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best cheap car insurance in idaho

cheapest auto insurance quotes in idaho – car owners

Idaho drivers who only want minimum liability coverage will likely find the cheapest car owners rates. we find that the average annual premium for car owners is $236 per year. That’s 45% cheaper than the state average for minimum coverage quotes.

However, if you or a member of your immediate family has served in the military, you may qualify for even cheaper insurance quotes from usaa. usaa annual rates are $25 less per year than car owners and 51% less than the average cost of minimum coverage in idaho.

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Although minimum liability coverage is the cheapest form of auto insurance, it’s usually not the best option. minimum liability policies only cover the other driver’s injuries or repairs; they do not cover any damage to your own car. To avoid costly repairs after an at-fault accident, we recommend full coverage auto insurance.

cheapest company for full coverage: car owners

car owners has the lowest quotes widely available for comprehensive coverage in idaho, charging 40% less than the state average. if you’re not from a military family and you don’t qualify for usaa, start your search with car owners.

full coverage auto insurance in idaho is $1293 a year or $108 a month.

Comprehensive coverage policies cover damage to your own car by adding collision and comprehensive coverages to your liability coverage. collision coverage pays for damage that occurs in a traffic accident; Comprehensive coverage pays for damage beyond your control, like when an animal crosses the road unexpectedly or your car sustains weather-related damage.

cheap car insurance quotes for drivers with previous incidents

Insurers set their rates based on your driving record and other factors, like your credit score. If you were recently at fault for an accident or received a citation for driving under the influence or speeding, your rates will likely be higher because insurance companies view you as a riskier driver.

cheapest car insurance for people with speeding tickets: car owners

drivers in idaho can find the lowest car insurance rates with car owners, which charges $782 per year. that’s $728 less per year than the state average. speeding tickets increase your rate by an average of $217 per year in idaho.

cheaper for drivers after an accident: car owners

If you are an idaho driver who has been involved in an at-fault accident, you can find your best rates from car owners. Insurance for idaho drivers with an at-fault accident on their record averages $1,775 per year, but car owners charge only $896, 50% less than the state average and 14% less than state farm, the next cheapest insurer.

average rates in idaho increase by 37% after an at-fault accident. In other words, a single mistake can cost you almost $500 more a year in premiums.

the cheapest car insurance for drivers with dui: american family

american family had the most affordable coverage for drivers with a dui on their record. The average fee is $1,500 per year, which is 35% less than the average fee for DUI drivers.

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driving under the influence (dui) not only puts your life at risk, but also the lives of passengers and drivers on the road. that’s why it causes rates to rise more sharply than any other driving incident. premiums for drivers with a dui increased 78%, compared to 37% for an at-fault accident and 17% for a speeding ticket.

cheapest car insurance quotes for drivers with bad credit: geico

Drivers with poor credit scores looking for the most affordable car insurance should get quotes from geico. their rates are 33% cheaper than the state average of $2,258, costing just $1,505 per year.

Your credit score may seem irrelevant to your driving skills, but insurance companies take it into account when setting their rates. In idaho, drivers with bad credit pay 75% more than drivers with average credit.

cheapest car insurance for married drivers: car owners

At $782 annually, car owners has the best rates for married drivers in idaho. Car insurance premiums are generally cheaper for married drivers because they are statistically less likely to get into accidents. Idaho drivers who are married pay $98 less per year on average for full coverage.

cheapest car insurance quotes for young drivers: farm bureau

farm bureau has the best rates for 18 year old drivers in idaho, charging $968 per year for coverage. while that’s admittedly expensive, it’s 34% cheaper than the state average and $2,025 cheaper than the most expensive insurer, farmers.

For comprehensive coverage, we recommend car owners, which offers teen drivers rates of $2,568 per year, 37% less than the average of $4,084.

young drivers in idaho pay nearly triple what drivers in their 30s pay for coverage. This is because age correlates with safer driving; the younger you are, statistically the more likely you are to have an accident. Insurers take this increased risk into account by charging young drivers higher rates and gradually lowering them as they age and gain experience on the roads.

cheapest car insurance quotes for young drivers after ticket: farm bureau

farm bureau offers the best rates to young drivers in idaho after a ticket, with average annual premiums costing $968, 42% less than the state average of $1,671.

young idaho drivers who receive a speeding citation will see their rates increase by an average of 14%, a relatively small jump, compared to the increase younger drivers face by virtue of their age .

Fortunately, young drivers won’t have to pay these higher rates forever. Car insurance becomes more affordable as you get older, and speeding tickets typically stay on your record for only three years.

cheapest car insurance for teen drivers after an accident: car owners

If you are a young driver in idaho who was in an at-fault accident, be sure to get quotes from car owners. minimum coverage with the company after an accident costs $1,132 per year, which is $655 cheaper than the state average.

Young drivers with an at-fault accident on their records pay some of the highest auto insurance rates. Median annual premiums for an 18-year-old Idaho driver increased 22% after an at-fault accident to $1,786.

best auto insurance companies in idaho

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We found the overall combination of reliable service, helpful coverage options, and affordable car owner quotes to be the best available to idaho drivers.

car owners also ranked near the top of j.d. power study, scoring 842 out of a possible 1,000 in customer satisfaction with their auto claims process. state farm and farm bureau also received excellent marks overall.

every idaho insurer in our study had a financial strength rating of am best of a- or better. this rating means that I believe they have “excellent” or “superior” ability to pay claims.

average cost of auto insurance in idaho by city

In addition to your credit score and accident history, insurers factor your location into your auto insurance rates. Depending on where you live in Idaho, your rates can vary by as much as $311 per year. Areas with more car accidents and thefts tend to have higher insurance costs, so if your city is one of those areas, you’ll likely pay more.

is car insurance expensive in idaho?

idaho is one of the cheapest states for auto insurance. our analysis found that the average cost of a full coverage policy is $1,293 per year, making idaho the fourth cheapest state in the country. this is due in part to the low percentage of uninsured drivers and low population density in idaho.

minimum requirements for auto insurance coverage in idaho

Auto insurance policies sold to idaho drivers must have the following limits:

Bodily injury liability coverage covers injuries the other driver could sustain in an accident, while property damage liability coverage pays for repairs to your property.

summary of the cheapest auto insurance in idaho


We collect thousands of idaho zip code rates for the state’s largest insurers. We use a sample controller with the following profile:

The base policy for the study was a full coverage policy with the following limits:

For our minimum coverage policy, we quote a policy with the minimum limits required in idaho. We also use minimum coverage in our sample quotes for younger drivers.

For other rate analyzes (credit score, accident history, and marital status), the base policy listed above has been toggled to reflect the new driver.

valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

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