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Septoplasty is the surgical procedure to correct a deviated nasal septum. many people choose to undergo septoplasty for cosmetic reasons, while others make this decision out of necessity. In many people, the deviated septum causes breathing problems as well as other health problems.

When you decide to undergo septoplasty for cosmetic reasons, your health insurance will not cover the cost of the treatment. but, if you are having septoplasty for medical reasons, insurance providers will approve your claim and cover the full cost of treatment.

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Today, we’ll look at how much septoplasty can cost when you use your health insurance policy and what aspects of the treatment will be covered by insurance.

costs related to septoplasty

Listed below are the factors that determine how much septoplasty will cost with or without insurance.

  • choice of the hospital where the patient will undergo surgery
  • medical consultation and operation fee
  • price of the surgical procedure, i.e. open surgery or endoscopic surgery
  • cost of medications before and after surgery, if necessary
  • price of evaluation and diagnostic tests
  • price of the room you choose to stay (standard single room, deluxe room, shared room, etc.)
  • hospital services (nursing charges, meals, room service, etc.)
  • cost of hospital admission and discharge
  • price for follow-up care and appointments, if needed
  • When you see an ENT surgeon, he/she will describe how these factors will influence the final cost of treatment and also give you an estimate. The doctor will also ask if she has a health insurance policy. In case you have an insurance policy, the doctor will suggest you use the policy to get advanced care and best quality services without worrying about the cost.

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    You must have heard from many people that using health insurance is better than paying out of pocket for any treatment. That’s because insurance allows a patient to get optimal care without worrying about the cost. however, there is a catch. You also need to know how much coverage you have for a particular treatment, in this case, specifically septoplasty.

    when you pay for septoplasty with insurance, the cost can increase up to rs. 1,00,000 approx. but there is no doubt that with the help of insurance you can afford better services. For example, while paying cash, you can choose to stay in a general room with fewer services to save costs. however, when you know that the insurance will cover the rental of a double or single room sharing a room with the best amenities, you will prefer to use the insurance to make your stay comfortable and convenient.

    expenses included & excluded in health insurance

    Here is a list of expenses that will be covered by septoplasty insurance:

    • room rental for one day (since 1 day stay is required for surgery)
    • cost of surgery
    • consult with the doctor
    • diagnostic tests and other investigations
    • routine pharmacy and other consumables during hospital stay
    • patient food
    • surgeon fee
    • anesthesiologist fee
    • operating room charges
    • pharmacy services that include charges for medications and medical supplies
    • You can find the list of medical consumables in your health insurance policy and also discuss the terms and conditions with the insurance provider. he/she will also help you understand the expenses that will not be covered by the health insurance policy.

      exclusions in the insurance policy involve:

      • excessive hospital stay (staying more than 1 day)
      • other specialty visits (if you get a second opinion from a health care provider)
      • special equipment (in case your surgery was complex and the surgeon had to use special instruments)
      • additional procedure or surgery (i.e. if further correction with septoplasty is required, such as cartilage reshaping)
      • blood components (if you need a blood transfusion because you have lost too much blood).
      • In these aspects, you will have to assume the expenses yourself, since they will not be covered by the insurance.

        what is the cost of septoplasty in india without health insurance?

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        On average, if you don’t use health insurance to pay for septoplasty, the surgery will cost around Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 60,000 approximately. however, this is simply an estimate of the amount that may vary from patient to patient. the actual cost is determined by taking into account a wide variety of factors related to the surgery that were mentioned above.

        the end result

        When a doctor recommends that a patient should have surgery to treat a specific condition, many things come to mind: Will the surgery work? is the surgery painful? How much time will I need to recover? Will the surgery leave scars?

        on top of that, cost concerns linger in the background. and medical treatments can have a significant impact on a patient’s finances, especially if the surgery is expensive. the same goes for septoplasty. If the deviation in the nasal septum is severe, the cost of the surgery will go up to 1 lac.

        The good news is that most health insurance policies will cover most surgical treatment. Therefore, you can get best-in-class services at the best hospitals and clinics in India while undergoing septoplasty.

        If you don’t have health insurance, pristyn care can help make treatment easily affordable for you. We offer patients a free emi service that allows them to have surgery at the moment and pay it in easy installments. This service is available in all major cities in India. you can call us and speak with our medical coordinators to get more information about the services.

        *disclaimer: the cost mentioned in this blog is what pristyn care charges depending on the city and the treatment, and this cost may also vary depending on the other factors that increase or decrease the cost . the market cost of the treatment may vary depending on the health service provider and the functional city.

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