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A psychiatrist is someone who completed medical school and then went on to train in psychiatry.

specialize in treating the physical and mental symptoms of behavioral health disorders.

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Without insurance, a person can expect to pay between $80 and $200 on average per session with a psychiatrist.

However, the initial evaluation, which includes the diagnostic process, can cost up to $500.

In this article, I will cover what psychiatrists do and how the cost of treatment is determined.

You can also learn tips for getting insurance and how to find a discount or alternative treatment.

what is a psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has completed an additional four years of medical training in psychiatry.

specialize in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of substance use disorders and mental illnesses.

Because of their extensive training, psychiatrists are qualified to assess the mental and physical symptoms that accompany psychological disorders.

There are many reasons why people seek the help of a psychiatrist.

Examples of situations where a psychiatrist can help include:

  • panic attacks
  • hallucinations
  • suicidal thoughts
  • hear voices
  • severe sadness
  • hopelessness
  • constant anxiety
  • severe mood swings
  • eating disorders
  • cost of a psychiatrist without insurance

    The cost of seeing a psychiatrist without insurance depends on several factors, including where you live, the type of treatment you need, and other factors.

    Under the Affordable Care Act, all health insurance plans must cover some behavioral health services.

    however, coverage may be limited. With or without insurance, you may have to pay some out-of-pocket costs.

    The initial consultation is usually a longer visit that may involve the psychiatrist taking your vital signs, running lab work, and conducting psychological testing to better understand and treat your condition.

    Because the initial visit is longer, it can cost between $300 and $500.

    After a diagnosis, the psychiatrist will review a treatment plan with you that includes what type of therapy will be used, how many sessions will likely be needed, and if any medications will be prescribed.

    The following treatment sessions can vary in price between $80 and $200 on average.

    factors that affect the price of a psychiatrist

    There are several factors that affect how much a psychiatrist charges for their services.

    Let’s look at those factors now.

    type of psychiatrist

    The experience of the psychiatrist can play a large role in how much they charge for treatment sessions.

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    Those who have worked in the mental health field for a long time can earn more than those who haven’t worked as many years.

    Also, past experience can create a better reputation in the professional community.

    Some psychiatrists seek further education or training in particular areas.

    Specializing in one area can also lead to higher costs for treatment.

    Some specialties include working with a specific group of people, for example, children or the elderly.

    Some psychiatrists specialize in particular disorders such as schizophrenia.

    treatment costs may fluctuate depending on the demand for that specific specialty.


    The location of the psychiatrist can also be a factor in how much they charge for their services.

    For example, in major cities, a psychiatrist may charge more due to the cost of living; psychiatrists may also charge more due to demand if they are in an area where not many other psychiatrists work.

    Not only does the geographic location of the psychiatrist affect the cost, but where they work can also be a factor.

    Some psychiatrists work in clinics, schools, hospitals, or other organizations.

    In these situations, the cost of treatment is set by the governing body they work for.

    A psychiatrist who has a private practice will set prices according to what other psychiatrists in the area charge.

    services provided

    Along with psychiatric tests, a psychiatrist also looks at the physical symptoms you experience.

    Some mental health disorders stem from medical conditions.

    Because a psychiatrist is also a doctor, they can help you with both.

    Services provided may include laboratory tests and a complete physical exam. these tests will have a cost apart from the cost of the visit.

    Once a diagnosis is made, the psychiatrist may determine that you would benefit from medication. if so, they can write you a prescription for the new drug.

    treatment plan

    Once the diagnosis is made, the psychiatrist will determine your treatment plan.

    This may include psychotherapy (talk therapy), taking medication, or other forms of treatment, such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

    There are different types of psychotherapy available.

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    no type is better than another; however, the psychiatrist will choose the type of therapy based on the condition and circumstances.

    Some psychotherapies focus more on the past, while others focus more on the present.

    Some of the more common therapies include:

    • psychodynamic therapy helps you better understand yourself by uncovering and dealing with unconscious conflicts.
      • interpersonal therapy helps improve relationships with those around you and your ability to relate to others.
        • cognitive therapy helps you recognize thought patterns that are ineffective or harmful and teaches you how to change them.
          • behavioral therapy helps you understand harmful or inappropriate behaviors and how you can replace them with positive ones.
          • tips to save money at a psychiatrist

            If the cost of seeing a psychiatrist is more than you can afford, there are some alternatives you can consider for mental health care.

            For those who need to see a psychiatrist, here are some tips for finding free or low-cost options.

            find insurance that covers psychiatry

            There are several ways to get insurance to help cover psychiatric treatment.

            • Medicaid is a combined federal-state program to help provide insurance coverage to low-income people. they are the largest insurance group in the us. eligibility is determined by income, family size and other factors.
              • Medicare is a federal program that provides health insurance to people age 65 and older, along with younger people who have long-term disabilities, such as ALD or kidney failure. In addition, some of their plans cover inpatient and outpatient mental health services.
                • The Affordable Care Act Marketplace is where you can search for health insurance plans or see if you qualify to switch plans. these plans are required to cover mental health services, including psychotherapy.
                  • Young Adult coverage is for people under the age of 26. If you fall into this category, you may be able to stay on your parent’s health insurance plan, which may cover mental health services.
                    • Student health insurance may be available if you are enrolled in a university, college, or other educational institution. Sometimes these facilities also offer free or reduced-cost psychiatric services.
                      • Employee assistance programs are sometimes available through your job. Some companies offer access to mental health services, often for free. check with your human resources department to see if this is available to you.
                      • look for a sliding fee scale

                        Some psychologists offer sliding scale fees based on income. these are typically psychologists in private practice.

                        doing this method helps them be successful by being able to treat a wide variety of people.

                        Those who can afford to pay more help cover the cost of those who might not otherwise be able to afford treatment.

                        Most therapists don’t want to turn people away simply because they can’t afford treatment.

                        Sliding scales vary by psychiatrist and their website will usually mention if this is something they offer. but even if they don’t advertise this, it never hurts to ask.

                        choosing a psychiatrist online

                        Telehealth services have greatly expanded and become much easier since covid-19.

                        From the comfort of your home, you can chat live online with a psychiatrist.

                        They can conduct psychotherapy online and write you prescriptions. sometimes this method is also more affordable.

                        psychiatrist alternatives

                        If you’re interested in mental health services, psychiatrists aren’t the only ones who can help.

                        There are other professionals who are also trained to help with certain mental health needs.

                        • On-campus support: If you attend a college or university, your school may provide free or very low-cost mental health services. check with the campus clinic to find out if these services are offered.
                        • Group therapy or support groups: Group therapy or support groups are other options for some mental health conditions. Talking in a group with others who are going through the same problems as you, along with a trained facilitator, can be very helpful.
                        • develop healthy coping skills: It is also important to build good coping skills into your daily routine. get enough sleep each night and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. eat a balanced diet and get your body moving a few times a week.
                        • when to see a psychiatrist

                          Professional psychiatric help should be sought if you or a loved one is experiencing mental or emotional problems.

                          An evaluation by a family doctor or psychiatrist can help identify if you need medication or more help.

                          A person experiencing one or more of the following warning signs should be evaluated as soon as possible to begin taking steps toward better health:

                          • personality change
                          • weird or great ideas
                          • inability to perform daily activities or cope with problems
                          • excessive anxiety
                          • severe depression or apathy
                          • thoughts of suicide or self-harm
                          • extreme mood swings
                          • changes in eating or sleeping patterns
                          • drug or alcohol abuse
                          • extreme anger, hostility, or violent behavior
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