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commercial cargo van insurance

Commercial truck insurance is commercial auto insurance. Business or commercial auto insurance consists of coverages that take care of casualties from the accident your pickup truck caused and protect the pickup truck from damage. skip to the next section for a detailed discussion of the commercial auto policy included in work truck insurance.

types of commercial auto insurance offered under cargo van insurance

civil liability insurance

Truck liability insurance covers the costs when your truck causes or contributes to an accident. it is mandatory coverage by law, and the minimum coverage you must have differs by jurisdiction. A typical cargo van liability insurance offers:

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  • Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: Bodily Injury Liability covers physical injuries to individuals resulting from an automobile accident. Whenever your cargo van causes an incident and others are injured, bodily injury insurance will cover the costs. bodily injury also covers the costs of treatment, follow-up medical appointments, rehabilitation, and burial expenses

    • Property Damage Liability Coverage: Your liability insurance policy’s property damage coverage pays to repair damaged property after the accident. this also covers any cars or immovable objects including road structures, mailboxes or signs that were destroyed during the incident

      payments for medical services

      Medical Payment Protection may pay the cost of the cargo van driver’s bills and hospital expenses if he was injured during the mishap. this policy also covers other occupants of the truck, and payments are made without regard to the entity that caused the accident. Not all carriers offer medical payment coverage, so check with an agent to see if it’s included in the terms of your commercial cargo van insurance.

      physical damage insurance

      This civil liability policy included in the commercial auto insurance for cargo van is responsible for repairs and replacements caused by hazards, mishaps or unforeseeable events. Physical damage insurance is essential for businesses that rent cargo vans as it offers the most comprehensive form of protection available. many say this is useful for businesses with an existing car loan or lien against their vehicle:

      • Comprehensive Damage Protection – Comprehensive coverage provides a lot of protection for your cargo van. this covers damage from collision, fire, theft, vandalism and other events excluded in collision damage protection and specified perils

      • Collision Damage Protection: This coverage covers losses incurred whenever your van collides with other objects or is damaged after being involved in a traffic accident

      • specified peril (cac): the specified peril policy covers you from certain incidents listed in your plan. the scope of this protection is restricted and this does not include collisions or rollovers. the other name of this policy is against fire and theft plus combined additional coverage

        uninsured or underinsured motorist

        When another motorist causes a collision, your insurance coverage covers damages suffered by the driver, occupants, and the cargo van. But, if basic insurance doesn’t cover that car, your company will be responsible for all repair bills. Plus, even when motorists have coverage, they may not have enough, leaving you to bear the costs.

        Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance protects your business from the perils listed above. If the other motorist is at fault but has no financial option to pay for the damage, this coverage will step in.

        cargo insurance for sprinter van

        In case of accidents and items inside the cargo van are damaged, none of the above policies can provide coverage to recover losses. so don’t forget to get cargo van or sprinter van cargo insurance.

        In summary, cargo insurance will provide money equivalent to the total value of the cargo that was damaged due to a vehicle accident, fire, theft, vandalism and other mentioned perils. this policy is included in cargo van insurance or offered as a stand-alone policy.

        cargo van insurance requirements

        All cargo vans used for business must be covered with commercial auto liability insurance. The amount of coverage depends on where your pickup truck business is located.

        All cargo vans used for business must be covered with commercial auto liability insurance. The amount of coverage depends on where your pickup truck business is located.

        You may be required to obtain minimum cargo insurance coverage. Typically, most pickup truck owner-operators need to obtain $100,000 of cargo insurance to comply with licensing requirements and customer contracts.

        What happens if you transport non-hazardous but valuable cargo? If this is the case, you must meet another insurance requirement, which is the purchase of the $300,000 minimum Bodily Injury and Automobile Liability coverage.

        What if you’re renting a trailer so your cargo van can carry more cargo? In this case, you must also obtain trailer trade-in insurance that offers $100,000 bodily injury and property damage liability coverage.

        Of course, if you have an attendant or helper, workers’ compensation insurance is required. Failure to obtain workers’ compensation insurance is punishable by law. the authorities will impose fines or could even put you in jail.

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        Finally, if you deliver or ship fmcsa regulated cargo, expect to obtain a motor carrier policy or mcs-90 endorsement

        other cargo van insurance you may need

        In addition to the ones we mentioned above, you may need to obtain other insurance policies depending on the type of cargo van business you have. For example, the following insurances are very helpful if you own a cargo trucking business or a cargo van rental business.

        • general liability insurance

        • commercial property insurance

        • workers compensation insurance

        • employer’s liability insurance

        • civil liability insurance for labor practices

        • business interruption insurance

        • employee dishonesty insurance

          commercial property insurance

          Commercial property insurance ensures that you do not experience significant loss if something happens to the commercial space of your cargo van business. events such as fire, extreme weather, theft, and vandalism can destroy or damage it. The purpose of commercial property insurance is to give you money to repair or rebuild the building.

          You can make business property insurance more comprehensive by adding optional policies. These optional policies are business equipment and inventory and contents coverage.

          Business equipment coverage covers all of the valuable work tools and equipment owned by your haul truck business. If such work tools and equipment are damaged or lost due to fire, theft, and other listed perils, business equipment coverage will reimburse your losses. replacements can even be provided if such work tools and equipment are less than three years old.

          There are other valuables that your cargo van business possesses besides work tools and equipment. and the objective of the coverage of stocks and contents is to cover them. In practice, stock and contents coverage provides money if valuable items in your business are damaged due to fire, theft, vandalism, extreme weather, and other named perils.

          general liability insurance

          Someone could have an accident while on the premises of your cargo van business. Customers may also file a claim accusing your business of causing personal injury or property damage with your services. To protect yourself against such exposures, obtain general liability insurance.

          General liability insurance is a common inclusion in commercial cargo van rental insurance. This policy covers the costs if someone files a personal injury claim or a property damage claim. In particular, you can use general liability insurance to indemnify injured parties and pay defense costs.

          Like commercial property insurance, general liability insurance includes optional coverages. such optional coverages are:

          • advertising injury coverage

          • liability coverage for rented premises

            advertising injury coverage will bear all costs if your cargo van business faces a claim for defamation, slander or copyright infringement. Reputational damage claims are very expensive and many end up paying millions of dollars. therefore, it is smart to always include advertising injury coverage in general liability insurance.

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            Leased Premises Liability coverage is helpful if you are renting commercial space for your cargo van business. When the commercial space you are renting is destroyed or damaged, the landlord will surely ask for a refund. The purpose of leased premises liability coverage is to pay the landlord on your behalf.

            workers compensation insurance

            Running a cargo van business means you are employing drivers, mechanics, financial professionals, and others. Whether part-time or full-time, know that you are responsible if an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job.

            To avoid using personal funds to help the employee recover, obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Workers’ compensation insurance will cover the employee’s hospitalization, treatment, and rehabilitation.

            Some work-related injuries or illnesses will force an employee to take time off work. when an employee is unable to work, then no income is generated. and if the employee cannot generate income, paying the bills, food and other costs will be very troublesome.

            Workers’ compensation insurance also ensures that an injured employee will receive reimbursement for lost wages. In practice, a worker covered by work accident insurance receives an allowance equivalent to two-thirds of her average weekly salary.

            Some work-related injuries and illnesses can kill one of your employees. Know that workers’ compensation insurance also provides help in such a situation. in particular, it will provide death benefits that it otherwise would have provided had you chosen not to obtain coverage.

            employer’s liability insurance

            An employee could charge you with negligence after suffering a work-related injury. Negligence lawsuits against employers can be very expensive. if you lose the legal battle, expect to pay attorney fees of more than $100,000 plus settlements of more than $500,000.

            When an injured employee files a claim, employer liability insurance pays for everything on their behalf, which means attorney fees, other legal costs, and settlements with the injured party.

            By the way, employer’s liability insurance does not provide coverage if it is proven that the employee was injured due to malicious mischief or any other intentional act.

            labor practices liability insurance

            Sexual harassment, workplace discrimination, and wrongful termination are other reasons an employee may file a lawsuit against your company. employer’s liability insurance does not cover them. Instead, the insurance policy that will bear the costs of defense and settlement is labor practices liability insurance.

            employee dishonesty insurance

            Your cargo van business will incur many losses if an employee or a group of employees tamper with documents, steal or destroy money and the like, misrepresent sales, divert customer refunds to their own bank accounts, or misappropriate business funds.

            If you’re afraid of employee crimes, consider getting employee dishonesty insurance. The job of employee dishonesty insurance is to cover your losses if an employee commits the dangers we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

            business interruption insurance

            If your retail space is completely destroyed, you’ll need to suspend business operations for a while to make way for rebuilding. The same is true if you need to relocate or if your business experiences an economic crisis.

            Suspending business operations means your business won’t make any money. the problem is that there are bills, salaries, and other operating costs to deal with. And without an insurance policy to cover lost revenue, your business will be forced to use set-aside funds and will incur losses as a result.

            Business interruption insurance is very useful. This policy reimburses for lost income after your business ceases operations due to relocation, reconstruction, or economic crisis. Business interruption insurance provides just the right amount of money that you can use to pay for employee salaries, loans, mortgages, and other operating costs.

            As the current global situation right now demonstrates, pandemics can really put businesses out of business. however, while this may sound nice to you, it is important to recognize that business interruption insurance does not cover pandemics and other related events.

            cargo van insurance cost

            The typical annual cost of commercial truck insurance is $3,300 a year or $275 a month for $1 million general liability coverage. But some factors, like where you live, can influence your commercial cargo van insurance costs, as some jurisdictions need more protection than others. Below are estimates of the cost of commercial cargo van insurance in some jurisdictions:

            It’s also worth noting that even in the same jurisdiction, fees can vary significantly. Your company’s geographic coverage, employee driving records, complaints, history, and average mileage each year also influence the price. Insurance plans and limits also play a very important role.

            Rates also vary depending on whether you choose a plan with a “single claim limit” or one with a “split claim limit.” for bodily harm). The split claim policy generally has three separate dollar limits for each leg: per individual, general bodily injury, as well as total property damage. $35,000 for each individual, $70,000 in cumulative bodily damage, plus $75,000 in general property damage.

            For further reference, here is another table showing the prices of the best cargo van insurance companies:

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