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The average renters insurance rate in Alabama is $29 per month, which means state farm saves renters an average of 38%.

To help you choose the best renters insurance coverage, ValuePenguin pulled together 140 quotes from the 25 largest cities and towns in Alabama. Choosing the best renters insurance means choosing a provider that balances affordable rates with protective coverage and consistent customer service.

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cheapest renters insurance companies in alabama

state farm is $52 per year cheaper than any other company we reviewed. amica, travelers and across the country also offer below-average rates. Alabama generally has higher rates than the national average cost of renters insurance, which is $212 per year.

farmers has the most expensive renters coverage in the state, averaging $567 per year.

Your rates probably won’t be identical to what a neighbor pays, even if they live near you. This is because the price of your coverage depends on factors that are specific to you, such as the amount of property you’re insuring, any upgrades you purchase, and your deductible.

best renters insurance for most people: state farm

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the best renters insurance in alabama is state farm. it is the cheapest insurer, at $18 per month or $212 per year. state farm is 38% cheaper than the average cost of renters insurance in alabama, where prices can be among the most expensive in the country.

state farm also has good customer service, with a low complaint rate, according to the national association of insurance commissioners, or naic, and the second-best rating in the country from j.d. Energy. Although State Farm combines great prices and service, one drawback is that it lacks ways to enhance your basic policy beyond covering certain additional valuables.

best for military families: usaa

usaa is the best option for members of the armed forces and their families in alabama. Basic company policies include flood coverage and may include earthquake coverage at no additional cost. you can also expand your coverage in different ways.

To get a quote, you must be a member of the military or have certain relationships with a service member. usaa generally has below-average rates on most types of insurance and allows you to bundle policies.

the best for customer service: amica

amica offers the highest rated customer service we found in alabama. customers complain to the company less than half as often as the average insurer, and the company has a strong rating from valuepenguin’s own editors.

amica also has low rates, $22 per month. those savings add up to $87 per year, compared to the state average. amica offers several ways to expand your coverage, including high-value item protection, total repair or replacement coverage, and identity fraud protection.

alabama renters insurance: city by city

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fairhope has the most expensive rate in the state, at $695 per year. The city sits on the edge of Mobile Bay, which means homes are at high risk of flooding and hurricanes.

best renters insurance companies in alabama

both amica and usaa receive few customer complaints, according to the naic. Each has strong ratings from the ValuePenguin editorial team, and USAA is the best choice for J.D. customer satisfaction. power.

Customer service is a crucial part of your renters insurance experience and should be considered when choosing the best renters insurance company for you.


valuepenguin collected more than 130 renters insurance quotes from six of the largest insurers for addresses in the 25 largest cities in alabama and census designated areas. We collect sample rates for a 25 year old single renter who lives alone and has no prior claims.

Our experts select the best options by analyzing rates, customer service, and coverage options.

Renters Insurance Star Ratings are based on a combination of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index, the J.D. boosts customer service satisfaction rating and rankings from valuepenguin’s own editors.

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