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If you’re looking to purchase insurance for your ford mustang, it’s worth shopping around. Comparing rates from different insurers can help you secure a better deal, as different companies will have different costs to insure the same car. the cheapest insurer might even change depending on the model year or your driver profile.

rates on this page are for a ford mustang gt. For drivers with different versions, MoneyGeek also broke down the costs of Ford Mustang EcoBoost Insurance and Ford Mustang Mach-E Insurance.

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The auto insurance company you choose can have a big impact on your ford mustang insurance rates. The average cost of insurance to insure a Ford Mustang is $1,571, but costs can vary by provider. It’s important to compare quotes from many different providers to find the cheapest auto insurance company.

At the low end, usaa offers insurance for $1,298, while allstate offers the most expensive rates at an average of $1,927. that’s a potential difference of $629 a year depending on the company you choose.

average annual cost of ford mustang insurance by company

moneygeek collected rate information from insurance providers using a sample driver profile. In this scenario, the driver has 100/300/100 liability insurance with comprehensive and collision coverage.

the average cost to insure a ford mustang by company

Insurers use a variety of factors to determine the cost of car insurance for a given model. expensive models, models that are more likely to get into an accident, and/or models that are more likely to be stolen generally have higher insurance rates.

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ford mustangs tend to be expensive to insure. Ford Mustangs are designated sports cars and have high theft rates, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These factors likely lead to higher insurance rates because they make the model riskier for insurers to cover.

Cost shouldn’t be the only factor you consider when shopping for auto insurance on a ford mustang. You should also consider other details to find the best auto insurance company for your needs.

moneygeek’s rating system, based on customer complaints, affordability, customer satisfaction, and financial stability, found:

  • usaa is the best auto insurance company for a ford mustang, but usaa is only available to military members and their families.
  • geico is the second best insurance company for ford mustang insurance.
  • older versions of a ford mustang tend to be cheaper to insure. This is because, as a car’s value depreciates, comprehensive and collision insurance also become less expensive.

    The average cost of auto insurance is $1,163 for a 2005 Ford Mustang and an average of $1,797 for a 2020 model. That’s a difference of $634 a year.

    Different insurers may offer cheaper coverage depending on the model year. The cheapest insurance company for a 2020 Ford Mustang is USAA, at $1,555 per year.

    You can scroll down to your model year to see how different carriers’ rates compare.

    average cost to insure a ford mustang by model year

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    Driving a Ford Mustang is expensive when it comes to an auto insurance policy. It costs an average of $1,571 to insure a Ford Mustang, compared to an average of $1,428 across all models. That said, it’s still well below the average cost of luxury car brands like Tesla.

    Because of their lack of experience on the road, younger drivers may pay more for auto insurance no matter what type of car they drive.

    The average cost of car insurance for an 18-year-old driver with a Ford Mustang is $5,128 per year. a 40-year-old driver pays an average of just $1,571 for the same car.

    Young drivers can save money by keeping their parents’ policy. It will almost always cost more for young drivers to get their own car insurance.

    You can find the cost of car insurance for a young driver ages 16-25 below.

    average cost to insure a ford mustang by age of driver

    While the costs referenced in this article are based on a national average, where you live can significantly affect your auto insurance rates. You can learn more about the cost of auto insurance in individual states with our state page analysis.

    The model of your car can significantly affect the cost of your insurance, but it’s just one of many factors that insurers take into account. Here are some common questions about insuring a Ford Mustang.

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