Paediatricians in Singapore (2019): Consultation Fees at Top Kids&x27 Clinics

Few things worry a parent as much as when a child gets sick. the younger the child, the greater the concern, especially since he still cannot speak and will not be able to tell you exactly where it hurts.

The fear also comes from the horror stories you hear of little ones who have been brought down by seemingly innocent coughs and colds. having a family pediatrician can ease your heart.

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pediatricians & clinics for children in singapore (2019)

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paediatricians in central singapore

thomson pediatric center ($70 to $160)

dr. eugene han from the tmc branch of this clinic is a baby charmer. many Singaporean moms can’t stop talking about her bedside manners and holistic approach. It helps that his clinical interests are in the common ailments asthma, allergy, and chronic cough. Due to its popularity, you may have to wait in line to see it, so try to go outside of peak hours.

address: thomson medical center (339 thomson road, #06-05, singapore 307677)contact number: 6259 7667

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sbcc infants and children clinic (mount elizabeth ninth specialist center) ($80 – $120)

Dr. natalie epton is another star pd who works at mount e novena specialty center. If you have a premature baby or in a neonatal ICU, she is the specialist you can trust with your baby’s care. As a mom of 3 children, she is said to be a calming influence on both parents and babies.

address: 38 irrawaddy road, mount elizabeth novena specialist center #05-46/47, singapore 329563contact number: 6255 5017

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sbcc baby and child clinic (gleneagles medical center) (from $80 – $150)

the sbcc infant and toddler clinic has another outlet at gleneagles medical center. receives glowing reports from parents. dr ratna sridjaja understands the concerns of parents and will endeavor to return the calls of anxious mothers. Parents praise her responsive and caring demeanor.

address: 6 napier road, #09-05, gleneagles medical center, singapore 258499contact number: 6235 6706

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children’s clinic (paragon) ($80 to $100)

Children’s bodies are small and delicate, and they should not be overmedicated. for this reason, moms like dr. sivasankaran of the children’s clinic in paragon because he doesn’t over-medicate his children and then charge them an arm and a leg for the drugs.

address: 290 orchard road, paragon, #07-02/03, singapore 238859​contact number: 6732 4718

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kinder clinic (ninth) ($80 – $100)

dr. pradeep raut prakash, who works in both the children’s clinic (ninth) and parkway east branch, specializes in neonatology. If he has a premature baby, he can provide the care he needs.

address: 38 irrawaddy road, #04-23 mt. elizabeth novena, singapore 329563contact number: 6268 5441

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paediatricians in eastern singapore

children’s clinic (parkway east) (from $100 – $120)

Located inside Parkway East Hospital is another branch of Kinder Clinic. Specialists at this clinic such as Dr Cheng Tai Kin specialize in neonatology and the care of premature babies who require intensive care.

address: parkway east medical center, 319 joo chiat place, # 03-04, singapore 427989contact number: 6446 7100

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kindergarten clinic (parade on the avenue) (from $80 – $100)

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dr. Vasanthi Rajalingam at Kinder Clinic Parkway Parade has decades of experience and receives rave reviews for his warmth and skill in his work. his special interest includes pediatric hematology and oncology. but knock on wood, we hope you never need those specialties.

address: parkway parade shopping mall, 80 marine parade road, #05-10/11, singapore, 449269contact number: 6342 4821

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dr. anita’s children’s clinic (from $80 – $160)

the clinic for children of dr. Anita Menon looks unassuming and is located in a quiet spot between some bars in the Siglap area. Behind those doors is a “miracle worker,” as some moms call her. she regularly appears in the media and is good with both babies and older children. she does not accept walk-ins, so please call ahead to make an appointment.

address: 691 east coast road, singapore 459057contact number: 6636 3460 / 6636 1825

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paediatricians in north east singapore

sbcc baby & children’s clinic (rivervale) ($60 – $95)

among the doctors at sbcc rivervale is dr. alison joanne lee, who specializes in caring for children with asthma, eczema, food allergies, and allergic rhinitis. she herself has two children.

address: blk 118 rivervale drive, #02-20 rivervale plaza singapur 540118contact number: 6875 3927

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anthony’s baby & children’s clinic ($60 – $180)

doctor chee in anthony’s baby & the children’s clinic is highly praised for being child-friendly and accessible. At the clinic, you’ll see a big playhouse and little patients are treated to cookies and candy for cooperating.

address: 327 hougang ave 5, #01-160 singapore 530327contact number: 6280 2122

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thomson pediatric center (serangoon) ($90 – $140)

Dr. Grace Lim Cy of the Thomson Children’s Center is a mother figure. she advocates for breastfeeding as well as a healthy diet and lifestyle. She likes to share parenting tips and medical information on her own Facebook page: Dr Grace Lim Cy.

address: 253 serangoon central drive, #01-235, singapore 550253contact number: 6280 1000

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paediatricians in western singapore

thomson pediatric center ($80 – $160)

Conveniently located on the fourth floor of jem, the thomson pediatric center on jurong gateway road is led by dr. Theodric Lee, who specializes in children’s respiratory conditions, including asthma, allergies, and chronic coughs, as well as children’s sleep problems.

address: 50 jurong gateway road, #04-18 jem, singapore 608549contact number: 6665 1000

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children’s clinic (pandan valley) ($80 – $120)

at the children’s clinic (pandan valley), dr. lee chien yee specializes in pediatric dermatology and dr justin tan specializes in rheumatology (the study of rheumatism, arthritis, and other disorders of the joints, muscles, and ligaments). she may choose to consult for symptoms of eczema or problems related to the joints and muscles.

address: 2 pandan valley #01-212 acacia court, singapore 597626 contact number: 6465 3050

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kidslink children’s clinic (jurong) ($55 – $85)

dr. heng joo teck at kidslink children’s clinic at jurong east street 31 is highly recommended by parents on various parenting forums for being jovial and patient.

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address: 351 jurong east street 31, #01-91, singapore 600351contact number: 6567 5600

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paediatricians in northern singapore

sbcc baby & children’s clinic (ang mo kio) ($65 – $100)

you can’t miss the sbcc baby & children’s clinic in ang mo kio. It constantly has long lines. a few years ago, dr. Eugene Han practiced at this clinic. now, parents request dr. goh han meng. Wait times are long at this clinic, but parents don’t mind careful and detailed checkups.

address: blk 721 ang mo kio ave 8 #01-2805 singapore 560721contact number: 6456 8874

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sbcc baby & children’s clinic (bishan) ($60 – $85)

Dr. adeline wong at sbcc bishan she worked at raffles medical hospital for three years before working as a consultant pediatrician at sbcc bishan. She has a background in pediatric cardiology, neonatal care, and childhood emergencies.

address: blk 279 bishan st 24 #01-50, singapore 570279 contact number: 6453 3933

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glow baby & clinic specialized in children (united plaza) ($80 – $125)

dr. ong woon hong in aglow baby & the children’s clinic has many positive reviews from parents. they like his friendly, gracious manner and personalized attention, like how he goes to the trouble of calling and sending his patients himself.

address: 101 thomson rd, united square #02-09, singapore 307591contact number: 6259 9554

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go to polyclinic vs private pediatrician

How to choose between a private pediatrician and a private general practitioner or a polyclinic doctor?

Well, technically, every baby is assigned a pediatrician after delivery. the gynecologist who delivered your baby will refer someone, probably from the same hospital, to check on your baby before you are discharged. after that, it’s your choice if you want to go back to the hospital to see this pediatrician.

One of the main differences between public and private health care is cost. consultation fees at a polyclinic range from $6.90 to $15, and medications are subsidized. consultation with a pd starts from $80 (repeat visits), so it’s definitely not a small expense. consultation with a private GP falls somewhere in the middle.

if you go to a pd, you will be paying for the experience of someone specialized in child care. they usually work in children’s clinics which are usually designed to distract and entertain young children so that checkups can be done in the least traumatic way.

Although it used to take years to see a doctor in polyclinics, today the facilities and services are much better. Sometimes you won’t have to wait as long to see a doctor as with ultra-popular pediatricians like Dr Eugene Han. You can also book online to choose a time so you don’t have to wait at the polyclinic with your sick baby.

In addition, you may find specialized rooms designed for vaccination of children in polyclinics that are as colorful and well designed as private children’s clinics. compulsory vaccinations against diseases such as hepatitis b, mmr, tuberculosis, are also fully subsidized in polyclinics. the nurses who administer these vaccines will also perform free developmental checks.

generally if it’s a routine wellness checkup and vaccination the nurses and gps at the polyclinics are as good as any pd. also good for your garden variety’s cough and cold.

If your baby is especially fragile (was born premature, has congenital health problems, or has been sick for a while), you can feel more secure with a trusted pd with whom you establish a family relationship.

Generally, the younger the child, the more you want someone who is an expert in childcare. by k1 or k2, your child can start going to a private doctor or a polyclinic.

Do you have a good pediatrician to recommend? tell us in the comments below!

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