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byte is a teledentistry company that offers home alignment products and programs designed to straighten teeth faster and at a lower cost than traditional braces. appeals to people looking for a fast and affordable at-home dental alignment program.

with more than 200 licensed orthodontists and dentists in the us. In the US, byte states that they only accept people who are the right candidates for teledentistry, which typically includes patients who have minor bite issues. They do not recommend their products for people with problems such as severe overbites, open bites, overbites, malocclusion requiring surgical correction, or active tooth decay. byte dental professionals have an average of 12 years of experience with invisible aligners, according to the company.

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byte is ideal for those who do not have severe malocclusion (imperfect position of the teeth), are comfortable taking impressions at home and working with a dental professional remotely to monitor their progress, want a short treatment of a few months and are looking for a more affordable option compared to competitive braces or clear aligners.

how does the byte work?

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Established in 2017, the byte product line includes an all-day aligner for 22 hours each day and a “byte-at-night” system as an alternative to the all-day aligner (only for use during 10 p.m. at night). Included in each aligner kit is the optional hyperbyte technology device, which is worn for five minutes a day in conjunction with the day or night aligner. the timeline for the day aligner is three to four months, while the night system aligner promises a straighter smile in five to six months.

hyperbyte is byte’s patented high-frequency vibration (hfv) therapy technology that aims to achieve faster, more precise results with less discomfort. It works by transmitting gentle micropulses through the roots of the teeth and the bone that surrounds them. byte hfv therapy is fda approved as a class ii medical device and should only be used for five minutes per day.

the byte process begins with the impression of your smile at home. byte sends you an impression kit with instructions and, upon receipt of your impressions, a 3d visualization of the current state of your smile and how it will look after treatment with byte.

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once you’ve purchased your modeling kit and shipped your impressions, expect your aligners to arrive four to six weeks after an orthodontist reviews your impressions and creates the 3d visualization of your bite. You’ll also be able to log into your online byte account center to see “before and after” pictures of how your teeth will progress.

As stated above, you have the option of using a day or night aligner. adding hyperbyte to your treatment plan will shorten your overall treatment time – the technology allows you to achieve a straighter smile in as little as three to four months. byte states on their website that if they determine that you are not the right candidate for their alignment system, you will receive a full refund for the cost of the kit.

You receive your custom aligners in the mail, progressing under the guidance of a dental professional at a rate of about one new aligner per week. You’ll be in communication with a dental professional while uploading photos every three to four weeks of your progress to your online account center.

Upon completion of treatment, wear a byte retention device full-time for the first two weeks. from there, you can wear your retainer at night and replace it once a year.

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