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harley davidson insurance, also known as hd insurance, doesn’t offer the lowest priced motorcycle insurance quotes, even for harley motorcycles. however, it combines products and services in a way that no other motorcycle insurance company can. In addition to that, it offers a large set of optional coverages and a wide range of discounts. Overall, Harley Davidson insurance is a great option for most motorcyclists.


harley davidson insurance: convenient features at reasonable prices

harley davidson is possibly the best known motorcycle company. Despite this, many people may not be aware that Harley Davidson also offers motorcycle insurance policies. Harley Davidson quotes are not overpriced, but they are a bit more expensive than the motorcycle insurance quotes offered by Geico and Progressive. however, where harley davidson excels is in offering a one stop shop for all motorcycle needs.

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Even if you don’t need the additional services and products listed above, like a Harley Davidson loan, HD offers great coverage options and discounts on their HD insurance policies. Plus, HD insurance isn’t just limited to Harley Davidson motorcycles, which means you can get Harley Davidson motorcycle insurance no matter what type of motorcycle you ride.

harley davidson drawbacks

the biggest drawback to harley davidson is that its price is slightly higher than other motorcycle insurance companies. however, we don’t see this as a huge detriment, as motorcycle insurance is often more affordable than auto or home insurance; therefore, the cost savings are not that great. In fact, based on our sample, you’d be looking at an $89 per year difference between an HD motorcycle insurance policy and the cheapest option available.

is harley davidson safe the same as progressive?

harley davidson motorcycle insurance is not progressive insurance, but it used to be. Harley Davidson insurance policies were originally underwritten by some of what we consider to be the best motorcycle insurance companies, such as Dairyland and Foremost Insurance. Later, Harley Davidson partnered exclusively with Progressive for motorcycle insurance. Today, HD Motorcycle Insurance is underwritten exclusively by Sentry Insurance Group. This means that if you file a claim, Sentry Insurance Group will be responsible for payment, not Harley Davidson.

how much does harley davidson insurance cost?

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While harley davidson quotes aren’t the absolute cheapest, harley davidson offers rates that are in the same range as most of their competitors. Based on our sample, a Harley Davidson quote costs $89 more than the cheapest motorcycle insurance quote, which was offered by Progressive. while savings are available, they are minimal.

Getting harley davidson insurance quotes is quite simple as the company has an excellent online quoting system. Customers can add coverages as they see fit and see how each affects the cost of their Harley quotes. We recommend comparing your Harley Davidson insurance quote with those offered by competitors and the average cost of motorcycle insurance in your state before signing up for coverage.

does harley davidson offer discounts on its coverage?

harley davidson insurance offers policyholders a respectable list of discounts. What makes HD Insurance’s discounts great is that several are easy to qualify for. For example, if you recently bought a bike or own a home, you’ll receive some savings on your Harley quote. Below is a complete list of discounts offered through Harley Davidson insurance.

A notable absence from the list above is a discount on auto and motorcycle insurance. Harley Davidson does not currently offer auto insurance, which means she does not have that discount available. This is a fairly common discount that can be found through other motorcycle insurance companies, including Progressive and Geico.

what does a harley davidson policy cover?

harley davidson currently offers insurance policies in all states with the exception of alaska and hawaii. That said, if you have an HD insurance policy in a covered state, like Tennessee, you’ll be insured when you travel to Alaska or Hawaii. Along with its extensive state coverage, HD Insurance offers policies for most types of motorcycles, including the following.

Policyholders have the option of adding additional coverages to their HD insurance policies, many of which may be useful to specific motorcyclists. For example, anyone who enjoys customizing their motorcycle would benefit from HD Insurance’s optional equipment replacement cost coverage.

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Let’s say you buy custom chrome rims for your motorcycle for $5,000, but they have depreciated to $2,000. If your tires are damaged beyond repair in a covered accident, your insurance company will typically reimburse you $2,000 less your deductible. this contrasts sharply with hd insurance’s optional equipment replacement cost coverage, which would reimburse you $5,000 in this scenario for new chrome wheels. Other notable optional coverage options include the following.

vacation rental: rental coverage extends the same protection that is included for any motorcycle included in your policy to any motorcycle you rent. Plus, if you’re involved in an accident more than 100 miles from home, this add-on can cover eligible expenses, including food and lodging, making it ideal for passengers who enjoy road trips. /p>

Bike Replacement Cost: This add-on is similar to optional equipment replacement cost coverage. the only difference is that this coverage applies to your motorcycle if it is totaled instead of specific parts. So, if you buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle for $13,000 but its depreciated value is $4,000 at the time of the accident, this coverage would guarantee you a refund of $13,000 instead of $4,000.

Harley Davidson Roadside Assistance: This coverage works similarly to a roadside assistance add-on for automobiles. harley davidson insurance roadside assistance provides fluid replacement, battery jump-start, locksmith services, and tire replacement.

Along with the add-on options listed above, hd insurance offers standard coverage options, including the following.

harley insurance ratings and reviews

Your motorcycle company is only as good as its ability to pay your insurance claims in the event of an accident. As mentioned above, HD insurance policies are underwritten by Sentry Insurance Group. As a result, you’ll want to consider Sentry Insurance Group ratings rather than Harley Davidson ratings when shopping for coverage. A.M. Best, an independent insurance rating agency, assigned Sentry Insurance Group a rating of A+ (superior), which can be taken as a vote of confidence in the company’s financial strength and ability to pay customer claims. for reference, progressive, one of the largest insurance companies, also has a better rating of a+ a.m.


we collect motorcycle insurance quotes from harley davidson and major competitor companies for a typical policyholder who rides a harley davidson motorcycle.

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