Pizza Delivery Insurance: Cost, Liability & Quotes From 5

best pizza delivery insurance companies

With the knowledge of the importance of pizza delivery insurance, you may be thinking of purchasing it. Many companies offer pizza delivery insurance, but not all of them are reliable or have policies that fit your business. That is why we have tested some of the best pizza delivery insurance companies that offer this policy. Read on to learn about your pros, cons, and prices for $1 million general liability coverage.

You can compare pizza delivery business insurance quotes online from some of these companies and other leaders, by clicking the ‘get quotes’ button, completing the questionnaire and having them compete in your business with their best offers. .

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domino delivery insurance

Domino insurance has been around for many years. offers its services globally, and you can also access them online. Domino’s pizza delivery insurance is comprehensive and covers a wide range of claims. As a pizza delivery business owner, you will greatly benefit from these policies.

domino policy details

domino’s delivery driver insurance covers general and professional liability. For example, when your driver causes an accident, Dominos Drivers Insurance will cover you. this will help protect against severe financial loss. In addition, Dominos car insurance covers your vehicle against possible damage.


  • ability to respond immediately to complaints

  • affordable

  • available worldwide


    • does not cover some claims

      average cost: $35

      Ideal For: Domino’s pizza delivery businesses with a large number of workers

      state farm pizza delivery insurance

      state farm is one of the oldest insurance companies. is proud to offer comprehensive insurance coverage for all businesses, including pizza delivery. state farm is one of the most popular companies offering insurance for delivery drivers. It is among the top providers of pizza delivery insurance because it offers adequate coverage at an affordable price.

      details of state agricultural policy

      With state farm, your pizza delivery business is covered against almost all claims. whether it be damage to third party property or a driver who is injured in an accident; This policy covers everything. You can also get tailored insurance that protects you against risks specific to your business.


      • comprehensive insurance coverage

      • coverage is available in almost all states

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        tailor-made insurance coverage for pizza delivery


        • could be expensive

          average cost; $60

          ideal for: pizza delivery companies with a national reach.

          progressive pizza delivery insurance

          progressive insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies worldwide. provides its services in more than 150 countries, which makes it one of the most popular. As a pizza delivery business, you can benefit significantly from these policies.

          progressive policy details

          progressive insurance offers personalized coverage for pizza delivery businesses. Their policies cover both general and professional liability. They have extensive insurance coverage that protects your business against many risks. what makes it unique is that third party damages are included in its cheapest package.


          • specifically covers pizza delivery

          • offers a deductible refund

          • comprehensive insurance coverage


            • rideshare insurance is limited to some policies

              average cost: $45

              Best For: Pizza delivery businesses just starting out

              geico pizza delivery insurance

              geico insurance is one of the most popular insurance companies in the united states. It has offices in all the states of the country, and its services are easily accessible. This company offers one of the most comprehensive policies for the pizza delivery business.

              geico policy details

              geico offers personalized insurance coverage that protects against a wide variety of claims. your policy covers general liability and professional liability. You can also get a custom bop policy.


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                personalized insurance coverage

              • available worldwide

              • fast response to complaints


                • some policies can be expensive

                  average cost: $55

                  Ideal For: Large-scale pizza delivery businesses.

                  pizza hut delivery insurance

                  pizza hut is an established company. Being a pizza making company, Pizza Hut understands what policies fit into a pizza delivery business. therefore, you will enjoy comprehensive coverage that protects your business against lawsuits.

                  pizza hut policy details

                  pizza hut offers a wide range of insurance policies. some of them include general liability, professional liability and third party liability.


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