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Bentleys are some of the highest priced vehicles available, so it should come as no surprise that these cars also carry high insurance rates. Average insurance rates for Bentleys are around $228 per month or $2,736 per year. The average insurance cost of owning a Bentley will vary depending on your situation, including your age, how often you drive the car, and your driving record. filter auto insurance companies by state to get a quote.

why are bentleys so expensive to insure?

bentleys come equipped with many standard safety features, which help with insurance costs. the latter in luxury cars is rarely stolen, another factor that insurance companies like to see. But with the astronomical purchase price of a Bentley, you’re still facing a hefty insurance premium.

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You’ll find that just as this car is difficult for most drivers to obtain, finding coverage can also be difficult. Some big-name providers will insure a Bentley, but you may need to seek out luxury insurers that specialize in exotic vehicles and sports cars.

pros and cons of bentley insurance

about the bentley brand

founded by w.o. Bentley in London in 1919, Bentley Motors was later acquired by Rolls-Royce in the 1930s and eventually became part of the Volkswagen Group in the 1990s. The Volkswagen Group also sells cars and motorcycles under luxury brands such as Porsche. , bugatti, lamborghini and ducati.

the bentley continental was the first automobile manufactured under volkswagen management in 2003 and also the first mass-produced bentley. As of July 2018, only four Bentley models are made: Continental, Bentayga, Flying Spur, and Mulsanne.

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Although now owned by a German automaker, Bentley is still headquartered in England, where they continue their tradition of creating some of the world’s most desirable high-performance cars.

Is there a featured bentley model?

bentley launched a plug-in hybrid version of its luxury sport utility vehicle, the bentayga. It features a v6 engine and hybrid powertrain designed around all-new bentley technology. But like other Bentley models, it’s built by hand at the Bentley factory in Crewe, England. the hybrid bentayga was launched in 2019.

what is the bentley x starck power base?

bentley enlisted creator philippe starck to create the bentley x starck power cradle, a sleek charging unit for the bentayga hybrid. The power cradle stores the charging cable and allows drivers to plug in and recharge their Bentayga Hybrid at home. The design is not only beautiful, it’s also eco-friendly: the Bentley x Starck Power Base is made from sustainable materials.

bentley car data

  • Bentleys can be some of the most expensive cars out there, but the cost of insuring one may not be too high depending on your personal situation.
  • Because of the value of a Bentley, you’ll typically want more than minimal liability coverage for this luxury car, possibly expanding your protection through an umbrella policy and comprehensive coverage.
  • Not all insurance providers offer specialty or premium auto insurance. compare providers specializing in high-performance auto insurance.
  • end result

    The cost of insuring your bentley is likely to be high due to the high price of the car. but be sure to shop around to find the best car insurance for you.

    frequently asked questions about bentley cars

    How did you determine these rates?

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    To arrive at our estimated cost, we aggregate quotes from insurance companies using this profile:

    • bentley 2018
    • 10,001 to 15,000 miles driven per year
    • no accidents in the last five years
    • anti-theft device in the vehicle
    • driver located in new york
    • good credit
    • what major insurance offers coverage for bentleys?most don’t. you may need to find a specialist insurance provider.

      what vehicle-related factors affect the cost of insurance?among other factors, a car’s safety history, the cost of car repair and maintenance, and the likelihood of the car being stolen can affect the cost of car insurance.

      how do i finance a bentley?finance a bentley directly through an authorized dealer. Learn how it works with our Bentley Financial Services loan review.

      What personal factors affect the cost of insurance?A driver’s location, driving history, and credit history can affect the cost of insurance, as well as their age and marital status.

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