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mustang quotes are much more expensive for young drivers: a 16 year old can expect to pay $1527 a month for mustang insurance. geico has the cheapest mustang rates for most drivers.

the cheapest insurance for mustang drivers

geico offers the lowest prices overall for mustang insurance, with an average quote of $232 per month. that’s 29% cheaper than the average rate of $329.

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progressive offered the worst prices, charging an average of $494 per month for 30-year-old drivers. We recommend that mustang drivers get quotes from multiple auto insurance companies to get the cheapest quotes.

mustang insurance rates by age

mustang insurance is much more expensive for younger and less experienced drivers. the average quote we found for a 16-year-old was $1,527 per month, nearly five times what a 30-year-old can expect to pay. An 18-year-old can expect to pay $1,176 a month for mustang insurance.

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the best price for each age group to insure a mustang came from geico.

The data we collect for young mustang drivers matches the rates young drivers pay in general. we’ve found that the price of car insurance for young drivers is consistently the most expensive, with coverage quotes going as low as age 30.

For young drivers, high costs aren’t the only barrier to coverage. Some auto insurance companies do not sell policies to minors. For example, Geico consistently offered the lowest prices overall, but the company will not sell a policy directly to a minor.

These quotes are for younger drivers with a single person policy. The best way for teen drivers to save money on car insurance is to add themselves to their parent’s car insurance policy. this can save a teen over $5,000 a year.

the cheapest mustangs to insure

The cost of insurance for older Ford Mustangs is lower than for newer vehicles. Insuring a 2015 mustang costs an average of $254 a month, 23% less than the newer model.

auto insurance costs for mustang gt vs mustang ecoboost

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We collected quotes for both the base ecoboost model and the more powerful gt with a v-8 engine, but found no significant difference in price between the ecoboost and gt. while a mustang gt costs 37% more than a base model ecoboost, the gt was basically the same price to insure compared to the base model.

although the mustang gt is significantly more powerful, with the extra horsepower and torque that come with a v-8, insurance costs for these cars are very similar.

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We collected quotes from six insurers across all zip codes in Texas for our detailed analysis of mustang auto insurance rates. We compared auto insurance rates for the EcoBoost and GT across eight model years, from 2015 to 2022.

Our primary sample driver was a 30-year-old male with full coverage. We also collect quotes for age comparisons for drivers 16, 18, 20, 22 and 25 years old.

rates were collected using quadrant information services. the data is obtained from public insurance declarations. these rates should be used for comparison purposes only, as your quotes may be different.

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