Chevy Corvette Insurance Cost for 2022: Compare Rates Now

  • The average cost of corvette insurance is $1,922 per year, or $160 per month for full coverage.
  • corvette ranks 9th out of 23 vehicles in the 2022 sports car class for auto insurance affordability.
  • the cheapest corvette to insure is the stingray 1lt coupe trim level at an estimated price of $1,662 per year. the most expensive is the Stingray 3lt convertible at $2,176 a year.
  • how much does corvette insurance cost?

    The average annual cost of corvette insurance is $1,922 for a full coverage policy. the monthly cost of insurance ranges from $139 to $181, depending on the level of equipment.

    Since the average sports car insurance costs $2,152 a year, drivers can expect to pay about $230 less a year for corvette insurance compared to the segment average.

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    Comprehensive (or other non-collision) coverage costs approximately $560 a year, collision insurance will cost approximately $1,036, and the remaining liability/medical costs are estimated at $326.

    The table below details how the cost of 2022 corvette insurance changes with different ages of drivers and policy deductibles. rates range from $1,392 per year for a 60-year-old driver with high policy deductibles to $4,536 per year for a 20-year-old driver with low deductibles.

    The above graph of insurance rates plots a small set of values ​​from a large data set. If we showed all rates for every possible combination of data, including all six Corvette trim levels and over 40,000 US zip codes. In the US, the chart would have 580,608,000,000 bars.

    To better illustrate the full range of possible insurance rates, keep in mind that a corvette insurance policy with only liability coverage in the cheapest areas of Virginia or North Carolina can cost as little as $240 a year.

    For an identical chevy corvette, the cost of car insurance for a 16-year-old with a few speeding tickets in some of the most expensive zip codes in the united states could be as much as $14,456 a year for full coverage.

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    Some additional key facts related to the cost of chevrolet corvette insurance include:

    • Policy discounts save money. Discounts may be available if insured drivers belong to certain professional organizations, are good students, have no accidents, sign their policy early, or many other discounts which could save the average driver up to $322 per year in the cost of insuring a Corvette.
    • Corvette insurance is expensive for high-risk drivers. For a 50-year-old driver, being prone to accidents or receiving tickets could inflate rates by $2,178 or more per year.
    • Increasing deductibles makes insurance more affordable. Increasing your policy deductibles from $500 to $1,000 could save about $362 per year for a 40-year-old driver and $708 per year for a 20 year old driver driver.
    • Choosing a low deductible may not make financial sense. Reducing your policy deductibles from $500 to $250 could cost an additional $376 per year for a 40-year-old driver and $746 for year for a 40-year-old driver. 20 year old driver.
    • gender and age affect the rate you pay. for a 2022 chevrolet corvette, a 20-year-old male receives an average rate of $3,790 per year, while a 20-year-old female driver will pay $2,798, a difference of $992 per year in favor of women by a long shot. but at age 50, the rates for male drivers are $1,742 and the cost for female drivers is $1,708, a difference of only $34.
    • good credit scores mean better rates. In states that authorize the use of a policyholder’s credit score to determine insurance rates, drivers who maintain a credit score above 800 may save up to $302 per year on a credit score lower than 670-739. in contrast, a mediocre credit score could cost about $350 more per year.
    • The cost of insuring teen drivers is high. Average rates for full coverage corvette insurance are $6,396 per year for a 16-year-old driver, $6,096 per year for a 16-year-old driver. 17 years old and $5744 per year for a driver 18 years old.
    • how does corvette insurance compare?

      the chevy corvette ranks #9 out of 23 vehicles in the 2022 sports car segment. compared to other top-selling sports cars, insurance for a corvette costs $314 more per year than the ford mustang , $248 less than the dodge challenger, $190 less than the chevy camaro and $188 more than the subaru wrx.

      The table below shows how the cost of C8 Corvette insurance compares to other sports cars in terms of insurance affordability.

      what is the cheapest corvette insurance?

      with chevy corvette insurance rates ranging from $1,662 to $2,176 per year for the average driver, the cheapest model to insure is the stingray 1lt coupe. the next cheapest trim level to insure is the 2lt stingray coupe at $1,756 per year. expect to budget a minimum of $139 per month for full coverage insurance.

      at the high end of insurance cost, the three highest cost corvette c8 trim levels to insure are the stingray 1lt convertible, stingray 2lt convertible and stingray 3lt convertible trim levels at an estimated $2,004, $2,084 and $2,176 per year, respectively.

      Average auto insurance prices for annual and semi-annual policy terms are shown in the table below, including a monthly quote figure, for each available corvette trim level.

      how much is insurance on a used corvette?

      Opting to insure a 2013 chevy corvette instead of a new 2022 corvette could save up to $610 each year. even a 2017 model could save the average driver $194 a year.

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      The table below shows the average cost of full coverage insurance for a corvette for model years 2013 through 2022.

      Sooner or later, it will probably be a good financial decision to remove comprehensive and/or collision coverage from your insurance policy. As vehicles age and lose value, the cost of having physical damage protection begins to outweigh the benefit of having it in the policy.

      removing physical damage coverage on a vintage chevrolet corvette could save about $992 a year, depending on policy deductibles and the age of the qualifying driver.

      Another option to reduce the cost of insurance is to consider purchasing corvette classic car insurance instead of a standard policy. If your miles are low enough and the car is over 20 years old, you may qualify for the cheapest coverage.

      how much does teen corvette insurance cost?

      Average corvette auto insurance rates for teen drivers range from $4,692 per year for a 19-year-old female to $6,396 per year for a 16-year-old male. higher policy deductibles can help lower the price, as can insuring your teen on an older model corvette.

      Corvette insurance for a 17-year-old driver ranges from $5,360 to $6,096, and corvette insurance for an 18-year-old driver ranges from $4,988 to $5,744 per year. The chart below illustrates the cost of corvette insurance for male and female teen drivers ages 16-19.

      Insurance rates in the chart above are for a rated teen driver in a fully covered 2022 corvette, but as mentioned above, insurance rates for teen drivers may be cheaper if they drive an older model, have higher physical damage deductibles or if they take a driver’s education course.

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