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anoro ellipta is a brand-name prescription inhaler that prevents flare-ups of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a condition that includes bronchitis, emphysema, or both. anoro ellipta combines two bronchodilators that keep the airways open by relaxing the airway muscles and preventing them from contracting. Anoro Ellipta is FDA-approved for maintenance treatment only, not as a rescue inhaler.

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As a maintenance treatment for COPD, anoro ellipta is taken as a single inhalation every day. possible side effects include sore throat, sinus infection, muscle spasms, neck pain, chest pain, constipation, high blood pressure, worsening glaucoma, decreased urination, and allergic reactions such as hives. As a brand-name drug that contains two medications that are not available in generic versions, Anoro Ellipta is expensive. however, people without health insurance can still get the drug at an affordable price. here are some strategies.

Is anoro ellipta covered by insurance?

anoro ellipta is usually covered by health insurance plans. 93% of commercial insureds and 76% of medicare part d patients have anoro ellipta coverage. for others, your plan may exclude anoro ellipta or require that you try other medications first.

how much does anoro ellipta cost without insurance?

expect to pay about $583 for an anor ellipta inhaler without insurance coverage. The inhaler will provide enough medicine for 30 doses if used correctly, bringing the annual cost of Anoro Ellipta to more than $7,000 at full retail price. Health insurance can lower the cost, but the out-of-pocket cost can still be substantial due to variables such as the insurance plan’s formulary, copay cost, deductible, and coverage gaps. Commercial health insurers tend to lump Anoro Ellipta into their second drug tier. the copay cost won’t be low, but it won’t be too exorbitant either. medicare plans tend to lump you in the third tier, so the copay cost will be harder to pay.

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Alternative inhalers are available that combine two drugs similar to the active ingredients in anoro ellipta. Anoro ellipta’s first ingredient, umeclidinium, is a long-acting muscarinic (LAM) antagonist that prevents the muscles of the airways from contracting. the second ingredient, vilanterol, is a long-acting beta2-adrenergic agonist (laba) that causes the muscles in the airways to relax, widening the airways. there are at least three alternative lama/laba inhalers on the market. all of them are brand name prescription drugs, but at least one is less expensive than anoro ellipta. A health care provider may also suggest inhalers that combine a long-acting beta agonist such as vilanterol with an inhaled corticosteroid. Commonly prescribed examples of this combination include breo ellipta (fluticasone-vilanterol) and advair diskus (fluticasone-salmeterol).

COPD is a serious and life-threatening medical condition, so it is advisable not to substitute over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements, or natural remedies for FDA-approved treatments. Non-medical treatments can help with breathing problems, but they shouldn’t replace prescription medications either.

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prices of anoro ellipta to related drugs


prescription drug prices often change. these are the most accurate drug prices at the time of publication. the price indicated without insurance refers to the price of brand name drugs. the single care price indicated refers to the price of generic drugs, if available. click the link under “savings options” to see up-to-date drug prices.

how to get anoro ellipta without insurance

For people with chronic bronchitis or emphysema, anoro ellipta may be a life-saving medication. uninsured patients need to find reliable, long-term strategies to pay for their medications. manufacturer coupons and discounts are not a good solution because they are rarely offered. a free trial might help, but patients will have to request it from the manufacturer. glaxosmithkline offers a patient assistance program, gsk for you, that could provide free anoro ellipta to patients with no insurance or medicare. that’s a good solution, but not everyone will meet the eligibility requirements. try these more foolproof strategies instead:

1. fill the prescription with a singlecare savings card

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the singlecare discounted price for an ellipta anoro inhaler can be as low as $360, which is a third of the cost of the average retail price. a singlecare discount card, then, could save $2,400 per year for people who take anoro ellipta. visit the anoro ellipta free coupons page for up to date prices.

2. find lower prices for anoro ellipta

Simply finding the lowest price for anoro ellipta could result in significant savings. how much? There is a difference of up to $100 between the highest and lowest pharmacy prices for anoro ellipta, depending on the pharmacy. For maximum savings, bring an anoro ellipta single care coupon to a participating pharmacy.

3. find the lowest prices for anoro ellipta online

When shopping at an online mail order pharmacy, an uninsured patient could fill a prescription for anoro ellipta at a discount of $130. some online pharmacies also accept singlecare coupons.

4. seek medical advice about other inhalers

The prescribing health care provider may prescribe a less expensive medication such as bevespi aerosphere, a different combination of medications, or one or more generic medications that help keep the airways open. these alternatives could be even cheaper by using a single care discount card at a participating pharmacy.

5. get health insurance

COPD treatment is lifelong and involves more than just paying for an inhaler. COPD costs include doctor visits, tests, emergency room visits and, of course, prescription drugs. When you add up all these recurring and onerous costs, health insurance can be cheaper. People who can’t afford health insurance should consider Medicaid. Medications like Anoro Ellipta, if covered by a state’s Medicaid services, can cost only a few dollars or nothing at all.

6. enroll in extra help from medicare

some medicare plans do not cover anoro ellipta; others put the drug in a tier of expensive drugs. If anoro ellipta is not affordable with your current medicare plan, consider taking advantage of medicare lis (low income subsidy). Eligibility criteria are similar to Medicaid, so start by visiting the Medicare website for eligibility requirements, enrollment forms, and additional information.

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