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The cost of a doctor’s visit depends on the type of insurance you have. If you don’t have insurance, the cost of a doctor’s visit typically ranges from $300 to $600, but prices can vary based on a number of factors, including lab tests, where you seek care, and procedures performed at the visit.

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the cost of a visit to the doctor without insurance

The price you pay to see a doctor depends on whether you have health insurance and what your insurance plan covers. the cost will also vary based on several factors, including but not limited to:

  • the type of doctor you see (primary care doctor or specialist)
  • where do you seek care
  • treatment needed
  • if you need lab tests
  • if you are a new or returning patient
  • In the table below, we outline the average cost of seeing different specialists if paid without insurance. Please note that the price may vary depending on the factors mentioned above.

    cost of a visit to the doctor for different specialists without insurance

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    Source: Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Household Component, 2016

    Also, if you’re a new patient to the doctor you’re seeing, you’ll likely be charged a “new patient fee.” This is because the provider will need to perform a comprehensive exam that takes longer than a routine appointment. the estimated national average cost of an office visit for a new patient without insurance is $357.

    the cost of a visit to the doctor with insurance

    The American Medical Association has published a list of codes used to report medical, surgical, and diagnostic procedures and services. These are the different charges that a doctor may list when seeing a patient and submitting them for billing. The prices in the table below are the prices insurance companies process to determine what you are responsible for paying.

    cost (copayment) of a doctor’s visit to different specialists by type of insurance

    **pediatric estimate not shown for medicare due to small sample size.

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    Source: Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, Household Component, 2016

    private insurance

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    If you have private insurance, the price you pay to see a doctor will depend on the type of plan you have, your copay, coinsurance, and deductible.

    If you haven’t met your deductible, you’re expected to pay the full price the insurance company agrees to reimburse the medical provider, usually between $100 and $400.

    If you’ve met your deductible, the copay to see a primary care doctor is typically $15-$25, while the copay to see a specialist can be $30-$50.

    It is important to note that your insurance will not cover many services until you meet your deductible. therefore, you may have to pay full out-of-pocket prices for services if you haven’t yet met your deductible. Some services, however, may still be covered before you meet your deductible, depending on your insurance plan.

    Even after you meet your deductible, if your doctor orders lab tests from an outside lab, you may be charged for those tests directly from the lab. It’s also important to use in-network providers, as some insurance plans will charge higher rates or not cover out-of-network providers at all.

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