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The average cost to insure a 2022 Audi is $3,413 per year for a full coverage policy, according to valuepenguin research. but the price varies depending on the model of audi you are considering and the insurer you choose.

the cheapest audi to insure is the q3 crossover suv, which costs $2,768 per year. It’s closely followed by the a8 sedan, a3 sedan, and the e-tron electric SUV, which costs less than $3,000 a year to insure.

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state farm offers the cheapest insurance prices for Audi owners, with an average price 40% below average. geico, nationwide and usaa also offer lower than average rates.

compare audi insurance costs by model and insurance company:

audi insurance rates by model

The Audi Q3, a compact SUV, is the cheapest Audi to insure. this vehicle has an average price of $2,768 per year with full coverage. Audi’s top-end supercar, the R8, is the most expensive, priced at $4,895 a year. That’s not surprising, given that the car starts at $148,700 and has a top speed of over 200 miles per hour.

compare rates

Each driver’s insurance rate will be different. Insurers consider your age, where you live, and your driving record. We always recommend comparing quotes from multiple insurance companies to find the best rate.

audi insurance rates by company

state farm offers the lowest rates on auto insurance for Audi owners, averaging $2,044 per year for comprehensive coverage on a 2022 model year. That’s 40% less than the overall average rate ($3,413) and 68% less than the most expensive insurer, allstate ($6,359).

geico, nationwide, and usaa are also affordable options, all offering average rates below $3,000 per year.

audi q3 insurance rates

With an annual insurance cost of $2,768, the audi q3 is the most affordable audi model to insure. That’s not surprising, since it’s the smallest and cheapest SUV Audi makes. q3 is $510 per year less expensive to insure than q5.

The cheapest insurer for q3 is state farm, where a policy costs only $1,755 a year, 37% less than the average price to insure a q3 in general.

audi q5 insurance prices

the average price to insure an audi q5 is $3,278 per year. That makes it Audi’s second most expensive SUV to insure, behind only the Q8.

however, the q5 is still a bit cheaper than average to insure compared to all audis, at $135 per year, or 5%.

The most affordable insurance company to cover a q5 is state farm, where the average price is $1,792 per year. that’s 45% cheaper than the average of all insurers.

audi q7 insurance rates

At $3,275 per year, the audi q7 suv is about average among audis when it comes to insurance prices. It’s slightly cheaper to insure than the smaller Q5, but far less expensive than Audi’s full-size premium model, the Q8.

Drivers looking to lower the cost of their insurance may want to consider an older model: A 2018 Q7 costs more than $500 less to insure than a newer model.

The cheapest option to insure a q7 is state farm, where the average price is $1,998 per year. That’s a 39% savings compared to the overall average.

audi q8 insurance quotes

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Audi’s biggest and most expensive SUV is also its most expensive to insure. The average rate for a new Audi Q8 is $3,551 per year. That’s about $800 a year more than the cost of insuring the Q3, Audi’s least expensive sport utility vehicle.

With a starting price of $70,800, it’s no surprise the premium suv has a high cost of insurance to match.

But drivers can save money on their insurance by purchasing a state farm policy. the average price there is just $2,006 a year for full coverage, saving you 44% off the average rate.

audi e-tron insurance prices

audi’s first electric vehicle, the e-tron, is among the most affordable cars to insure. The average price is $2,984 per year for full coverage, which is 13% less than the average among all Audis.

It costs a little less to insure the e-tron than a tesla y model. Insuring Tesla’s smallest electric crossover costs $3,057 per year.

usaa is the most affordable option for insuring the e-tron, where the average price is $1,901 per year, or 36% less than average.

audi a3 insurance quotes

With an average insurance cost of $2,937 per year, the a3 is the second cheapest Audi sedan to insure and 15% less expensive than an average Audi.

the a3 is the cheapest audi you can buy, with an msrp of $34,800 for 2022. but it’s more expensive to insure than audi’s other entry-level vehicle, the q3 suv. ATVs often have lower insurance rates because the driver’s point of view is higher and they are more visible on the road.

The cheapest insurer for A3 is state farm, where the average price is $1,614 per year.

audi a4 insurance rates

the average cost to insure an a4 sedan is $3,365 per year. That’s 2% cheaper than the average rate on all Audi vehicles.

the a4 is available in sedan and crossover variants, but the sedan is the most affordable option, starting at $39,900.

We recommend state farm as the cheapest option for the a4, with an average price of $1,755 per year. that represents a 48% savings over the typical insurer.

audi a5 insurance quotes

The average annual price to insure an Audi A5 is $3,454 per year, or about $288 per month. That makes it the second most expensive Audi car in the A-series to insure, though it’s only $41 more per year than the average Audi model overall.

we calculate rates for the least expensive coupe variant, starting at $46,000. the cost of insuring the most expensive four-door sportback can vary.

usaa is the cheapest company with which you can insure your a5, where the average rate is $1,901 per year. But state farm costs only a few dollars more, at $1,907 per year, and unlike the US. In the US, it is available to people who are not affiliated with the military.

audi a6 insurance price

The average price to insure an Audi A6 sedan is $3,394 per year, or $283 per month, which makes it slightly cheaper to insure than the average Audi.

however, the a6 is much cheaper than the a7, even though the only difference between the two is the a7’s more aggressively styled roofline. choose the a6 and you’ll save $832 per year on insurance alone, not to mention the $13,000 difference in price.

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The cheapest option to insure an A6 is geico, where the average price is $1,874 per year. that’s 45% less than the overall average rate.

audi a7 insurance quotes

The A7 is the most expensive Audi A-series car to insure and the second most expensive overall, with an average price of $4,226 per year. that’s 23% higher than the average price across all models.

The only Audi model that’s more expensive to insure is the R8, a two-seat supercar that’s twice as expensive and can drive 200 mph.

drivers looking for a cheaper insurance bill should consider the a6. The two cars are very similar, with the main difference being the a7’s aggressively styled sportback roofline (and a much higher price tag).

The most affordable insurer for the A7 is progressive, where the average price is $2,327 per year. that’s 45% less than the average for all insurers.

audi a8 insurance prices

an audi a8 costs $2,888 per year to insure, on average. That’s 16% less than the average across all Audi models.

While the full-size A8 sedan is among Audi’s most expensive models to buy (MSRP $86,500), it’s among the cheapest to insure: only the entry-level Q3 SUV is more affordable. More expensive cars can sometimes be cheaper to insure if they provide more protection for their occupants, either by virtue of their larger size or more advanced safety features.

Drivers can get an even better deal if they buy their insurance from state farm, where the average price is $1,356 a year, 53% less than the average rate.

audi r8 insurance rates

The Audi R8 supercar costs $4,895 per year to insure, making it the most expensive Audi model to insure overall and about 42% more expensive than the average Audi.

The two-seat R8 is also the most expensive Audi to buy, with an MSRP of $148,700. it’s also the fastest audi: the 2022 r8 has a top speed of 204 mph.

The cheapest insurer for the r8 is geico, with an average quote of $1,733. that’s 65% less expensive than the overall average rate.

audi r8 owners may also consider luxury car insurance, which is designed for collectors and owners of high-end cars. luxury auto insurance can include things like coverage to display at a car show ⁠, while keeping rates low because the cars aren’t driven as often as a commuter.

audi tt insurance quotes

audi’s comparatively reasonably priced sports car, the tt coupe, costs $3,353 per year to insure. That’s $60 per year less than the average Audi overall and more than $1,500 per year cheaper than the R8, Audi’s other sports car.

the tt coupe starts at $50,500 per year, but the convertible model will increase the price. convertibles also generally cost more to insure, as they are easier to break or damage.

the cheapest insurer for an audi tt is usaa, where the average price is just $1,901 a year. however, usaa is only available to individuals affiliated with the military; if you’re not eligible, state farm rates are only slightly higher, with an average rate of $1,930 per year.


To calculate the average cost of insurance for an Audi, we gathered thousands of quotes for a sample driver living in Texas: a 30-year-old male with a recent, clean driving record and average credit. rates are based on a full coverage policy with the following limits:

This analysis used insurance rate data from Quadrant Information Services. Quotes referenced were publicly obtained from insurer filings and should be used for comparison purposes only. unless otherwise noted, quotes are for base trim level. actual rates for your audi model may differ.

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