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united states

best for military cover

Of the illinois homeowners insurance companies on our list, usaa offers the cheapest coverage on average, but the company only sells policies to active military, veterans, and their qualified family members. Because of this, USAA is not eligible for official ranking with J.D. power, but consistently receives some of the highest scores. However, there are not as many ways to customize a usa homeowners policy. and most of the additional options are specific to military life, such as uniform coverage. But, if you share a room or the whole house, you may be able to include shared housing coverage in your usa home insurance. uu.

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state farm

the best for combining policies

state farm could be a good option if you want to consolidate your policies with one company. In addition to homeowners insurance, the provider offers many other insurance products, such as auto insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, small business insurance, and general insurance policies, creating ample opportunity to bundle and save. . However, State Farm does not offer as many discount opportunities as some of its competitors. Although the company’s average premium is below the Illinois average, if you’re looking for deep discounts, State Farm may not be the best option.

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american family

the best for personalized policies

american family offers the ability to add multiple endorsements to your policy. Options include equipment failure, matching liner protection, and credit theft protection and monitoring. Illinois homeowners may want to especially consider sump pump and water backup coverage, as backup problems are relatively common in the state. If you’d like help determining exactly what you need, American Family has a personalized coverage wizard tool on its website that can help advise you on standard and optional coverage for your illinois home insurance policy. however, american family digital tools are rated below average for the 2022 j.d. power us insurance digital experience study, so might not be the best option for homeowners looking for online or mobile tools.

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all states

best for unique coverage options

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allstate may be a good option if you are looking for more exclusive coverage options, such as electronic data recovery, lawn and garden coverage, and coverage for musical instruments and sports equipment. And while the average premium is already lower than the state average, there are plenty of discounts to help you save even more. However, as with the American family, customers who value strong digital service may want to consider other providers, such as J.D. power rated allstate below average in digital shopping and services.

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the best for a simplified shopping experience

farmers makes shopping for home insurance easy by offering homeowners insurance in illinois in three packages: standard, enhanced and primary. While these packages serve as starting points, each can be customized with optional coverage types, such as scheduled personal property and cosmetic damage coverage. Farmers also offers claims forgiveness, a no-claims discount (if you qualify), and decreasing deductibles at no additional cost. however, farmers is the only company on our list with a j.d. Below average. boosts customer satisfaction score, and the company’s financial strength is also the lowest on our list of carriers.

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