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The average cost of genital herpes ranges from $23.77 to $818.06. Genital herpes treatment refers to treating the symptoms and because there is no cure for genital herpes, treating the symptoms is an ongoing process. there are many additional costs to consider, including lab tests, antiviral medications, and preventive measures.

the cost of treatment

The cost of antiviral medications to treat genital herpes varies depending on the specific antiviral you are prescribed and choose to use. the average cost of brand-name antiviral for a 30-tablet supply is $545.45, compared to $116.72 for generic retail prices. Valacyclovir appears to be the most expensive of the three antivirals, while acyclovir is the least expensive.

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cost comparison of brand-name versus generic antivirals


average brand selling price based on previous cdc recommendation of dosage of first episode vhs-2

Average selling price of generic brand based on previous cdc recommendation for first-episode dose of hsv-2



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average cost

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source: goodrx

what are the additional costs of treating genital herpes?

There are a few other costs to consider when estimating the cost of genital herpes treatment. These include initial STI testing and condoms as a barrier method to reduce the risk of STI transmission.

What factors influence the cost of treating genital herpes?

The total cost of treatment will vary depending on insurance status, antiviral prescribed, where you receive your prescription, and planned sexual activity. It’s important to remember that some people only take antiviral medications when they’re experiencing an active outbreak. instead, some continue to take the medication every day even though they are not currently experiencing a flare.

insurance status

One’s prescriptions may or may not be covered depending on your insurance provider. if you have insurance that covers prescriptions, you only have to worry about the copay. If you’re not insured, you’ll pay for your prescription out of pocket, and this price will fluctuate for many reasons, the main one being where you pick up your prescription. Also, not all medications are covered in one’s insurance plan. It’s important to talk to a representative about which drugs are covered and which are not.

prescription antivirals

The cost of antivirals ranges from $23.77 to $818.06, depending on the type of medication and whether it is generic or brand name. the generic version of a prescription drug can sometimes cost up to 80 percent less than the brand-name version. both will contain the same active ingredient and will have the same rates of effectiveness in treating the conditions they are intended to treat. Generic drugs are evaluated by the FDA, just like brand name drugs. other differences include inactive ingredients and appearance.

pharmacy location

Where you get your prescription can greatly influence your total costs. without insurance, one will pay out of pocket for their prescription. for this reason, it would be best to “shop” to ensure you get the most affordable prescription option.

try the mirax savings calculator to help find the most affordable rates for your prescription. this tool will help you see the cost difference between pharmacies in specific locations. Many pharmacies will also have different promotions and memberships to help you get discounts for lower prescription costs.

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