How Much Does Candid Cost? (5 Factors That Impact Your Bill)

Orthodontic treatment is an investment, not only in your teeth but also in your confidence and happiness. But clear aligner treatment isn’t always cheap. depending on your condition and the treatment you choose, you could be looking at prices between $1,500 and $8,000.

As a clear aligner treatment that weaves together in-person care from a local dentist and remote control, candid is typically less expensive than invisalign, but more expensive than fully remote clear aligner options like byte and smiledirectclub. but there are a handful of factors that can influence the final price of candid. In this guide, we will present everything that could contribute to the total cost of your treatment.

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average price

Unlike home services, you won’t pay directly for your aligners. rather, you will pay the dentist of your choice, who will set the price and manage your treatment. There is no standard price, so the only way to get an accurate personalized price estimate is to visit an honest supplier for a consultation.

That said, the minimum price for the honest deal is $3,500. Because candidmonitoring saves your dentist time and reduces the number of office visits you need, this price is typically 30% lower than invisalign, which requires office visits every 4-6 weeks.

five factors that affect the cost of your treatment

The price you pay for honesty can vary based on several factors, and here are five of the most important:

1. office location

Certain places are simply more expensive to do business, like in the Northeast or along the West Coast. Also, if your dentist’s office is in a city or other expensive area, your rent, utilities, etc. they will be more expensive. On top of that, they still need to make a profit, which can mean higher costs for patients.

If you live near several honest providers, it’s no problem to check out each one to compare costs.

2. medical experience

Like many other professions, more experienced and sought after dental professionals can sometimes command higher prices. So if you choose a dentist who has been providing comprehensive treatment with clear aligners like Invisalign or Clearcorrect for years, you may be charged more for that extensive experience. On the other hand, if your dentist has just started offering clear aligner treatments or other treatments, they may charge you a little less.

3. refinements

Candid Intensive Remote Monitoring allows your dentist and team to continually assess your progress and make adjustments when necessary. therefore, more often than not, your treatment will deliver the exact results you expect.

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but occasionally, there may be a problem in the plan. maybe your teeth move more slowly than initially expected, or they just don’t look like the original treatment plan. In cases like these, your dentist can issue a refinement: new custom aligners that will refine your smile. Many dentists will not charge extra as long as you have followed your treatment plan, but some may choose to impose an additional fee.

4. financing

When looking for treatments that cost a few thousand dollars, payment plans can be comforting. these financing options break down that intimidating price into manageable monthly chunks.

candid does not have a blanket financing option. Pricing and payment are handled by your dentist’s office, so they can also provide financing. some offices have in-house plans, while others partner with outside finance companies, and some offer none at all.

You always have the option of third-party finance companies like carecredit or bewell, though these plans may require credit checks. And while the monthly payments are nice, they also allow interest to accumulate, driving up your final cost. For this reason, it’s best to pay up front if you have the financial flexibility.

5. insurance coverage

If your dental insurance includes orthodontic benefits, they might cover some of your upfront treatment. Of course, insurance coverage varies depending on your condition and plan. Sometimes an insurance provider will consider a cosmetic treatment with clear aligners and refuse to cover it. In other words, you shouldn’t assume that Candida will be covered just because your dentist recommends it; check with your insurance provider first to make sure.

Alternatively, if you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), your dentist’s office can accept payment from either. These tax-free funds, which can receive contributions from your employer, may be more convenient than paying out of pocket.

additional costs

All factors play a role in the cost of candid aligner treatment, but there are a couple of additional costs that many people often forget to consider:

teeth whitening

Anyone looking for a complete smile makeover might also be interested in teeth whitening products. The candid treatment includes a bottle of whitening foam to use with your aligners. and you can keep that dazzling white smile by purchasing additional bottles for $25 each. candid also has a partnership with philips zoom, a popular brand and a more intensive whitening option. however, this premium kit costs an additional $299.

Your dentist may also offer in-office whitening treatments, which are quick and extremely effective, but can cost $600 or more.

aftercare retainers

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After setting aside your last set of aligners and visiting your dentist for a final evaluation, you’ll have a brand new, perfectly straight smile. and you’ll want to keep it that way.

When teeth become displaced, they can return to their original positions, especially immediately after treatment. That’s why dentists and orthodontists recommend wearing retainers long-term, all day at first, then just overnight.

candid makes their own clear retainers, which look just like their aligners, cost $99 a set and need to be replaced every 6-9 months. Your dentist may also offer other types, such as hawley and bonded (permanent) retainers, which can cost $100 to $500 or more, but won’t need to be replaced.

how does the cost compare to other clear aligners?

Compared to other in-office clear aligner treatments like invisalign, candid is a fairly cost-effective option, at up to 30% less.

Along with home aligners like byte, smiledirectclub, and alignerco, which cost $1,200-$2,300, it’s a bit more expensive. but there is a good reason for this.

With candid, you’re paying for your dentist’s personalized attention and expertise throughout treatment, whether it’s in-person or remote appointments. Also, if they notice any serious issues on your photographic records, they may bring you back for additional office visits. This constant supervision guarantees the quality, safety and efficacy of the treatment.

For some people, the peace of mind of knowing they’re being cared for by a highly trained professional is enough to justify the higher prices. we think it’s worth the cost if you prefer traditional individual dental care. But if your condition is minor and you’re looking for the most affordable and convenient option, at-home teeth aligners are also worth considering.

final thoughts

If affordability is one of your top decision-makers, clear aligner price tags will probably stand out like neon lights. But when weighing your options, be careful not to get carried away with advertising or promotions. remember what is most important in the process: your specific dental and financial goals. look beyond the sticker price to assess all behind-the-scenes costs before deciding on a final treatment. Be sure to check with your dentist and insurance provider so you can get an accurate cost estimate that’s within your budget.

While affordability should be an important part of your decision, it shouldn’t be the only factor. It can be easy to focus solely on price, but you should also consider a treatment’s effectiveness, convenience, appearance, and customer service. then you will be equipped to make a confident decision when selecting the best company and treatment for your smile goals.

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