and lodging.

      Some other companies that offer roadside assistance include:

      • independent roadside assistance organisations, including the automotive association of singapore
      • application-based support providers.
      • Some vehicle manufacturers offer roadside assistance coverage if your car is regularly serviced at an authorized service center.
      • how can i find the cheapest roadside assistance policy?

        To find the cheapest roadside assistance policy, you need to consider more than just the cost per year. there could be hidden fees or other purchase requirements that increase the cost.

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        That means you’ll have to take a hard look at the policy and match it to your needs to see which one offers you the cheapest deal.

        Where can I find the best roadside assistance policy?

        The best roadside assistance policy will be different for everyone, as everyone’s needs are different. Here’s how to find the best policy for your situation:

        • You are happy with your current insurance and only need basic roadside assistance. If you have a comprehensive policy that you’re happy with and just want basic roadside assistance, your best bet is to get yours from your current insurer, if they offer it. this will save you all that time shopping around for an already relatively inexpensive product, plus you might get a discount.
        • You want all the bells and whistles. If you want a high-end product, membership services offer different levels of coverage, some of which offer premium services like emergency accommodation coverage and of taxi these will come in handy, if you often travel far from home.
        • doesn’t want to be locked up. if the thought of yet another annual membership or premium payment drives you crazy, your best bet is probably a standalone service that charges per call.
        • You like perks. If you like getting member discounts, the best policy for you would be with membership services. These providers offer a wide range of discounts on products such as gasoline, flights, movie tickets, entertainment, and more.
        • what kind of exclusions exist?

          Roadside assistance is normally limited to small-scale mechanical problems that immobilize your car.

          • You will not be covered for damage caused by an accident. more info button
          • If the battery needs to be replaced, you are normally expected to pay for the new one.
          • Some providers will not offer roadside assistance for vehicles over a specific age.
          • There are limits on how far your vehicle will be towed if the mechanic can’t get it started again.
          • some providers will charge extra if your car breaks down due to a pre-existing condition.
          • You will not receive assistance if your vehicle is unattended.
          • Standard roadside assistance does not apply to taxis, limousines, and similar commercial vehicles.
          • Usually there are limits on the maximum size and weight of vehicles that can be covered.
          • If your car is stuck, most dealers will only help you get it off the ground if they can do so safely from a solid substrate, such as an adjacent paved road.
          • a surcharge may apply if you are stranded in a remote area.
          • You may not be able to get roadside assistance in extreme environmental conditions. more info button
          • Can I get roadside assistance if I don’t have coverage yet?

            Major providers generally allow you to become a member at the time your car breaks down, but will charge you an additional fee “as you go.” this type of fee also applies to any incident that occurs within a specified period of time after membership purchase, which typically ranges from 24 to 72 hours.

            Some independent companies charge a flat fee per incident to arrange support. This means that instead of joining a membership program for a year and shelling out an additional fee as you go, you only pay for the one-time help you need. this can be much cheaper than getting a membership on the spot if you only need to change a tire. however, independent support quickly becomes more expensive if you need more than one or two calls in a year.

            Which option you choose, always read the terms and conditions so you know exactly what you’re covered for.

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