How Much Does a Brain Scan Cost? Average Out-of-Pocket Costs

key takeaways:

  • Inpatient procedures are often more expensive than outpatient tests.
  • The cost of a brain scan varies depending on the type of scan, contrast, sedatives, and more.
  • A whole-body MRI may be better at detecting abnormalities, such as tumors, than a CT scan. both can be used for brain scans.
  • Wondering if you have an abnormality related to your brain is quite worrying. even more stressful is figuring out how to pay for the brain scan to detect those abnormalities.

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    If you have symptoms such as headaches, seizures, muscle weakness, etc., it is not uncommon for your doctor to order a brain scan to find out the causes.

    It’s also natural to worry about the cost of brain scans, considering all the different prices you can see online. Let’s look at the average brain scan costs and why this may vary.

    factors that determine the average cost of brain scans

    Imaging tests provide your doctor with a picture of the brain and can show possible causes of symptoms: cysts, tumors, swellings, aneurysms, etc.

    The most common imaging tests for a brain scan are computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). however, the cost of a brain scan varies depending on the type of imaging test, the body part to be scanned, the facility and location of your scan, and your insurance plan.

    the cost disparity in health care in the us. uu. it means that each facility may charge differently for a brain scan.

    The average cost of a brain CT scan can range from $825 to $4,800, while the cost of a brain MRI tends to range from $1,600 to $8,400 on average.

    Hospitals tend to charge more for a scan than an independent facility. For a general CT scan, you can pay about $525 in an outpatient imaging facility, but up to $4,750 in an inpatient setting.

    1. contrast

    Another factor that can increase the cost of a brain scan is if it uses contrast. the contrast agent is a chemical dye that helps highlight some areas within the brain. in case of computed tomography, iodine compounds or barium sulfate are used as contrast dyes. in case of MRI, gadolinium is the main component of the dye.

    For a brain scan with contrast, you will be given the contrast agent some time before the scan through an injection. having a brain scan with contrast will increase your cost by $100 to $300.

    2. sedatives

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    A scanner is usually shaped like a tunnel, and you’ll have to spend anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour while the machine captures images of your brain.

    If you’re claustrophobic or can’t stand the loud noise an MRI machine often makes, your radiologist may give you a dose of a mild sedative. this generally increases the price to between $125 and $400 per scan.

    how much does a brain scan cost? deal with insurance

    If you have a high-deductible insurance plan, you may be charged $1,000 or more for a scan. however, this brings you closer to meeting your deductible, at which point your out-of-pocket costs will be reduced.

    In addition, insurance plans often include an out-of-pocket limit. Finally, many insurance plans also require a doctor’s referral and insurance approval for some scans.

    If you are dealing directly with the imaging center, you may be able to pay cash for your brain scan at a reduced price. This is because they will not have to deal with their insurance company. however, ask a facility about this option rather than assuming they will offer it to you.

    At ezra, we provide you with a complete and hassle-free scanning experience. From helping you get a referral from a healthcare professional to helping you understand your scan results, a dedicated care team will be with you every step of the way.

    We offer transparent pricing and you can pay for your scan with your fsa/hsa dollars. That way, you can use pre-tax dollars for an EZRA full body scan, making it even cheaper.

    When should a brain scan be done?

    When you experience any of the persistent symptoms, such as seizures, blurred vision, dizziness, muscle weakness, worsening of speech, progressive hearing loss, and headaches, see a healthcare professional as soon as possible. your doctor may order a brain scan.

    It’s natural to expect the worst when asked to have a brain scan. But you need to understand that a brain scan can give your health care team a detailed picture of potential problems and give you a head start on your treatment.

    A brain scan can help you and your health care team plan a treatment regimen when a disease is in its early stages.

    What can a brain scan tell you?

    a brain scan, which uses powerful imaging tests such as computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging, can help health professionals understand the causes of episodes of fainting, seizures, blurred vision, dizziness, weakness muscular pain, slurred speech, hearing loss, and persistent headaches.

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    These symptoms may signify a deeper medical problem that can range from infections, traumatic injuries, to multiple sclerosis, brain tissue atrophy, a brain tumor, or something else.

    What is the difference between an MRI and a CT scan?

    Both MRI and CT are powerful imaging tests. both are non-invasive. however, they work differently.

    A CT scan, or CT scan, uses x-rays to form pictures of the inside of your body. An MRI uses a combination of magnetic field and radio waves to form images. There is always a risk of exposure to x-ray radiation and the possible later development of cancer with a CT scan, while MRIs are considered relatively safe.

    CT scans are usually faster, taking about 15 minutes to complete. mris lasts from 1 to 4 hours depending on the type of scan. Depending on the situation, MRIs can be more accurate and produce better images than CT scans.

    stay in control of your health with a full body ezra

    At ezra, we believe the best way to stay ahead of medical problems is to catch them early. To do this, we developed EZRA Full Body, an approximately 60-minute full body MRI service that is designed to detect abnormalities within your body.

    The information you could gain from a full body screening test with ezra has the potential to help you find problems that may be lurking inside your body sooner.

    full-body ezra is an approximately one-hour full-body MRI scan that scans up to 13 organs, including the brain. With this scan, ezra offers a 45-minute post-scan consultation with a medical provider, a personal care advisor, and a mid-year check-in.

    ezra offers consistent and transparent pricing on their scans. With locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sarasota, and Miami, we’ve partnered with some of the best names in diagnostic imaging services to bring you concierge service and satisfaction.

    the ezra full body is $1,950 or $180 per month, and the ezra full body plus is $2,350 or $220 per month. Full Body Plus includes an LDCT (low-dose computed tomography) chest CT scan, coronary calcium score, and an intravenous contrast-enhanced prostate scan. scanning is ultra-sensitive, accurate, fast, safe and painless.

    We also offer three-year and five-year plans at a significant discount.

    Join hundreds of others who are taking control of their health. book your scan today.

    The more you know about your body, the more you can make the right treatment decisions. If you want to understand your risk factors in just five minutes, take our risk assessment quiz.

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