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Selecting the right home insurance company means finding the company that has the right coverage options and great customer service, all for an affordable rate. We collected thousands of home insurance quotes and compared eight major insurers to find the best company for Tennessee homeowners.

best cheap home insurance in tennessee

cheapest homeowners insurance options in tennessee

The average cost of homeowners insurance in Tennessee is $2,087 per year. We collected hundreds of quotes from tennessee homeowners insurance companies to find you the best price.

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Eligible homeowners can also find affordable usa rates. uu. however, you must be a member of the military, veteran, or eligible family member to purchase a policy.

best for most people: farm bureau

The best homeowners insurance company in Tennessee and our recommendation for most people is Farm Bureau. offers the best overall combination of affordable rates and strong customer service. the average farm agency fee is $1,266 per year, which is 39% cheaper than the state average.

farm bureau also has great customer service reviews. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has zero customer complaints on file for the Farm Bureau in 2020, which is highly unusual for a company of its size. Farm Bureau’s biggest drawback is its website, which doesn’t offer much information in terms of coverage options or available discounts.

best major insurance company: state farm

state farm is the best insurer for tennessee homeowners who prefer the stability and name recognition of working with a national home insurer. The average state farm home insurance rate is 29% more affordable than the state average at $1,482 per year.

as one of the largest insurance companies in the us. In the US, State Farm offers a wide range of insurance products, including auto, general, commercial, life and health insurance. it also has the best customer service scores of any national insurer in the state. according to the naic, it receives fewer complaints than average for its size. state farm also scored above average in j.d. power’s annual home insurance customer satisfaction survey.

best for military families: usaa

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Tennesseans with ties to the military should consider getting a usaa home insurance quote. The company has some of the most competitive rates in the state: A policy costs $1,419 per year, which is $668 cheaper than the state average.

usaa has earned a reputation for providing excellent service to its customers, especially when it comes to claims. however, usaa is not available to everyone. Only two groups of people can apply: current or former members of the us. uu. military and anyone whose immediate family member has been a customer of usaa in the past.

usaa offers some unique benefits and perks for service members and their families. for example, it covers your personal property in war zones, which most insurers do not. this means any belongings you bring with you while deployed are protected, no matter where you go.

tennessee home insurance rates: city-by-city breakdown

Homeowners insurance prices can vary widely based on home cost and design, specific location, and other factors, so the average rate in your city may be different from what you pay.

top rated homeowners insurance companies in tennessee

When searching for the right homeowners insurance company, it’s important to consider the level of care and service you’ll receive. Two factors we consider in determining the quality of an insurer’s customer service are its naic complaint index, which shows the relative number of complaints a company has received compared to its size, and j.d. boost customer satisfaction scores.

common tennessee homeowners insurance perils

The most common types of insurance risks in Tennessee are related to severe weather, specifically wind, hail and flooding. Tennessee is far enough inland that the state doesn’t get hit by full-force hurricanes often; however, it is common for the outer bands of major storms to affect the eastern part of the state.

Tennessee is also subject to occasional winter storms, where conditions like snow and freezing rain can lead to insurance claims.

is wind damage covered by insurance in tennessee?

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Wind damage is one of the most frequent causes of home insurance claims nationwide, and Tennessee is no different. Fortunately, wind damage is covered by most home insurance policies. this is true whether the damage is a broken window or the shingles have come loose from the roof.

is flood damage covered by homeowners insurance?

Flood damage is generally not covered by homeowners insurance policies. If your home is flooded due to rain or flooding, the only type of insurance that will protect you is a separate flood insurance policy.

You have two main options for flood insurance: a government-sponsored policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) or a policy from a private insurance company. NFIP-backed policies have the same coverages and rates no matter which company you buy from, while private policy details will vary by company.

Are sinks covered by home insurance?

Sinkholes are generally not covered by home insurance policies. In Tennessee, homeowners insurance companies are required to offer separate sinkhole coverage for an additional cost that protects your home and personal property.

Sinkhole coverage can be expensive in high-risk areas, and companies may request to inspect your property before providing a quote.

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For our analysis, we collected insurance quotes from eight of Tennessee’s top insurance companies for each ZIP code in the state. We base our quotes on a home built in 1988 with $279,100 of homeowners coverage, which represents the average year homes were built and the median home value in the state. the companies we surveyed are:

valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

Insurers’ service ratings are based on National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Complaint Index ratings, J.D. power’s 2021 home insurance customer satisfaction survey rankings and ratings from our own valuepenguin editor.

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