Dental Costs With and Without Insurance

everyone needs dental care at some point. however, not everyone wants to pay for insurance coverage. you have probably thought about the costs associated with proper treatment. If you’re considering covering dental out-of-pocket costs for treatment, it’s important to know the costs of common procedures. While avoiding the upfront costs of purchasing a dental insurance plan may seem cost effective, having a great dental plan can greatly reduce your overall cost of care.


Common inspection and cleaning costs vary. Dentists charge different fees depending on your situation and where you live. in most places, an average checkup costs about $288, which covers an exam, x-rays, and cleaning.

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Fillings, while more expensive than basic dental checkups, correct cavities and protect the future health of the mouth. most filler treatments have stable prices in the following ranges:

  • $50 to $150 for a single silver amalgam filling.
  • $90 to $250 for a single tooth-colored composite filling.
  • $250 to $4,500 for a single porcelain or fused gold filling.
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    In most cases, prices can increase if a filling is “hard to reach.” a back molar, impacted tooth, or other complications can cost more than a simple filling for a front tooth.

    dental extractions

    “Non-surgical” extractions and “surgical” extractions are necessary when a tooth cannot be repaired. Treatment costs depend on the length and difficulty of the visit. In general, both surgical and non-surgical extractions require anesthesia. average tooth extraction cost:

    • $75 to $300 for non-surgical extraction of a tooth with erupted gums.
    • $150 to $650 for a surgical removal using anesthesia.
    • $185 to $600 for soft tissue and complicated surgical extractions.
    • $75 to $200 for wisdom teeth removal.
    • Impacted teeth can also increase costs up to $600, depending on the location of the tooth.


      While fillings are necessary to block internal damage to a tooth, crowns protect the “outer area” of a tooth. Crown placement typically follows root canal treatment and the cost of a crown is tied to the base material. crowns can vary widely depending on the materials used and subsequently the cost:

      • an average of $328 per resin crown.
      • an average of $821 per porcelain fused crown.
      • an average of $776 for a single high noble metal full cast crown.
      • root canals

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        Root canal treatment and “root cutting” of the impacted tooth are used in patients with exposed, infected, or damaged tooth roots. In most cases, root canal costs are related to the difficulty of the procedure.

        • an average of $120 for a single exposed root removal procedure.
        • an average of $185 for a single residual tooth root extraction procedure.
        • Does dental insurance save money?

          Dental services can be expensive. many patients try to avoid dental expenses by avoiding dental insurance altogether. While dental insurance coverage typically requires a monthly or annual premium and some upfront costs or copays, in most cases, dental insurance actually lowers a person’s overall dental costs. patients with “average” dental plans can reduce their costs by the following amounts:

          • 100 percent of the costs for annual routine care.
          • 80 percent of the costs for fillings, basic procedures, and root canals.
          • 50 percent of the cost of bridges, crowns and other major procedures.
          • There are more dental insurance options than ever, so it’s possible to find the right plan to balance your costs and savings. According to research from the American Dental Association, the dental benefits market in 2015 offers more choices for Americans, and greater transparency from the federal government makes it easier to navigate the system. These government changes have made it easier to find information and get great coverage.

            The world of great dental care is here, and dental insurance can protect your teeth and your bank account. Avoid high-cost dental procedures and explore the market today to find the dental insurance coverage that’s right for you. start shopping for coverage through member benefits today.

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