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The average annual price to insure a recent Honda is $2,151. however, the price of insurance can vary significantly by model: a honda civic costs $436 more per year to insure than a honda odyssey.

honda car insurance: by model

do you want to buy a new slingshot? Here’s the average price of coverage for a year of auto insurance.

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honda accord insurance costs

On average, it costs $2,163 per year to insure a Honda Accord owned by a 30-year-old man in model years 2014 through 2019. However, drivers of newer Hondas can expect to pay more: It costs $2,374 to insure a 2019 Accord , 19% more than a 2014 model. We also found that an 18-year-old can expect to pay higher rates: $7,681 per year, on average.

insurance for a honda accord is moderately expensive. Honda’s largest sedan was the fourth most expensive Honda model in our analysis, costing $12 more than the overall average price we found for Honda insurance, $2,151. the accord’s coverage was $207 cheaper than honda’s other sedan, the civic, even though the accord is a larger and more expensive car.

honda civic insurance costs

The median price for a 30-year-old Honda Civic owner was $2,370, or a monthly payment of $197.50. Despite its reputation as a safe and affordable car, the Civic is the most expensive Honda car to insure. the most expensive civic model to insure is the 2019 edition: policies cost $2,502 per year. that’s 6% more than the average civic.

Among the five insurers we looked at, State Farm had the cheapest quotes for a Honda Civic, with an average annual rate of $1,642. however, we always recommend checking prices with multiple insurers when shopping for insurance, as where you live and your driving record can make a substantial difference in how much you’ll pay for auto insurance.

You can also lower the cost of insuring a honda civic by reducing or eliminating comprehensive and collision coverages. These protections pay to repair your car if it’s damaged, but can be expensive to maintain. Collision and comprehensive coverage is not required by law, so you can increase your deductible or eliminate it altogether to lower your insurance bill. however, loan companies often require you to keep them as a condition of your lease or loan, so this may not be an option until you’ve paid off your car.

honda civic type r insurance costs

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The high-performance variant of Honda’s Civic, the Civic Type R, comes with a powerful turbocharged engine and a variety of other performance upgrades. Surprisingly, we found that this car’s more powerful specs didn’t lead to higher insurance costs. Through the 2018 and 2019 model years, the Civic Type R costs an average of $2,345 per year to insure. that’s $143 less per year than the cost of insuring the same years on a regular civic.

Unfortunately, Type R insurance is much more expensive for younger drivers. An 18-year-old who wants to drive this high-performance car can expect to pay an average of $8,326 for one year of coverage. These costs are the result of the combination of a powerful engine and its use in the hands of a less experienced driver, who may not feel as comfortable behind the wheel as an older person, especially since the Civic Type R is only available as a manual transmission. /p>

honda cr-v insurance costs

the average cost of insurance for a honda cr-v is $2003 for a one year policy for a 30 year old driver. the cost to insure a cr-v is among the least expensive in honda’s current lineup: second cheapest overall behind the odyssey minivan and about 5% cheaper than the price of honda’s full-size suv , the pilot. With an MSRP of $24,350 for the 2019 CR-V LX, the cost of a CR-V is also $7,100 cheaper than the cost of a new Honda Pilot.

honda fit insurance costs

The Fit is Honda’s smallest and most affordable car, but with an annual premium of $2,117, it’s close to average in terms of insurance costs—just $34 less than the average for all models.

The older model honda fit you own, the cheaper it will be to insure. For each previous model year, the cost of insuring that car drops by about $50: a driver of a 5-year-old 2015 saves $204 compared to a driver of a 2019 model.

Teenagers can expect to pay much more for adequate coverage than adult drivers. The average price of a one-year Honda Fit insurance policy for an 18-year-old is $7,546, or 3.6 times what a 30-year-old can expect to pay.

One of the best ways to lower a teen’s car insurance bill is to share a policy with an older family member. we’ve found that the cost of insuring a teen alone is almost always substantially higher than the price of adding them to an existing policy.

honda insight insurance costs

Reintroduced in 2019 after a four-year hiatus, the insight hybrid sedan costs an average of $2,043 to insure annually for the most recent two years it was available (2014 and 2019). Honda’s answer to the Toyota Prius has some of the lowest prices we found among Honda sedans. however, its $22,930 msrp makes it the second most expensive honda sedan, behind the deal.

We found that owning a hybrid car like the Honda Insight or Chevy Spark can lead to an increase in the rates you’ll pay for car insurance, likely because adding a battery to a car’s engine makes it more complicated and expensive. repair. however, additional costs in insurance premiums may be offset by lower fuel prices.

honda odyssey insurance costs

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The average annual price of insuring a Honda Odyssey is $1,934, which is about $161 per month, the cheapest to insure of all the Honda models we surveyed. It’s also $177 cheaper to insure per year than the Honda Pilot, the only other Honda vehicle with three rows of seats.

The 2014 honda odyssey is the cheapest model year to insure, with an annual rate of $1,833. This makes the 2014 model 11% cheaper to cover than the 2019 version. This model was also the least expensive Honda to insure in our study overall.

honda pilot insurance costs

The Pilot, Honda’s largest SUV and the most expensive Honda model we reviewed, costs an average of $2,111 to insure per year. Despite the car’s high purchase price, its insurance rates are somewhere in the middle: It costs $40 less per year to insure a driver than the average vehicle we surveyed.

Unlike most of the Hondas we reviewed, the price of driver’s insurance doesn’t decrease evenly as the vehicle ages. The 2015 Pilot actually costs $103 less per year to insure than the older 2014 model. Sometimes improved safety features can lower the cost of insuring a newer model vehicle.

honda ridgeline insurance costs

The Ridgeline, Honda’s only pickup truck, costs an average of $2,274 to insure per year. however, a younger driver can expect to pay much more: the average price for an 18-year-old to insure a crest is $7,974, 3.4 times more expensive than for a 30-year-old driver.

The Ridgeline was reintroduced in 2017 after a brief hiatus, so there are no 2016 Ridgeline models. However, we did not find a substantial price difference between the last three years of Ridgeline models. Insuring a new 2019 Ridgeline only costs 3% more per year than a 2017 model.


valuepenguin’s analysis used insurance rate data from quadrant information services. These rates were obtained publicly from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only; your own quotes may be different.

We compared auto insurance rates for the nine most popular Honda models at five national insurers. We used two sample driver profiles in our study: an 18-year-old man and a 30-year-old man. Both drivers live in Austin, Texas, and have clean driving records. All insurance quotes are priced annually and have the following limits:

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