How Much Does Audi A4 Insurance Cost? – 2022 Rates and Rankings

  • audi a4 insurance rates average $1,766 per year or $883 for a semi-annual policy, depending on trim level.
  • When compared to the entire luxury small car segment, the a4 sits near the middle of the pack at #12 out of 19 total comparison vehicles.
  • the cheapest audi a4 insurance is on the a4 premium 40 model at an estimated cost of $1,654 per year.
  • the a4 allroad prestige is the most expensive to insure at $1866 per year.
  • how much does audi a4 insurance cost?

    audi a4 insurance cost averages $1,766 per year for comprehensive coverage, or about $147 per month. This is around the small luxury class average rate of $1,730, and is $199 more per year than the $1,567 average for all vehicles.

    The graph below demonstrates how average 2022 Audi A4 insurance rates change using a range of different driver ages and risk scenarios.

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    how is the cost of audi a4 insurance classified?

    audi a4 ranks 12th out of 19 vehicles in the luxury small car class. the a4 costs an average of $1,766 per year for full coverage insurance and the category average average cost is $1,730 per year, a difference of $36 per year.

    when average rates are compared directly to the most popular models in the luxury small car segment, a4 insurance costs $154 more per year than the bmw 330i, $48 less than the mercedes-benz c300, $128 more than the volvo s60 and $146 more than acura tlx.

    The table below shows how the cost of auto insurance for an Audi A4 compares to all other models in the small luxury car segment for the 2022 model year.

    audi a4 insurance compared to similarly priced models

    A different way to analyze rates is to see how the average car insurance quotes on an Audi A4 compare to luxury compact car models that have the most similar sticker prices.

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    With an average MSRP of $47,156, the cost to purchase a 2022 Audi A4 ranges from $39,900 to $55,400, before dealer delivery and documentation charges.

    the four luxury compact car models most similar in price to the a4 for the 2022 model year are the volvo s60, genesis g70, lexus rc 350 and bmw m240i.

    here’s how those models compare to a 2022 audi a4 for both msrp and average cost of insurance.

    • compared to volvo s60: For a new 2022 model year, the msrp for the volvo s60 averages $704 more than the audi a4 ($47,860 compared to $47,156). Insuring an Audi A4 compared to a Volvo S60 costs an average of $128 more every 12 months.
    • compared to genesis g70: The average msrp for a 2022 audi a4 is $1,123 more expensive than the genesis g70, at $47,156 compared to $46,033. expect to pay about $46 less per year for full coverage insurance on the genesis g70 compared to an a4.
    • compared to the lexus rc 350: the lexus rc 350 has an average msrp of $48,429, which ranges from $45,250 to $51,330, which is $1,273 more expensive than the sticker price average for the audi a4. Insuring an A4 compared to the Lexus RC 350 costs an average of $68 more each year.
    • Compared to the BMW M240i: The 2022 Audi A4 has an average MSRP that is $1,394 cheaper than the BMW M240i ($47,156 versus $48,550). insurance on the bmw m240i costs an average of $118 more than that on the audi a4.
    • How is this information useful? When buying a new car, many consumers want to stay within a certain price point. If the Audi A4 is on the list of potential vehicles, then it helps to know which models cost about the same as the A4, but may have cheaper or more expensive insurance rates. Over the life of a vehicle, even a small difference in the cost of insurance can add up.

      Does the trim level of the a4 affect insurance rates?

      With Audi A4 insurance costing between $1,654 and $1,866 per year for an average driver, the lowest cost model to insure is the Premium 40. The second cheapest model to insure is the Premium 45 at $1,692 per year. year. On average, plan to budget at least $138 per month for a full coverage policy.

      The Audi A4’s most expensive trim levels to insure are the Allroad Prestige at $1,866 and the Prestige 45 at $1,818 per year. those trim levels will cost an additional $212 and $164 per year, respectively, over the lower-cost premium 40 model.

      The following table shows the average costs of auto insurance policies for each package and trim level of the 2022 Audi A4.

      do older a4 models save on insurance?

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      choosing to drive a 2013 audi a4 instead of a new 2022 model could save $452 per year in insurance costs. newer vehicles have a higher replacement value, meaning they cost more to replace when added together, and older model years are valued less due to depreciation.

      The table below shows the average Audi A4 insurance rates for model years 2013 through 2022. The average insurance cost ranges from a low of $1,314 for a 2013 Audi A4 to a high of $1,766 for a 2013 Audi A4. year 2022.

      can my address influence auto insurance rates?

      Depending on your location, the cost of insurance for an A4 can range from lower rates like $1,100 a year in Raleigh, NC, or $1,264 in Charlotte, NC, to higher rates like $6,910 a year in Detroit, MI, and $2928 per year for auto insurance in los angeles, ca.

      Average rates for other cities include El Paso, TX, at $1,626 per year, Minneapolis, MN, at an average of $1,856, Memphis, TN, at $2,178, and Austin, TX, at $1,606.

      The following bar chart ranks the average insurance policy premiums for an Audi A4 in the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. A more comprehensive table is added after the graph, showing the average insurance rates in the 50 largest cities.

      what is the average cost of a4 insurance in my state?

      When evaluating the cost of Audi A4 insurance at the state level, states like North Carolina ($1,122), Ohio ($1,026), and Maine ($1,222) have better insurance rates, while states like Nevada ($1,936), Florida ($2,578), and michigan ($2,812) tend to have higher average audi a4 insurance rates.

      states like missouri, maryland, and georgia have car insurance rates that are closer to the general average, with audi a4 insurance rates of $1,872, $1,592, and $1,706 per year, respectively.

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